Detective Investigation Files III

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Please refer to Detective Investigation Files and Detective Investigation Files II for base information.

First Broadcast

    - 1997


  • Chinese: 刑事å?µç·?檔案 III
  • Cantonese: Ying Sie Tsing Chup Dong On III
  • English: Detective Investigation Files III




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Police Investigation Drama


Episode 1-6

The story starts out with Dai Yung thinking about Jessie and how she left him. Some flashbacks of the ending of Part II are shown of the wedding and Jessie leaving him to go to Canada with her sister and mom. Yee Jai got transferred to another department and moved out of the old apartment with Hin Hin. Jessie came back to Hong Kong with her sister cause she had an assignment in Peking. Dai Yung tried again to reclaim Jessie’s affection but Jessie again refused saying that the old feeling is lost. Her sister talked to her and said if she really has no feelings for Dai Yung, then she wouldn’t have called him and let him know that she is back in Hong Kong. After hearing this, Jessie became very confused so she seeks out her old doctor. But, her old doctor retired and the doctor that took over his practice is now Patrick. Patrick seemed really surprised to see her but agreed to be her doctor. So, Jessie and her sister told Patrick what happen and Jessie explained her confusion regarding Dai Yung. Patrick encouraged her to go to Peking and sort out her feelings away from Dai Yung.

Unbeknownst to Jessie, her sister asked Dai Yung to go to Peking also to look out for Jessie. Jessie was surprised to see Dai Yung on the plane but didn’t seem disappointed. Once, during the plane ride while Dai Yung went to change Jessie’s dinner, a man came up to Jessie and asked her where is Steven. Jessie looked confused but dismissed it due to her amnesia. Dai Yung came back with the dinner and the man left. Dai Yung asked if that was an old friend and Jessie replied probably but she doesn’t remember him. When they arrived to Peking, Dai Yung had booked one room only at the hotel, but Jessie asked to be put into a separate room. Dai Yung was disappointed but there wasn’t anything that he could do to change her mind. Dai Yung wanted to go sight seeing with Jessie to try to bring their relationship closer but Jessie said she had to do an interview with a professor. Later, Dai Yung asked her again and since the interview was postponed to another day, Jessie agreed to go out with Dai Yung.

In front of the hotel, Jessie decided to test fate. She told Dai Yung that since that there wasn’t that many places a tourist can go in Peking, they should take different route and see if they can find each other. If they do meet, then it must be fate that will bring them together. Dai Yung wasn’t too thrill about her decision, but again, there was nothing he could do to change Jessie’s stubborn mind. So, Dai Yung spent all day searching for Jessie. Jessie was walking about Tienamen Square when the same man from the plane came up to her and started talking about Steven again. Right then, Dai Yung found Jessie and headed toward her direction shouting her name. When the guy heard Jessie’s name was Jessie, he apologizes and said he got the wrong person. Dai Yung was very happy that he found Jessie and believed that they were meant to be together. They headed back to the hotel.

Inside the hotel, they met up with Yee Jai and Hin Hin’s real father. It turns out that when Hin Hin’s real father was in Peking several weeks ago on business, someone took pictures of him with a hooker and is now blackmailing him for millions. Yee Jai is helping him solve this case and asked for Dai Yung’s help. The three of them left for the police station. The police said they will take care of it, just let them know where the blackmailer will pick up the money and they will be there. Yee Jai didn’t look to reassure but there was nothing he could do since this is China and not Hong Kong. Yee Jai doesn’t believe that the China police can handle this case successfully. They tried to catch the blackmailer several times but each time something happens and their attempts go awry. Finally, they had a breakthrough and captured the lady that took the money. During the interrogation, the lady told them what happened. It turns out that the man behind the blackmail was Mr. Wong, a business enemy of Hin Hin’s dad. When they tried to arrest Mr. Wong the next day, Mr. Wong turned up dead.

Meanwhile, during this whole blackmail case, Jessie was kidnapped and was replaced by a Jessie look-a-like. Apparently, she was captured after she finished her interview by Patrick and locked in a deserted room. The fake Jessie went back to the hotel and fooled everyone that she was the real Jessie. She took Jessie’s documents and tried to flee Peking, but was stop when a robber stole her documents. The fake Jessie had to wait two more days to replace the documents before she could leave China. After receiving the documents, the fake Jessie left China with Dai Yung and returned to Hong Kong. Jessie’s sister welcome them back and hoped that they had patched everything up, but instead, Jessie told Dai Yung that they should break up cause she no longer has any feelings for him. Dai Yung was very upset and angry so the next day, he waited for the fake Jessie to try to talk to her some more. They were fighting and Dai Yung accidentally injured her foot. Jessie ended having to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor showed Jessie’s sister the x-rays of the injured foot only it turns out that the x-ray couldn’t possibly be Jessie! Jessie’s sister explains that Jessie broke her foot when she was young and had to have screws in her ankle. But this x-ray doesn’t show any screws so there must have been a mistake. Back out in the hallway, Dai Yung came looking for Jessie’s sister and saw how upset she was so he asked what was wrong. Jessie’s sister told him the same thing she told the doctor but Patrick overheard the whole conversation cause he was hiding around the corner. The next day, Jessie’s sister had to go pick up some stuff for a friend. After she left her friend’s house a black car ran her over in the street. She was rushed immediately to the hospital. When Jessie heard the news, she looked really guilty and concern but not surprise. Jessie’s sister remains in a coma. Meanwhile, Dai Yung and Yee Jai are looking for the driver of the black car.

Dai Yung is starting to suspect that Jessie isn’t really Jessie. He remembers that Jessie’s sister had mentioned the screws in Jessie’s ankle and then the next day, she was injured. Dai Yung had Yee Jai check into Patrick’s background. They discovered a picture with Patrick, Jessie and the guy that committed suicide by jumping from the hotel in China. Dai Yung was confused because he remembered the real Jessie saying that this was her first time in Peking. That’s when Dai Yung realized that the Jessie he’s with now is not the real Jessie. Dai Yung rushed to the house to confront the fake Jessie but was knocked unconscious by Patrick. Patrick and Jessie were able to escape.

They decide that Hong Kong is no longer safe for them so Patrick made plans to leave by boat. Unfortunately, right before they were gonna get on the boat, Yee Jai and the gang caught up with them. In order to save the fake Jessie, Patrick got back into the car and deliberately misguides them away from the pier. After a few moment of fast chasing, Yee Jai realize that Patrick was trying to lead them away from the pier. By the time Yee Jai got back to the pier, it was too late, the boat carrying the fake Jessie was already gone. The other cops also lost Patrick during the chase. Dai Yung is angry with himself for not seeing that the woman he brought back was not the real Jessie. He is also scare because now he doesn’t where the real Jessie is or even if she alive at all. He immediately rushed back to Peking to try to find her leaving Yee Jai in Hong Kong to track the fake Jessie and Patrick down.

Dai Yung went to the police station in Peking to report his wife missing. What he didn’t know was that the head police officer that helped solved Hin Hin’s dad’s blackmail case had the real Jessie in custody for murder. The man was stabbed in the back. The police believed her to be the China Jessie and not from Hong Kong. What happens was that Jessie was drug and when she woke up, she saw this man trying to attack/rape her so she struggle with him. Before she lost consciousness, Jessie remembered hitting the man with a stick and saw blood coming out of his head. She claimed that she didn’t kill him; that he was still alive when she became unconscious. The police didn’t believe her cause they couldn’t find any other evidence that someone else was there.

Luckily, Dai Yung met up with the head police officer’s mother and she took him home. Over dinner, the mother mentioned to her son that Dai Yung’s wife was missing and he was here to find her. Dai Yung showed the head police officer a picture of Jessie and told the whole story. The head police officer was recognized Jessie right away as the woman in custody but he was still debating whether or not to believe Dai Yung’s story. That night after dinner, Dai Yung got really drunk and told the head police officer about Dai Yung and Jessie’s history. Dai Yung was racked with guilt for not noticing he brought the wrong Jessie home. He started doubting rather or not he really knows his wife as well as he thought. The head police officer listened to the story and made a decision.

