To Where He Belongs

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To Where He Belongs.jpg

First Broadcast

  • ATV - 2001


  • Chinese: 縱橫天下
  • Cantonese:
  • English: To Where He Belongs


  • 30


Theme Songs



Sui Guan (Kathy Chow) was Ko Ho Wan's (Damien Lau) girlfriend. They were very much in love when he was a lowly policeman until he met Lui Ka Po (Teresa Mok), sister of his boss, that their love encountered trials. Sui Guan won the title of Miss Hong Kong but her dream in life was still simple. She only wanted a family life with Ho Wan while Ho Wan courted Ka Po and they got married. He asked Sui Guan to leave Hong Kong without knowing that she was already pregnant. On the way to Taiwan, Sui Guan was pushed into the river by Ho Wan’s best friend who claimed that Ho Wan asked him to do so. Fortunately, Sui Guan survived and married Mui Fei who had two adopted children. Mui Jing (Michael To), son of Sui Guan and Ho Wan, grew up to be a streetwise triad member who knew nothing better than gambling, fighting, reckless behavior, and car racing. He had a childhood friend who later became his girlfriend, Joyce (Alice Chan Wai). She was a lawyer. On one occasion, he met Ho Wan, who was now a very famous businessman. Ho Wan had a son named Hok Lung (Patrick Tam) and an adopted daughter, Hok Yu (Christy Yeung). Believing a fortuneteller that his oldest son was bad luck to him, Ho Wan was never fond of Hok Lung. Hok Lung might be the son of one of the richest man in Hong Kong but he lived like a beggar as his father did not support him. Hok Yu was a doctor who was involved in a relationship with another doctor.

Later, Hok Yu fell in love with Mui Jing. However, hearing the false account of the story from his mother, Mui Jing always considered Ho Wan as his enemy. Sui Guan was involved in a car accident and unfortunately lost her memory before she had a chance to tell Mui Jing that Ho Wan was his real father. In order to carry out his plan of revenge, Mui Jing deserted his long time girlfriend, Joyce (Alice Chan Wai), to marry Hok Yu. Kenneth Tsang plays the role of Ho Wan’s business rival while Catherine Hung played his daughter, Daisy, who was married but fell in love with Hok Lung. Unfortunately, Hok Lung was later trapped in jail. During this time, Mui Jing took over the company. Using ruthless strategies and dirty tricks, Mui Jing encountered more enemies in business. Hok Lung was later released from jail and learned about Mui Jing’s plan of revenge. Being a floppy businessman, the company soon went bankrupt and Mui Jing found himself on the run from his enemies. He escaped to Taiwan but fate was unkind and he even had to live on the streets for a while. Hok Yu arrived at Taiwan to look for him and to talk about their relationship. By chance, Mui Jing also encountered Hok Lung and Ho Wan in Taiwan. So would they work out their differences? Would Hok Yu get the answer she was seeking for: had Mui Jing ever loved her?

Credits To Fason (AF Gallery)

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