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  • Chinese Title: 天下第一
  • English Title: World's Finest or Hero
  • Pinyin Title: Tian Xia Di Yi


  • 40 Episodes (Mandarin)
  • 28 Episodes (Viet)


Major Casts

  • Li Ya Peng
  • Wallace Huo
  • Michelle Yip
  • Roger Kwok
  • Tammy Chen
  • Damien Lau
  • Gao Yuan Yuan

Guest Stars

  • Dicky Cheung
  • Monica Chan
  • Eva Huang
  • Ken Tong

Theme Songs

  • Theme Song: Ni De Di Yi (Wallace Huo)
  • Sub Theme: Xiang Wo De Li You (Jeff Chang)


Wuxia Costume Series


Even though filming is very laborious, but each of the
cast has built up a strong emotion between each other, especially Wallace and Michelle, who has a love story in the series. Wallace laughs while saying that the deepest memory that he has towards Michelle was when the series had just started filming. On April Fool's, Michelle faked a heart attack and asked her accomplice to pretend to be frightened and to tell Wallace. He ran into the room and tried to do artificial respiration with her, and then he immediately carried her downstairs to wait for the ambulance. In conclusion, Michelle, who was in his arms, couldn't hold the laughter anymore, and broke out in laughter. Wallace, who was breathing heavily, did not know whether to smile or cry. But this trick that Michelle pulled had gotten their chemistry to build up.


The World's Finest is an action flicked series with incredible martial art skills, romantic sensations, and a twisted plot that's bound to overwhelm the viewer! I personally thought the series was split into several sections. So here I go... Damien Lau, or the Emperor's uncle, is the owner of, what I view,a great branch of government. Although this has nothing to do with government, his power and control over the empire is pretty large. There is a eunuch, Tao Cong Cong, who is also pretty powerful too. Damien's job is to keep the eunuch in place while the eunuch's job is to do the same with Damien. Well Damien is the proud owner and godfather to three of the World's Finest spies (I consider them spies... but that's probably not the right term for it). The three are (In order of their positions) Li Yapeng, Wallace Huo, and Michelle Ye. Michelle is the proud owner of The World's Finest Mansion which she watches for Ken Tong, who is the World's richest man. Oh by the way, because the fighting world is no place for a female, Michelle was forced to dress as a guy ever since she met with Damien and neither Li Yapeng nor Wallace knew until later.

The series starts off with Roger and how he obtains his martial skills (which he obtained from this old guy he found in the imperial prison). The guy is actually (should I spoil it for you???).... Nah. Well, he now obtained great martial art skills and the scripts are all tattooed on his body. Although he has great power, and great inner force, it takes him a while to understand how to use it because he begins off as a bum from the street who is quite addicted to gambling. The old guy asks for one favor from Roger, which was to kill Damien. Eventually, the series turns toward a female assassin who attempted to kill the king, and... (find out for yourself what happens!) Then, Li Yapeng was forced to go to Japan with Michelle to do some stuff for the King. There, Li Yapeng reveals his deepest secret with Michelle. ...[When he was 16, he went to Japan to learn from several masters. There he met Eva Huang and he fell in love with her, but she was killed by her father because her father denied LiYaPeng. Who can blame the guy? LiYapeng killed his son, which was Eva's brother, only because Eva's brother killed one of LiYapeng's master. Hopefully you understood that.] ...Well, at Japan with Michelle, LiYapeng meets up with Eva's pa and he is determined to kill LiYaPeng. Wow, this will take forever if I continue going on like this. Well, let's just put it this way, Li Ya Peng made a vow when Eva died that he will not marry anyone else, but he breaks it, and he marries Gao Yuan Yuan (Eva's little sister!!). While Michelle likes him at the same time, but he rejected her... Sad. So after he got married, they go off to a secluded island because GYY was apparently going mad at the sight of blood and swords. Yes that means you won't be seeing LYP for the next 10 tapes.

So second half of the story deals with Michelle. She goes off to find Roger because he ran away after he failed the obstacles to make him the Fourth World's Finest. The princess, (Tammy), seeks Michelle to find him for her. So as Michelle goes off and meets Ken Tong. Ken is a firm believer in fate, so he was certain that god has sent Michelle to him. He makes several attempts to get her to accept him, but she denied all attempts.

Okay, I'm going to skip some parts, but I will come back to it later if I remember, so stick with me here. Wallace plays a cold, almost heartless character because of his father's murder when he was little. His mother begged Damien to take Wallace in, and after one attempt, Damien accepted him. But without a doubt, of the three, I definitely think that Wallace is Damien's least favorite. Of the three, Wallace's martial skills is the best because he learned from a guy that taught him to be cold and heartless. However, he can surpass everything except for love. He ran in on Michelle once while she was bathing and he found out that she was a girl. Ever since then, he started to notice her, and he also collected all the things that she leaves behind (comb, jade pendant). Wallace loved Michelle so much, he started stalking her... yes, to protect her. He saved her numerous times, but in the end, she also saved him plenty too. Well, being the intelligent character she is, she found out that he likes her (which took her a while actually), but she still had some feelings left over for LiYaPeng, so she rejected Wallace. Heartbroken, he still tries to pursue her love. Although he loves her, he still vowed to avenge his father's death, but his kung fu wasn't strong enough for him to kill his Dad's murderer, so Wallace finds his Dad's old kung fu skills, learns it, and allows it to control him. So yes, Wallace goes on mad rage where he kills a bunch of nonsense people. Should I spoil something for you....??? Well, maybe not. During Wallace's hard times, he had Michelle with him, so he was capable to control himself. He could kill anyone, but he would not hurt Michelle. She started to develop feelings for Wallace eventually, and in one scene where Wallace killed many people, she said something to have Wallace inquire, "Did I hurt you?" She said, I don't remember it exactly, but I think she said, "No, but you hurt my heart."

That's only about tape 22. The other 6 tapes unravels the evil that lurks behind the four World's Finest's belief. The person they trusted most betrayed them and the difference between good and evil was almost impossible to distinguish. Who betrayed who? And why was such actions necessary? You will find out that everything that happened was a plot. Everything. LiYaPeng's love affairs, Wallace's mad rage, and Michelle's eventual planned marriage. Everything was planned except for one person: Roger. Will Roger play hero and beat evil, or will evil triumphs for a sequel? Pop the tapes in your VCR and find out for yourself.

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