The next day, he went to ask Jessie if she has a husband name Chang Dai Yung. Jessie was happy that he finally believed her story and asked if Dai Yung was here to bail her out. The head police officer sadly explained to her that she is on a murder charge and couldn’t be bailed out. Jessie asked if she could see her husband and the head police officer said no. Jessie was extremely upset and had to be taken back to her cell. The head police officer then told Dai Yung he has his wife in custody for murder. Dai Yung was happy to hear that Jessie was still alive but was confused about why she was in jail. The head police officer told him about the case, but Dai Yung doesn’t believe it was Jessie that did it. He demands to see Jessie but was refused by the head police officer. He advised Dai Yung to hire a lawyer for Jessie cause they had already decided to prosecute Jessie for the murder.

Dai Yung immediately went to seek the lawyer the head police officer had recommended. After consulting with the lawyer, the lawyer said that the case doesn’t look good. All the evidence points to Jessie as the murderer. Since the partner of the law firm was retiring, he turned the case over to his granddaughter (played by Melissa Ng). Dai Yung was upset over that because he found out that this would be Melissa’s first case. Melissa told Dai Yung that no other lawyer will touch this case because it can’t be won with the evidence they have now when Dai Yung demanded to hire another lawyer. She reaffirmed Dai Yung that she was just as good as her grandfather and that she would do all that is possible to help Jessie. Dai Yung had no other choice so he gave Melissa a chance and hired her.

Both of them went out to search for evidence and asked around the village where Jessie was held unconscious. No one except for a little boy remembered seeing Jessie that day. The little boy told Dai Yung that he remembered Jessie had bumped into him that day and left a hand print on the front door of his house cause his dad was painting the front door that day. Dai Yung asked the father if he could see the front door but there was no handprint. The father had painted over it already. Dai Yung went back to notify the head police officer what he had found. He also begged to see Jessie again, but the head police officer refused. Dai Yung was waiting outside and when Jessie was being brought out to go back to her cell and they saw each other. They wanted to hug, but was pulled away by the police officers. Dai Yung promised to free Jessie and Jessie believed him.

The head police officer remembered seeing a rag at the crime scene with red paint on it. He took Dai Yung there and the rag was still there. Dai Yung and the police officer went back to talk to the little boy. While talking to the little boy, the mother came out and yelled at the little boy for getting his jacket dirty. Dai Yung asked to see the jacket and it was a red handprint. The head police officer told Dai Yung that he believed Jessie didn’t murder the man, but unless the fake Jessie is found, then there’s nothing he can do. Later, Dai Yung received a call from Yee Jai saying that he found the fake Jessie and was transporting her back to China in a few days. Dai Yung was very excited to hear this and told the head police officer. Dai Yung wanted to share this news with Jessie but since he can’t see her, the head police officer told her instead.

The fake Jessie was brought immediately to the police station in Peking for questioning. She admitted to using the real Jessie’s documents to leave China but not to the murder of the man. Dai Yung was frustrated with her cause he knew that she knew the truth but is not telling. He yelled at her trying to make her feel guilty, but the fake Jessie still wouldn’t admit to the murder. Yee Jai and the head police officer had to force Dai Yung to leave the room. Dai Yung went to Melissa and she promised him that she would look into the fake Jessie’s background. Melissa found out that the fake Jessie has a connection to the dead man. They used this information to confront the fake Jessie but all she agreed to was that she knew the man.

She told them the story of how she met the man and became his lover. He was her manager at the factory she used work at and was always trying to ask her out. One day, her sick sister had to go to the hospital so the fake Jessie was very worry about her. In her rush to go to the hospital, she didn’t even realize that she knocked some dangerous chemicals into a pot of soup for the workers. The manager caught her knocking the bottle into the pot but didn’t say anything. Later the day, some workers died after eating the soup but they never found out who poisoned the soup. When the fake Jessie found out, she knew it was her but she was scared to go to jail because then no one would take of her sick sister. The manager blackmailed the fake Jessie into being his lover with this information. The fake Jessie didn’t have any choice so she became his lover. But he turned out to be a cruel lover so he made everyday miserable for the fake Jessie. After her sister died, she thought about committing suicide, but luckily, that’s when she met Patrick. Patrick and her fell in love and planned to leave China for Hong Kong. But, there was a long waiting list for immigration so Patrick promised her he’d think of a way. So, when Patrick went back to Hong Kong and saw the real Jessie, he came up with a plan.

He tried to know as much about the real Jessie’s background as he can. When he found out that Jessie was planning a trip to Peking, Patrick couldn’t be happier. He put his plans in motion and had the real Jessie replaced with the fake Jessie so him and his lover can be together in Hong Kong. After having the fake Jessie break off all ties with the real Jessie’s life, they would move to Canada without anyone ever figuring out the truth. The fake Jessie then said that the manager must have followed the real Jessie back to the abandon house and tried to rape her so she killed him in self-defense. Dai Yung and Yee Jai had trouble believing her story but the head police officer said that there’s no way to proof she was the real that killed him.

The head officer had to tell the real Jessie the bad news and she got really upset. She passed out and had to be taken to the hospital. Dai Yung begged the head officer again to let him see Jessie and he finally agreed. Dai Yung promised Jessie that he would anything to get her out. They would go back to Hong Kong very soon. They both forgave each other for past mistakes. The next day, Patrick showed up at the police station and confessed to everything. He told them that it was all him, that the fake Jessie had nothing to do with it. Dai Yung asked for the whole story.

Patrick explained how he met the fake Jessie and fell in love with her. He kidnapped the real Jessie right after she interviewed the professor and took her to this abandon house in the village. The fake Jessie met up with him there and that was whom the little boy saw. Patrick had to go back to the car to get his medical bag to drugged the real Jessie and just missed seeing the manager going into the house to confront Jessie. He asked her why she was cheating on him and got really pissed off. Jessie woke up and started to defend herself. She hit him on the head before losing consciousness. It was at this time that Patrick and the fake Jessie walked back into the house. When the manager saw that there were two of them, he demanded to know what is going on. Patrick killed him because he didn’t want any eyewitness.

The head police officer told the fake Jessie that Patrick admitted to everything including the murder. The fake Jessie was upset and said Patrick is such an idiot, he shouldn’t have taken the blame. She then the police what really happened. During the struggle between the manager and Patrick, Patrick was losing so in order to save the man she loves, she stabbed the manager in the back. Patrick only claimed to kill him to save the woman he loves. They were both sent to jail waiting for trial. The court found them guilty of murder and switching identities and was sentenced to die. Dai Yung and Jessie returned to Hong Kong. (Case No. 1 Solved)

When they got back, Dai Yung again asked Jessie to give him and their marriage a chance. Jessie agreed and moved in with Dai Yung. Yee Jai met a uniform cop named Lee See Lung (played by Margaret Chung) who later transferred to his department. They later found out that See Lung and Yee Jai were from the same village. Ba Lang, an aunt from the village decided to move in with Yee Jai so she would be closer to see her doctor for frequent treatments. Yee Jai wanted Hin Hin to have a good education so he sent Hin Hin to Canada to live with his real dad who can afford to sent Hin Hin to a good school. Yee Jai took Ba Lang to Canton to have a Chinese doctor (Teet Da) to look at her foot. On the way back to Hong Kong, they met this girl named Mei (played by Karen Tang). She had booked a window seat on the bus but some jerk took her seat so Yee Jai gave her his window seat. During the ride back, Mei and Ba Lang saw a man pushed another man down a steep hill. Yee Jai called his station to have someone come take a look. He then took all the passengers back to the station to take their statements. The man who died turned out to be Mei’s father. Dai Yung’s department gets the case.

Dai Yung, Yee Jai and See Lung went to Mei’s house to question her family. Her older half sister was home so they questioned her first. She didn’t seem sad about the death of her father, in fact, she seemed happy. See Lung asked her why and the sister told them a little bit of their family background. After her mother died, her father married Mei’s mom and soon after that, Mei was born. Her father devoted all his time to her stepmother and half sister that he didn’t have time for her and her younger brother. They felt like outsiders in their own home and she was relieved when she married and moved away. After her divorce, she wanted to move back home but her father was hesitant and she once again felt unwelcome. She told them that she wouldn’t be surprise that she killed him so she will get all the inheritance. Dai Yung , Yee Jai, and See Lung can see that there is no love between the siblings. Yee Jai refused to believe that Mei has a motive to kill her father. Most likely it was either the son or the older daughter. Dai Yung warns Yee Jai not to be so judgmental.

