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  • English Name: Barbara Yung
  • Vietnamese Name: Ong My Linh
  • Date of Birth: May 7th, 1959
  • Date of Death: May 14th, 1985
  • Birth Place: Hongkong

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TV Series

First report of her death

Reporter: Yueng Lan

Hong Kong TVB actress Yung Mei Ling was discovered dead at her home yesterday. Upon her arrival at the hospital, she was pronounced dead by doctor.

Yung Mei Ling, aged 26, TVB actress.

In the morning 9:00 am yesterday (May 14, 1985), Yung Mei Ling was discovered lying dead in her home located at Broadcast Road, Kowloon. At that moment, the living room was reeked of gas. In the first investigation, she was died from poisoning by gas. And believing that she was committing suicide due to love problems.

According to the news from Hong Kong. The first person discovered Yung Mei Ling, was her boy friend, Chow Sai Lung. (Chow Sai Lung was Anita Mui's boyfriend, but separated. It was rumored that he was a close friend of Yung Mei Ling at that moment.)

According to the description of Mr. Chow, aged 22, she has phoned him on the night of May 13, 1985. She cried and told him about her love problem with Kent Tong during the conversation.

After hanging up the phone, Mr. Chow thought that there was some problems and then he went to her house. However, he couldn't enter her house. Mr. Chow thought that nobody was at home, so he went back home. (Pinky's remark: if he could, my lovely angel could be still alive.)

In the morning of May 14, 1985, he went to her house again. He knocked on the door but no one replied. He decided to climb and open the window. And he discovered Yung Mei Ling sprawled on the floor. And he smelt it reeking of gas.

He then rushed to find the security guard and called the police for help. With the cooperation of security guard, they opened the door.

Unfortunately, after her arrival at the hospital, the doctors pronounced her dead.

At that moment, Yung Mei Ling was a leading actress of a new TV serial (The Feud That Was). Her boyfriend, Kent Tong, also was a leading actor in this TV serial.

During Yung Mei Ling's accident occurred, Kent Tong did not know anything about it. After receiving the calls from TVB, he rushed to hospital After that, he came back home. He refused to answer any questions from the reporters.

According to the colleagues of Yung Mei Ling in the new TV serial. she behaved normally during the few days before the incident. There was no hint that she will commit suicide.

TVB said that the leading actress that Yung Mei Ling in the new TV series will be replaced by someone else. (Maggie Cheung)

Other that, Yung Mei Ling lived alone in Hong Kong. Her mother and uncle were now living in Britain. The related department were trying to contact her family and relatives in Britain.

At that moment, the TV serial "The Rough Ride" was broadcasted at TVB, Hong Kong. In this TV series, she acted as a strong policewoman. And also, she was often a host in the woman show "Women Today" often.

Yung Mei Ling graduated from textile design faculty at Art College, UK. After graduating, she came back Hong Kong and joined Miss Hong Kong 1982.

Her famous TV series was "The Legend of Condor Heroes", she acted as Wong Yung. After that, she get that nick name of "Cute Wong Yung" or "Wong Yung".

Her TV serials included "The Sister Thirteen", "The Legend of Condor Heroes", "The Foundation", "The Sandwich Man", "The Fearless Duo", "United We Stand", "The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung", "The Rough Ride" and "The Battles Field".

News: Police found some letters at Yung Mei Ling' home. It was believed to be her last letters.

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