They went to question the employees at Mei’s father’s business. Everyone said how nice Mei was to her father and how they have a real father-daughter relationship unlike his two older children. The manager of the company told Yee Jai and Dai Yung that the son was here a few weeks ago wanting to borrow money from his father but the father refused. The son was very upset and had a huge argument with his father. In the process, the father injured his foot. It seemed that the son disappeared after the argument and no one knows where he is. After the will was read, Mei got everything except for the house. The older sister kicked Mei out and threw all of her things out into the yard. She yelled at Mei for taking everything including her father. She said thank god the house was still in her mother’s name otherwise, they wouldn’t even have that. Mei was sad but didn’t blame her sister. Yee Jai and her quietly packed everything up and Yee Jai took her to a motel.

Dai Yung and his co-workers (far gay) started digging into Mei’s family history to find out if her father had any enemies. Yee Jai and Dai Yung found a lady who knew Mei’s parents when they were younger. The lady told Dai Yung and Yee Jai that all three of them used to work in a factory together. Mei’s mother was really pretty and all the guys at the factory wanted to date her including Mei’s father. Mei’s father was recently widowed and had a crush on Mei’s mother for a long time. But Mei’s mother fell in love with the factory owner’s son who was a rich playboy. Mei’s mother started dating him even though the lady had warned her he’s no good. A few months later, Mei’s mother was pregnant and the playboy refused to marry her. Mei’s father was really in love and told Mei’s mother that it doesn’t matter, he’ll take care of her no matter what. The lady then said Mei’s parents got married, left the factory and moved away. She hasn’t heard from them since.

Dai Yung and Yee Jai now knew that Mei’s father wasn’t her biological father but decided not to tell her about it. Several days later, Dai Yung and Yee Jai got another lead. They found the lady owner of a bar Mei’s father frequently visited after Mei’s mother died. The owner told Dai Yung and Yee Jai that they were lovers for awhile, but one day he stopped showing up, she thought it was because he found someone else. Dai Yung asked her if she remember the exact date he stopped coming and she replied it was the day of the Moon Festival. So Dai Yung and his team tried to find the mystery woman but there were no leads. They went back to the bar to ask the owner some more questions and she remember an incident where Mei’s father was arguing with another man over money issues. The man turned out to be Mei’s real father.

Mei asked Yee Jai to go to Nam Ah Doe with her for the day. They had a lot of fun but when nighttime came, Mei got really drunk and told Yee Jai that today was her birthday. They celebrated a little too much and Yee Jai spent the night with Mei on Nam Ah Doe. The next morning, people at the hotel said that a dead body was found. Yee Jai and Mei went to check it out. The eyewitness told the police that he was fishing this morning and saw the man jumped into the ocean so the police took it as a suicide. When Yee Jai got back to Hong Kong, Dai Yung told him that the man found at Nam Ah Doe was Mei’s real father. Dai Yung wants to investigate this death further cause he thought it was very unusual to have both of Mei’s father died so near her. They also found Mei’s brother but he had an alibi so there was no charges.

Dai Yung started to suspect Mei might have something to do with these deaths. When Dai Yung found out Yee Jai was dating Mei, he warned Yee Jai to be careful. Mei was starting to get jealous of See Lung. Yee Jai knew that she was getting more and more attached to him. Dai Yung, See Lung and Yee Jai went to question the fisherman about what exactly happened that day. After some prompting, the fisherman remembered that he had heard a noise, like a firecracker, which made him look up just in time to see the man jumped. He told them he tried to save the man but it was already too late, the man had drowned. Dai Yung, Yee Jai, and See Lung went to Nam Ah Doe and sure enough, they found parts of a firecracker. Dai Yung speculated that the man wanted the fisherman to see him jump, the question is why? They all ruled out suicide and this case had just become a homicide.

Dai Yung and his team suspected Mei as the person behind these murders. There was just too much evidence pointing in Mei’s direction. So Yee Jai agreed to try to lure her out. Yee Jai made plans to meet with Mei at that park later that night. A few hours before he was suppose to show up, he called Mei and cancelled saying that he was needed at home to take care of a sick Ba Lang. Mei didn’t believe him so she called Ba Lang to find out where Yee Jai is. Ba Lang told her that Yee Jai just left to meet her at the park. Mei knew that Yee Jai was lying so she tracked him down at the park and saw him being cozy with See Lung. Dai Yung and his team were on the look out. Mei was extremely angry at seeing them together but she didn’t do anything and just left. Dai Yung told Yee Jai to be careful because Mei will go after him now.

The next day, Mei called Yee Jai and told him to meet her somewhere. The whole team was getting ready to leave when See Lung received a phone call saying her mother was really sick. Dai Yung let her go back to the village to see her mother. The rest of the team left to captured Mei. Halfway there, Yee Jai decided to call See Lung to see if she was okay. When he called See Lung’s mother’s house, her mother answered and said that she was fine. Yee Jai immediately told Dai Yung what happened and said that See Lung was in trouble because Mei’s target wasn’t him, it was See Lung. Meanwhile, See Lung was being chased by another car. See Lung was forced off the road and hit a tree. When she woke up, her car was dangling on the edge of a cliff and filled with gasoline smell. See Lung was trying to get out of the car when Mei arrived with gasoline and a torch. See Lung asked her why she is doing this and Mei replied because she tried to take Yee Jai away from her. See Lung tried to explain that Yee Jai and her were like brothers and sisters, but Mei wouldn’t believe her. She told See Lung how she saw them at the park and told her she deserved to die. Just when Mei was able to throw the torch, Dai Yung and his team arrived. Yee Jai grabbed Mei while Dai Yung grabbed the torch.

They brought Mei back to the station and questioned her. Mei began to tell them the whole story. When she was growing up, her parents loved her very much and she was very happy, but when her mother died, everything changed. The Moon Festival is the anniversary of her mother’s death so her father always got really drunk around that time. Last year’s festival was not difference. She was worried about her father so she checked up on him in his library. She took him back to his bedroom so he can sleep it off. Unfortunately, he mistaken her for her mother (cause they look alike) and raped her. Later, her father came into her room and explained to her how he wasn’t her biological father so it’s okay cause it wasn’t incest. Mei hated him for he had done and refused to speak to him. She wanted to leave but didn’t have any place to go.

A few days later, she bumped into her real father and told him everything. Her real father brought her to his house and told her that she will be safe there. The next morning Mei woke up to find her adopted father there. She was confused and upset. Her real father explained to her that he accepted money from the adopted father because he had a lot of gambling debt that needed to be paid. He advised Mei to go home with her adopted father. That’s when Mei started planning their murders. She couldn’t believe that the two people who was supposed to love her would do this to her. She went back to the house and in order to get her adopted father to trust her, she started to sleep with him. He kicked out all the servants so no one will know about them. When Mei’s older sister came back to live after her divorce, Mei was relieved because she didn’t have to sleep with him anymore. That was why the father was reluctant to have his eldest daughter come back to live. He was so obsessed with Mei that he proposed marriage. Mei told him she would think about it and would give him a response when she comes back from China. He asked her how would he know what her response is and Mei told him that if she is carrying flowers then her answer is yes. She told to wait for her at the hill where the bus would drive pass. Mei had loosen the chains that guards the hill so when the adopted father eagerly leaned closer to get a better look, he fell right over. That’s how she killed him. And then during the bus ride, Mei led Ba Lang to believe she saw a man pushed her father so for the longest time, the police thought there was another person involved.

As for her biological father, it was her that jumped into the ocean, not her biological father. She had already killed him by drugging his wine and pushing him into the ocean when he was unconscious. The night before while Yee Jai was in the bathroom, she drugged his drink so he would sleep for the rest of the night. She then sneaked out to meet with her biological father and then killed him. After getting the fisherman’s attention with the firecracker, she jumped off the cliff and swam away making it look like her biological father committed suicide or was drunk so it would be an accident. She then sneaked back into the hotel and made sure she was right next to Yee Jai when he woke up. She was sorry she used Yee Jai but she really did love him. Yee Jai forgave her and told her that he had cared about her too. (Case No. 2 Solved)

Episode 6-9

Jessie’s aunt Deborah came back to Hong Kong from Canada to participate in a cooking contest. She decided to stay at Jessie and Dai Yung’s house. A new sergeant named Tien Gor got transferred to Dai Yung’s team. He has a bad reputation cause his brother is a gang member and serving time in jail. He also has problems getting along with his co-worker but he is good at solving cases.

Jessie decided to take some classes at an adult school to kill time and learn more hobbies. While she was there getting information and chatting with her friend who also work there, a lady dressed all in black with a hat and a veil came in and signed up for all the classes that was available. Jessie’s friend told the lady that she couldn’t possibly take all the classes cause there would be overlapping but the lady didn’t care. She signed up for all the classes and paid in cash. The mystery lady caught everyone’s attention. Jessie’s friend went to tell the school headmistress about the mystery lady but the headmistress said that if she’s willing to pay then who are they to stop her from taking all these classes.

The next day, during a cooking class, the teacher was calling out role. After calling Jessie’s name, the teacher looked down and saw the next name. After the shock worn off, he fainted right away. Jessie wondered why the teacher would faint just by seeing a name on a roll sheet. The next day, the teacher returned to class and looked around to see as if searching for someone. But he relaxed when he didn’t see who he was looking for and started teaching the class. After cooking a dish, the teacher went to taste it. The teacher immediately fainted again. The class rushed to help him, but they couldn’t find a pulse. He was dead. Dai Yung and his team was called to investigate. The autopsy report showed that the cooking teacher was poisoned. The poison was located in one of the ingredients that he used to prepared the dish. Dai Yung and his team questioned everyone in the class and at the school to see if he had any enemies. Jessie mentioned to Dai Yung about how the teacher fainted yesterday after seeing the name on the roll sheet. Dai Yung looked at the role sheet and had someone find out who the name belongs to. It turns out that the name belonged to the mystery lady who had signed up a few days ago. The name also belonged to a girl who used to teach at the school and had died some time ago. Everyone at the school thought the mystery lady was a ghost.

Jessie, being an investigative report by nature, went to ask around regarding the life of the girl who used to teach at the school. It turns out that the girl came from a rich family in Taiwan and a falling out with her father. Her father had disapprove of her choice of lover and disowned her. So the girl and her lover moved to Hong Kong to start anew. Since the girl was pretty, all the male co-workers at the school wanted to date her. The most persistent suitors were the cooking teacher, the film teacher and the photography teacher. Jessie went to question the last two but both of them was very hestiant to talk and they became angry at Jessie for being so nosy. Dai Yung and Yee Jai went to Taiwan to question the girl’s father but the servant there told them that the master (girl’s father) left for Hong Kong some time ago. Dai Yung and Yee Jai became very confuse as to where did the father disappear to. Meanwhile, the photography teacher was found dead.

The only leads they have so far for these two murders was that it somehow relates to the dead girl. Dai Yung and his team are trying to find the girl’s lover and father for more answers. After much digging, they found out that the girl’s lover was a woman and that was why the father was so against their relationship. In the meantime, Jessie was also doing her own investigation and decided that the best way to get more information was to question the film teacher since he is the last known person whom was close to the dead girl. Because the film teacher had to show a mini film show to his class, he told Jessie to question him afterwards instead. So Jessie decided to stay and watch and wait until he was free. Unfortunately, the film teacher was found dead when the lights came back on.

Jessie was very smart and made everyone stayed in the room until the police can arrive. When Dai Yung and his team arrived, they questioned everyone in the room and made sure everyone was accounted for. After a brief examination, the cause of death was determined to be a knife wound in deceased’s back. The time of death was only a few minutes ago. Dai Yung and Yee Jai concluded that the killer must still be in the room and was part of the audience. They had the assistant reenact the whole process of showing the film. The assistant said that he went to turn on the lights after the film was over and that’s when they found the teacher hunched over the table with blood all over. One of the police found the knife in a woman’s bag but the woman claimed that she didn’t know how it got there. Dai Yung doesn’t think she was the killer so she wasn’t charged.

They all went back to the station to analyze what they have so far but they still can’t figure out who committed the murders until they found out that the father was actually the assistant. Everything started to come together so Dai Yung brought the father in for questioning. The father was very impressed with Dai Yung’s ability to tracked him down. He then started to confess everything. The reason he gave for killing those three men was that they raped his daughter which resulted in her suicide. He blamed them for killing his daughter and wanted revenge. Dai Yung doesn’t buy the fact that he can committed all those murders without help. The whole truth finally came out and the father had help from the headmistress of the school who was also the girl’s lesbian lover. She also wanted those men to die for the causing the death of her lover. Both the father and the headmistress were charged with the murders. (Case No. 3 Solved)

Episode 10-13

A new cooking teacher came to the school to teach named Yuen Bik Ling along with her assistant, Sum Yut Mui. Both of them will also participate in the cooking contest that Aunt Deborah had entered. It turns out that Yuen Bik Ling was Aunt Deborah’s "c mui" and due to some dispute years ago, they became enemies. Aunt Deborah got mad at Jessie for taking cooking lessons from her sworn enemy and went to Jessie’s class to cause trouble. Aunt Deborah and Yuen Bik Ling got into an agruement and Sum Yut Mui took Aunt Deborah outside and calmed her down.

At the cooking contest reception, Yuen Bik Ling had to change the dish she was gonna prepare because of missing ingredients so she ended up cooking the same thing as Aunt Deborah. During the contest, Aunt Deborah realized that Yuen Bik Ling was preparing the same dish so Aunt Deborah went over to Yuen Bik Ling’s table and destroyed everything. Aunt Deborah got disqualified and Yuen Bik Ling ended up winning the contest. Jessie’s magazine wanted to do an interview with Yuen Bik Ling and gave Jessie the assignment.

Aunt Deborah has a crush on Dai Yung’s head named Chim Sir. Chim Sir has a teenage daughter whom he dotes on so Aunt Deborah became friends with her to get in the good with Chim Sir. She would also go visit Dai Yung at the station to visit him but she really wanted to see Chim Sir. During one of those visits, she met up with Tien Gor who happened to be her first love. Tien Gor seemed surprised to see Aunt Deborah and was jealous when he saw how friendly Aunt Deborah was with Chim Sir.

Jessie was suppose to interview Yuen Bik Ling but when she arrived at the school, Yuen Bik Ling wasn’t at the office but her assistant Sum Yut Mui was. Sum Yut Mui called Yuen Bik Ling at her house and reminded her that she has a cooking show to be film in a few hours. Yuen Bik Ling told Jessie over the phone that she will do the interview after the show and to her meet her at the set. But Yuen Bik Ling never showed up at the set. Jessie drove Sum Yut Mui home cause there was no taxi. Jessie needed to call Dai Yung but her cell phone was out of battery so she asked to borrow the phone inside Sum Yut Mui’s house. Sum Yut Mui was very hestiant but said yes cause she didn’t wanna be rude.

Inside the house, a couple of movers was attemping to move a wooden chest but it was too heavy so they had to struggle with it. Sum Yut Mui was very concern and warned the movers to be very careful with it. After using the phone, Jessie thanked Sum Yut Mui and left. Sum Yut Mui looked very relieved.

The next day, Sum Yut Mui called the police station and reported Yuen Bik Ling missing. It turned out that Yuen Bik Ling was dead inside her house. The police ruled this case as a homicide. Dai Yung told Yee Jai and the others to look into Yuen Bik Ling’s past and found out who her enemies were. Jessie’s Aunt Deborah was the only likely suspect. Dai Yung called Jessie to tell her to keep Aunt Deborah at the house until they can arrive and bring her in for questioning. But Jessie had to answer a phone call and didn’t notice Aunt Deborah had left. When Dai Yung, Yee Jai and Tien Gor arrived, Dai Yung yelled at Jessie for letting her aunt leave. Jessie tried to explain but Dai Yung didn’t want to hear it and blamed her for messing up their investigation. Dai Yung also hinted that maybe since Aunt Deborah was her aunt, she delibrately let Aunt Deborah get away. After hearing that, Jessie became really mad and went into her bedroom.

Tien Gor left saying he knows where Aunt Deborah was. Sure enough, he found her in a hotel on one of the islands. Aunt Deborah tried to run away, but Tien Gor managed to catch her and tried to bring her back to the mainland. Aunt Deborah was scare to go back so she grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it on Tien Gor’s head. He fell unconscioused. Aunt Deborah was gonna leave Tien Gor lying there but had second thoughts so she stayed with him. When Tien Gor woke up, he handcuffed Aunt Deborah to him so she wouldn’t try to run away or hit him again. They tried to hurry to the pier to catch the last boat back to the mainland but was too late. So Aunt Deborah and Tien Gor had to spend the night at the pier. They talked about old times and it appeared that on the day they were supposed to get marry, Tien Gor never show up for the ceremony caused he was too drunk. Tien Gor had tried to apologize saying that it was his first big case in which he caught the criminal so he went out to celebrate and had a little too much to drink. Aunt Deborah never forgave him and soon moved to Canada.

The next day, Tien Gor brought Aunt Deborah into the station for questioning. Unfortunately, Aunt Deborah didn’t have an alibi for the day of the murder so Dai Yung had no choice but to lock her up for 24 hours. Jessie got really angry at him for doing that cause she believed that meant Dai Yung believed her aunt was guilty. Aunt Deborah told the police that she was planning to go visit Yuen Bik Ling to yell at her for winning the contest but Yuen Bik Ling wasn’t home so she went to the beach to wait for her. She fell asleep on a rock and by the time she woke up it was late afternoon already. She went to Yuen Bik Ling’s house to see if she had come home yet, but once again, no one’s home so she went back home. Tien Gor and See Lung went to Yuen Bik Ling’s house and retraced Aunt Deborah’s step hoping something would turn up. Luckily, Tien Gor found a painter who happened to be at the beach that day and painted a portrait of Aunt Deborah sleeping on the rock. He was brought back to the station to identify Aunt Deborah. He gave a positive identification which proved that Aunt Deborah couldn’t have killed Yuen Bik Ling that day.

The police are now at a dead end with no new leads. So they began all over again to try to come up with new enemies of Yuen Bik Ling. After some digging, they found an old newspaper article stating that a man died after eating a dish prepared by Yuen Bik Ling. After digging further, they found his ex-wife and she told the police that her husband was cheating on her with another woman so that’s why they divorced. Dai Yung and his team were now searching for the woman. They went to the man’s old office to ask his coworkers if they knew who the woman was. All they got was a picture of a birthday cake that the woman had sent to the man. Dai Yung took the picture home and Jessie saw it. She showed it to Aunt Deborah and said something about this picture is very familiar. Jessie finally remembered that she saw the same rose that was on the birthday cake at Sum Yut Mui’s office. Aunt Deborah said she remembered seeing it too. So the next day, they went and stole the glass rose at Sum Yut Mui’s office and gave it to Dai Yung. They now know that Sum Yut Mui was the other woman. Jessie and Aunt Deborah think that Sum Yut Mui killed Yuen Bik Ling and hid the body inside that wooden chest so they went to Sum Yut Mui’s house to look around. Unfortunately, Sum Yut Mui started to suspect them and drugged their tea. Dai Yung and Yee Jai arrived just in time to catch Sum Yut Mui from leaving and rescued Jessie and Aunt Deborah from the house. Sum Yut Mui told them that she had no intention of killing them. She just drugged them so she could get away. Dai Yung and Yee Jai arrested her for the murder of Yuen Bik Ling and brought her back to the station for her statement.

The reason for Sum Yut Mui to commit murder was because she blamed Yuen Bik Ling for the murder of her lover. She told the police that her lover was going to divorced his wife and be with her. That day, he was feeling sick so he took some medication. Yuen Bik Ling unknowingly put some ingredients in her cooking which cause an allegic reaction and her lover died within minutes of tasting Yuen Bik Ling’s cooking. Sum Yut Mui couldn’t believe it when the police didn’t arrest Yuen Bik Ling for the murder. They ruled it as accidental death but Sum Yut Mui believed it was murder so she decided to take revenge against Yuen Bik Ling. She got close to Yuen Bik Ling and became her assistant to gain her trust. That day, Yuen Bik Ling was already cooking at Sum Yut Mui’s house when Jessie was at her office. She pretended to dial Yuen Bik Ling’s number but in reality, she dial her own house number so that’s why everyone thought Yuen Bik Ling was murder at her house. She killed Yuen Bik Ling at her house and then transfer the body inside the wooden chest back to Yuen Bik Ling’s house so that the police would think she died at her own house. Then she called the police to report her missing the next day. Sum Yut Mui was surprised that they were able to trace her to the crime and admitted defeat. (Case No. 4 Solved)

While the case was going on, See Lung’s mom died of cancer and she told See Lung right before she died that her real father is still alive. Her last name should really be Fong. Her mom gave her some momentos and told her to find her real father. See Lung moved to Yee Jai’s house at the urging of Bak Lang.

Dai Yung’s half brother named Ah Fei decided to visit and came to the station to see him. Dai Yung gave him the house key so Ah Fei can drop off his stuff. Jessie and Aunt Deborah walked in on Ah Fei taking a shower at the house and thought he was a robber or a sex manic. Luckily, Dai Yung came home in time and cleared up the misunderstanding. Aunt Deborah still had a negative impression about Ah Fei though. Later that night, Dai Yung received a phone call from his father in Canada. Apparently, Ah Fei got some girl pregnate and his father cut him off financialy and had a huge argument over this so Ah Fei left and came to Hong Kong.

A man was found dead by a creek the next day. He had no identification.

Ah Fei got a job at Jessie’s work as a part time photographer.

Dai Yung and Jessie was walking on a bench. Dai Yung was trying to get Jessie to remember their past when they saw a woman trying to commite sucide by walking into the ocean. Dai Yung ran to saw her and took her to the hospital. The woman turns out to be Dai Yung’s high school classmate. They were in a play together, she was Juliet and Dai Yung was Romeo. Her named is Young Tung (played by Monica Chan). Young Tung told them about her husband and their marriage problems. She found her husband, William together in bed with her sister, Ah Lum. They had a huge fight and now he’s missing. Her sister is also missing and she believed that they are together somewhere. William also left Young Tung a huge debt and now the creditors are threanting her. Dai Yung and Jessie agreed to help her.

The next day, after reading about the dead body in the papers, Young Tung went to the police station and claimed that she thinks the body might be her husband. Dai Yung took her to the morge to identify the body. Young Tung looked devasted and said that it was William.

Episode 14-15

Dai Yung’s team found Young Tung’s sister dead inside her apartment. She was stabbed with a knife. Seto Sasa, the next door neighbor was the last person to see Young Tung’s sister alive so the police asked for her statement. Earlier in the day, Sasa had gone next door to ask her to turn down the radio cause it was too loud. She then left to go shopping and when she came back around 6pm, the music was still loud so she asked again to turn the music down. The music was turned down so Sasa went back into her house. She didn’t know about the murder until the police questioned her. Yee Jai seems really interested in Sasa.

Yee Jai and Dai Yun went to Macau to see if they can get any leads. Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong, the police determined that the husband and the sister were killed by the same weapon and in the same way. In Macau, Yee Jai and Dai Yun was questioning the neighbor and found out that whoever was there that night is allergic to eggs cause they had to leave for the hospital. Yee Jai and Dai Yun returned to Hong Kong without finding any more clues.

Back at the station, the autopsy report shows that the body wasn’t Young Tung’s husband after all. It was her sister’s boyfriend, Choi Chi Cheu. They also found out that Young Tung’s husband had brought a life insurance policy naming her the beneficiary. Dai Yun had no choice but to take her statement and see if Young Tung had any alibi for that night. Luckily, she does, the day the two murders happened, Young Tung was in a meeting all day.

Now that Young Tung realized that the body wasn’t her husband’s, she wants to find him and ask him to return. Jessie suggested Young Tung to go on TV and plead with her husband to come home. Young Tung agrees. After the boardcast, Young Tung received a mysterious phone call. It turns out that the song she played for her husband begging him to come back had a hidden message only the two of them understands. It really said "Don’t come back". Her husband called her to let her know that he’s okay and that he got the message.

Meanwhile, more trouble at the home front for Dai Yun. He had another argument with his brother.

  • Flashback* Young Tung really missed her husband and regretted their fight. She tried calling him but the answering machine picked up so she left a message for him to meet her at their old house in Macau to talk things over. Young Tung then left for Macau with her sister’s boyfriend. At the house, they got really drunk because they were both still hurt over what happened. Choi Chi Cheu mistaken Young Tung for her sister and started kissing her. At that exact moment, Young Tung’s husband and sister walked in on them and misinterpreted what happened. He thought that she is now cheating on him. He and her sister left in a furious mood.

The next day, during another integration, Young Tung confessed that she knew the body wasn’t her husband but wanted to protect him. She thought he might be the one who killed her sister so she claimed he was dead so Dai Yun wouldn’t consider him a suspect.

A report came back stating that the fingerprints on the knife belonged to Choi Chi Cheu.

See Lung and Yee Jai went back to visit their village. On the way home, they passed by the well where a 7 year old See Lung was rescued by an older boy who had promised to marry her when she got older. It turns out that Yee Jai was that boy but he only remembers rescuing a little girl and not what he told her. Yee Jai still doesn’t know that See Lung has a crush on him. Yee Jai now has his sights on Sasa.

Yee Jai went to visit Sasa and she remembered that she saw a man wearing a Mickey Mouse jacket that day at Young Tung’s sister’s house.

Dai Yun and his team are following Young Tung hoping she will lead them to her husband. Sure enough, he showed up to meet her at a park. Dai Yun and his team went to arrest him. At the station, Dai Yun asked him what he was and what was he doing on the day of the two murders. Young Tung’s husband claimed that he had been practicing with his band all day. Dai Yun and Yee Jai went to question his band members and they are support Young Tung’s testimony. Dai Yun had to release him after 48 hours due to lack of evidence.

Back at Young Tung’s house, she asked her husband if he really killed her sister and Choi Chi Cheu. Her husband began to tell her what happen that day. He admitted to going to her sister’s house that day because she had called him, but when he got there, she was already dead. He was scared so he left but not before Sasa had come home and discovered him there. He went back to his studio and that’s when Choi Chi Cheu showed up. It was him who killed Young Tung’s sister and he was there to kill him. They struggled and he accidentally stabs Choi Chi Cheu with a knife.

Young Tung’s husband decided to run away because he doesn’t want to end up in jail when they discover that he did kill Choi Chi Cheu. On the way to the pier, Young Tung tried to talk her husband into turning himself in. She told him that she will wait for him, but he didn’t listen. Young Tung finally told him to pull over because she is not going to go on the run with him. She didn’t want to live that kind of life. They said their farewells. Because of this, Dai Yun and his team were able to catch up with them. Young Tung’s husband panicked and drove away really quickly but he didn’t get very far because he crashed into an on coming car and died. Young Tung was devastated. (Case No. 5 Solved)

Episode 16-19

Kenix’s boss, Zhong San, brought his son and wife came to visit at work. Fei and the son got along really well. When Fei saw his boss’s wife, Zhong Tai, a look of recognition was on their faces. The wife looked away with a guilty expression.

Jessie is starting to have doubts about marriage and children with Dai Yun.

Seto Sasa came to the station asking to speak with Yee Jai. See Lung looks on with a jealous expression on her face when she sees them talking. Sasa had came to Yee Jai for help with the mysterious death of her mother. She has found some evidence that led her to believe her mother’s death was not a suicide 18 years ago. Sasa begins to retell what happened 18 years ago. She was only 4 years when she found her mother’s dead body in their living room.

Yee Jai agreed to help and went to question Sasa’s grandmother. She told Yee Jai that on that particular day, she returned to the house after buying groceries only to find the door locked from the inside. She heard Sasa crying and called out for Sasa’ mother to open the door. She noticed something is wrong when Sasa’s mother didn’t come open the door. She saw the little boy who used to play with Sasa named Dai B leaving from the side of the house but thought nothing of it. She was more concern with getting help. Sasa’s grandmother found Tien Gor who lived in the same village was only a uniform cop back then walking his beat. Tien Gor went back to house with Sasa’s grandmother and forced the door open. That’s when they discover Sasa kneeling besides the dead body of her mother with her throat slashed. The case was ruled as a suicide because they couldn’t find any trace of forced entry. Yee Jai decided to try and find Dai B and see if he remembers what happen that day 18 years ago.

Meanwhile, Aunt Deborah’s cooking show got cancel so she decides to open up a restaurant instead. Young Tung will help her run the restaurant. Dai Yun wasn’t too happy with the idea because that means Aunt Deborah will now stay indefinitely in their house. It turns out that the restaurant is located across the street from Tien Gor’s house. One day, Aunt Deborah had a disagreement with the construction workers and Tien Gor happened to be walking by and saved her. In the process, Tien Gor hurt his hand so Aunt Deborah took him to see a doctor. The doctor recognized Tien Gor because they used to play together when they were kids. Tien Gor asked the doctor if he remembers Dai B. As a matter of fact, the doctor had bumped into Dai B a few days ago and has his business card. He gave it to Tien Gor who gave it to Yee Jai.

Chim Sir, his daughter and Aunt Deborah went shopping. Chim Sir brought a headband with butterflies on it for his daughter. Chim Sir and Aunt Deborah sat down inside a restaurant for some refreshment while the daughter went back to the store because she forgot her wallet. After a long time, Chim Sir got worry because she still hasn’t returned. They went back to the store to look for her only to found a crowd gathered near the staircase. Chim Sir rushed over when he overheard the crowd saying the girl got her throat slashed. It turns out the girl is Chim Sir’s daughter. She had already lost a lot of blood and was unable to speak. She died on the way to the hospital. Chim Sir was overwhelmed by grief. Dai Yun was put in charge of this case. Dai Yun promised Chim Sir that he would solve this case no matter what it takes.

During the briefing, Yee Jai mentioned how similar the murder was to Sasa’s mother’s case. Dai Yun asked him to explain further. Yee Jai told the team how Sasa’s mother was slashed at the throat also. Dai Yun thinks there’s a connection between the two cases. He told Yee Jai to follow up on it.

Yee Jai and Sasa went to Dai B’s office to question him. Dai B claims that he doesn’t remember what happened that day. But Dai B and Sasa seemed to get along and they reminisce about the old times while Yee Jai had no choice but to leave them alone.

Sasa and Dai B started dating. Sasa urged Dai B to go under hypnosis to try to remember what he saw that day at the house. During the session, Dai B remembered seeing a man leaving the house and a 4 years old Sasa locking the door behind him. Before Dai B could tell the doctor who that man was, an alarm clock on his watch went off and woke Dai B out of his trance. Sasa guessed that man might be her uncle, her father’s younger brother named Uncle Lang. Yee Jai did some digging and found out that Uncle Lang was in a car accident the day Sasa’s mother died and was at work the day Chim Sir’s daughter died so he couldn’t be the killer.

Sasa and her grandmother accidentally bumped into the real Dai B now known as Mr. Chu. He explained to Sasa that he was the one who used to take her to the park and play. Sasa immediately went to tell Yee Jai but by the time Yee Jai contacted Mr. Chu, he had already left for business in China. So they will have to wait until he returns for questioning. In the meantime, they decided to bring Dai B in for questioning. During the questioning, Chim Sir came in to observe and was surprise to find that he recognized Dai B. Dai B had bumped into Chim Sir in the men’s bathroom at the mall the day his daughter was murder. Chim Sir immediately tried to attack Dai B and claimed he is the killer. Dai Yun and Yee Jai had to force Chim Sir out of the room. His superior put Chim Sir on a leave of absence so he wouldn’t interfere with the case.

Dai B confessed to the murders after Dai Yun and Yee Jai hinted that they have enough evidence to charge someone for the murders. But Dai Yun wasn’t convinced of Dai B’s story. Mr. Chu came back from China. Dai Yun and Yee Jai went to question him. Mr. Chu explained to them how he was the one who was suppose to babysat Sasa but he wanted to play himself so he paid Dai B and Dai D to watch her instead. Dai D is Dai B’s older brother who became retarded after his stepmother hit him on the head.

When Dai B found out that the police are suspecting his brother, he finally confessed the whole truth. It turns out that Dai D was physically abuse by his stepmother as a child. He was protecting Dai B from her abuse one day and accidentally killed her. She wore a butterfly clip that day so whenever he sees a butterfly now, he associates it with his stepmother. That day Sasa’s mother died, Dai D went outside to play and Dai B lost track of him. Dai B went to search for him and found him inside Sasa’s house hiding with a knife in his hand. Dai D had killed Sasa’s mother because she was wearing a butterfly scarf and Dai D thought she was his stepmother and killed her. Dai B rushed Dai D out of the house but was seen by Sasa’s grandmother so he made up the story to lie to the police to protect Dai D. Dai D was also the one who murdered Chim Sir’s daughter. That day, Dai B took Dai D out shopping but Dai B spilled something on his shirt so he had to go to the restroom to wash it out. Dai D wandered off and saw Chim Sir’s daughter wearing a butterfly headband. He thought she was his stepmother and killed her. Dai B told Dai Yun and Yee Jai that his brother doesn’t realize what he has done and pleaded for him. Dai Yun and Yee Jai reassured him that the judge would not rule too harsh due to Dai D’s mental condition.

Chim Sir was happy that the murderer was arrested and seemed to be his old self again. But a few days later, the prosecution attorney and the judge told Chim Sir that they would not prosecute because Dai D is mentally unstable. Chim Sir got really upset at hearing that and asked them how could a man murdered his only daughter and get away without any punishment. He started drinking heavily and one night at a bar, he met up with Tien Gor’s brother and his friend. They overheard Chim Sir wanting to kill Dai D and was willing to pay any price for it. So Tien Gor’s brother and his friend lured Dai D to the ledge of the hospital and convinced him to jumped. Dai D died and they went to Chim Sir for payment. Chim Sir paid them off and said he never want to see them again. (Case No. 6 Solved)

Meanwhile, Jessie is having flashbacks of Carmen (played by Amy Kwok in DIF2). She questions Dai Yun about Carmen but Dai didn’t want to talk about it so he changes the subject every time Jessie brings it. This frustrates Jessie because she wants to remember the past. She decided to ask Yee Jai about it but he also refused to tell her anything.

Ah Fei was seen going into a hotel room with Zhong Tai by See Lung and Tien Gor. See Lung wonders why Ah Fei is hanging out with her and Tien Gor told her that they probably have something going on. See Lung looked confused but dropped the subject. Later that night, Fei got into a fight and had to go to the police station. Dai Yun was pissed and demanded an explanation which Fei refused to give. Dai Yun yelled at him for fighting with someone over a married woman.

Dai Yun found out that Jessie is taking birth control pills and confronted her about it. Jessie told Dai Yun that she wasn’t ready for children and had tried to talk to him about it but he never listens. Dai Yun rushed out of the house when Jessie tried to talk to him again about how she feels regarding their marriage.

Episode 20-24

Ball Ball, Zhong San and Zhong Tai’s son was injured in a car accident. Fei and Jessie rushed to the hospital for support. Zhong Tai was in tears and found comfort with Fei being there. The doctor said Ball Ball will need more blood but Zhong Tai’s blood type doesn’t match. Ball Ball has a rare blood type that is hard to find. Fei and Jessie both volunteer to donate blood. Fei was an exact match but he still couldn’t save Ball Ball. Ball Ball died on the operating table. Zhong Tai was devastated and turned to Fei for comfort rather than her husband who had just arrived.

Fei is drinking at the same bar as Tien Gor and his brother. Some girl came up to Fei and started talking to him about Zhong Tai. Fei got up to receive a phone call and the girl poured some powder into his drink. Fei came back and after finishing the drink became intoxicated. Fei wonders over to where Tien Gor and his brother were sitting at and whispered to Tien Gor to call Dai Yun for help. The girl quickly reassured Tien Gor that Fei is just drunk and she’s gonna take him home now. Tien Gor believing that Fei is just drunk ignored them and went on drinking with his brother. Fei ended up missing for 3 days. Everyone thought he was still mad at Dai Yun and didn’t want to come home, but Dai Yun is starting to worry. Tien Gor told Dai Yun that he saw Fei leaving the bar with some girl and that Fei is just having too much fun with her to come home. Dai Yun doesn’t look convinced.

Zhong San came to the police station to report his wife missing. Jimmy, the office’s errand boy was the last person to see Zhong Tai. Jimmy told the police that Zhong San had asked him to bring Zhong Tai’s medicine to their house that afternoon. When Jimmy arrived, Zhong Tai had thanked him and asked him to come in. While Jimmy was waiting for Zhong Tai to come back to the kitchen with his tea, he heard a man’s voice in the kitchen telling Zhong Tai to get rid of him. Jimmy asked Zhong Tai if there was someone else in the house but Zhong Tai said no. She then seemed really eager to get rid of Jimmy so Jimmy left.

After some investigating, Dai Yun and his team found out that Zhong Tai took out $100 million from the bank the day before she was missing. They traced her to Nam Ah Doe Island where a Winnie the Pooh Bear was found with Zhong Tai’s fingerprints. A hotel clerk remembered checking her in late at night because she asked him if they have a safe deposit box where she can keep her things. The bellhop also remembered Zhong Tai because she asked him what time the last boat comes in from the mainland. She told him that she was waiting for her brother to join her. Zhong San claimed that Zhong Tai doesn’t have any relatives so it couldn’t have been her brother she was meeting. Zhong San believed Zhong Tai was meeting with her lover instead.

Ah Fei’s dead body is found. Dai Yun blames himself for not looking after his brother more carefully.

Zhong San went to the hospital to take care of some paper work regarding Ball Ball’s death. The doctor gave Zhong San some records, which indicated that he couldn’t be the father because both him and Zhong Tai had the same blood type while Ball Ball has the same blood type as Ah Fei. Zhong San suspects that Ah Fei and his wife were the real birth parents of Ball Ball.

See Lung found videotape where Fei had explained all that was going on. The truth was that Fei was protecting Zhong Tai from her ex-boyfriend. He had known Zhong Tai back in Canada and they had dated but she left for Hong Kong before it got too serious. When she came to Hong Kong, she met Zhong San and fell in love with him. The night before her wedding, her ex-boyfriend drugged and raped Zhong Tai. He threatened her that if she calls the police, he will tell Zhong San about her past and she’ll lose her nice husband. Zhong Tai didn’t have any choice so she went along with her ex-boyfriend and didn’t tell Zhong San what happened. When she learned she was pregnant; she wasn’t sure who the father was. Zhong Tai had prayed night and day that the baby would be Zhong San and not that animal but no one answered her prayers. The baby’s father was her ex-boyfriend but she was still too scare to tell her husband the truth.

Zhong Tai lived happily with the lie for 5 years until her ex-boyfriend came back and ruined everything. Her ex-boyfriend came back into her life and blackmailed her. She paid him off but after Ball Ball’s death, he came to her asking for money again. Zhong Tai didn’t have anyone else to turn to so she called Ah Fei and asked for his help. They had agree to meet at the hotel’s coffee shop but Zhong Tai was feeling faint so Ah Fei suggested she go lie down in one of the rooms. He then left her to confront her ex-boyfriend. Ah Fei explained in the video that he doesn’t care what other people think of him. He knew that he was just helping a friend and not shacking up with a married woman. He doesn’t feel the need to explain to the whole world, but he can’t understand why even his own brother would think he is that type of person. Other people’s opinion doesn’t matter to Ah Fei, only those of his family and especially his brother whom he looks up to. After hearing Ah Fei’s explanation, Dai Yun feels even guiltier.

The ex-boyfriend now becomes the suspect for Ah Fei’s murder and Zhong Tai’s disappearance. When Dai Yun and his team went to question the ex-boyfriend, all he would admit to was the blackmail but not to the murder or the disappearance of Zhong Tai. He claimed he was in China during that times and has people who can confirm his story. Dai Yun and his team have hit a dead end with no new suspect.

Several days later, Jimmy turns up dead after drinking some poisoned lemon tea.

Jessie went to tell Zhong San all that has happen so he wouldn’t blame Fei anymore for his wife’s disappearance. Later that day, Jessie has another flashback of Carmen threatening her and Dai Yun.

Jimmy’s girlfriend came back from camp and was upset about Jimmy’s death. Dai Yun and Yee Jai went to question her. She explained that a few days Jimmy was poisoned, they had bumped into Zhong Tai on the street. She remembered Jimmy commenting that Zhong Tai looked different though.

The case was finally coming together because Dai Yun remember that Jimmy had said that Zhong Tai had mentioned a Cantonese dish he liked by it’s Peking name. Dai Yun concludes that whoever Jimmy saw that day must not be Zhong Tai because she wasn’t from China. There must be another woman posing as Zhong Tai. Dai Yun suspects it is the girl that lured Fei away from the bar that night. They went to question the girl’s roommate and the roommate said that the girl had come out of a champagne color car and not a taxi. It just so happened that Zhong San’s car was champagne color too.

Yee Jai and See Lung went and got a computer match-up to see if the girl and Zhong Tai would match with dark sunglasses and a hat. They looked almost exactly alike. Dai Yun now suspects the girl is behind everything. Dai Yun went to Zhong San’s house to question him about the girl but when he got to the front door; the apartment exploded and knocked Dai Yun out. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured. Inside the apartment were Zhong San, the girl and the ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend died and the other two was seriously injured.

At the hospital, Dai Yun and Yee Jai took their statements. Zhong San went first. Zhong San had felt neglected by his wife because she devoted all her time grieving over his death. Zhong San had wanted to cheer her up so he went to buy her flower everyday at this flower shop the girl and her roommate own. When he discovered that Ball Ball wasn’t his real son, he felt betrayed by his wife so he started an affair with the girl. Zhong San started suspecting his wife cheating on him with Ah Fei so he asked the girl to follow them. The girl saw them going into a hotel room and took pictures. When Zhong San saw the pictures, he was overcome with jealousy and started to plan his wife and Ah Fei’s murders.

Zhong San had hired Jimmy to help in his plan. He planned for Jimmy to meet the fake Zhong Tai that day and have him overhear a man arguing with the fake Zhong Tai. Later that day, he came home and strangled his wife after asking her to go to the bank and withdrew the large amount of million making it appears she ran away with her lover. Zhong San then planned for Fei’s death. He got his lover to put something in Fei’s drink and lured him away to a deserted place. With the drug in effect, Fei was too weak to defend himself from the physical beating and Zhong San beat him to death. Zhong San then had the girl go to Nam Ah Doe Island and pretend to be Zhong Tai and delibrately made the staff at the hotel remember her so the police would think she was still alive.

They thought they got away with the murders because the police was lead to believe that Zhong Tai was still alive until Jimmy happen to bumped into the girl thinking she was Zhong Tai and asking her why she hasn’t gone home because Zhong San had reported her missing. The girl panicked and thought Jimmy would suspect something wrong so she decided to kill him too. Zhong San didn’t want to kill Jimmy but the girl insisted and so she carried out the plan to bumped into Jimmy and gave him a box of poisoned lemon tea. When Zhong San found out from Jessie that Ah Fei and his wife was innocent of adultery and that the ex-boyfriend shouldn’t have been the one to die, he was racked with guilt. Zhong San didn’t want the girl to kill any more people so he decided to committee suicide and kill the ex-boyfriend who caused his wife so much problems. He turned on the gas in his kitchen and lit up a match to kill the three of them. Zhong San had wanted to die rather than live with his guilt, but the doctor told him that he would live. Dai Yun told him that was God’s way of punishing him for killing so many innocent people. The girl didn’t survive and she died feeling betrayed by the man she loved. (Case No. 7 Solved)

Jessie and Dai Yun continue to have problems communicating with each other. Dai Yun blames Tien Gor for not helping Fei that night so tension at work is mounting. Chim Sir asked Aunt Deborah to marry him. Yee Jai and Sasa started dating. See Lung lied to Yee Jai and said she has a boyfriend too.

Episode 25-27

Sasa and See Lung belongs to the same girl’s scout. Sasa was teaching a class one day and one of her student was being pick up by her father because of a family emergency. She called out the name Yung Ka Lay and the girl left with Sasa to wait for her father to come pick her up. Outside the school, Sasa got sidetracked and started talking to some parents. She didn’t even noticed when Yung Ka Lay left with her father. After the class was over, parents were waiting to pick up their children and Ding Siu Yuen’s father waited for her to come out but there was no one left. Mr. Ding demanded to know where his daughter was. It turns out that the girl who left earlier was really Ding Siu Yuen and not Yung Ka Lay. The kidnappers took the wrong girl. Mr. Ding was furious that Sasa could’ve made such a mistake. He called his wife to see if his daughter had come home but Mrs. Ding said no. Meanwhile, Mrs. Yung received a phone call saying her daughter was kidnapped and demanded a ransom. Dai Yun’s team is now on this case.

During a family day activity fair sponsored by the police department, Ding Siu Yuen went up to See Lung after a police dog was shot. She told See Lung that unless the kidnappers got their money she would end up like the dog. See Lung turned around to call for help but another shot was fired and Ding Siu Yuen disappeared. The police found the car that the kidnappers used that day and the license belongs to Yung Ka Ken, Yung Ka Lay’s older brother. Dai Yun and his team questioned Mr. and Mrs. Yung but they were very defensive and refused to answer their questions regarding their son.

After some investigating, Dai Yun’s team found out that Ding Siu Yuen was really Mr. Yung’s daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Ding used to work for the Yung Family. Mr. Ding saved Mr. Yung’s life one day but Mr. Ding had to stay in the hospital for weeks. While Mr. Ding was in the hospital, Mr. Yung raped Mrs. Ding. Mr. Yung paid them off and Mr. Ding accepted the baby as his own.

The kidnapper called and asked for $800 million. Mr. Ding went to ask the Mr. Yung for money but Mr. Yung refused saying this is not his problem. Mr. Ding reminded him that this involved his child also and if something happens, can he live with the consequences. A few hours later, Mr. Yung showed up at the house with $800 million to rescue the little girl. The kidnapper called again and instructed Mr. Ding to go to the park and hand the money to a magician there.

They all went to the park and Mr. Ding handed the briefcase full of money to the magician. The magician did his trick and when the briefcase reappeared again, the money inside it was gone. Dai Yun and his team searched the whole park but couldn’t find the money anywhere. Dai Yun became suspicious and recall that Mr. Ding went to the bathroom right before they left with the briefcase. Dai Yun accused Mr. Ding of switching the briefcase. Mr. Ding got scared and admitted that the kidnapper told him to switch it and placed the money elsewhere. Dai Yun asked him how did the kidnapper contact him and Mr. Ding showed Dai Yun the letter with a picture he received earlier.

Dai Yun took the letter back to the station and analyzed the handwriting and picture. The handwriting belonged to Yung Ka Ken. The team found out where Ken was holding Ding Siu Yuen but they were too late, there was a fire and both of them was badly burnt.

At the hospital, Mrs. Yung asked Mr. Yung if Ken will be in trouble and Mr. Yung explained to his wife that he had recognized his son’s handwriting earlier and had asked Chim Sir not to press any charges against his son while Ken was still in a coma. Chim Sir agreed.

Meanwhile, Jessie remembered more about Carmen and how she was engaged to Dai Yun and Jessie was going out with someone else. She also remembered how Carmen tried to kill her. Jessie got mad at Dai Yun for not telling her about Carmen and what happened in their past. Her doubts about their relationship grew stronger. The next day, Yee Jai heard about their fight and tried to tell Jessie what actually happened between Dai Yun and Carmen, but Jessie doesn’t want to hear from Yee Jai, she wants to hear it from Dai Yun.

Monica found Dai Yun drinking by himself at a bar after his fight with Jessie and tried to console him. Dai Yun told her he couldn’t understand why Jessie wants to remember the past so much. Other people want to forget their past but not her. Young Tung then explained to him that the reason is because Jessie doesn’t remember anything so she doesn’t know what good or bad things should be forgotten. Maybe all she wants is to remember how their love was. After listening to Young Tung’s comments, Dai Yun went home and borrow Jessie’s laptop to print out a "I’m sorry" card. When he went to print it out, he accidently open the file to Jessie’s diary instead. He read all about how she was having doubts about Dai Yun and their marriage. He was so angry with Jessie that he threw away the card and waited for Jessie to come home to confront her.

Jessie was at the airport picking up her sister who came back to Hong Kong to visit. She explained to Jessie about the situation with Carmen and Jessie told her sister that she is willing to forgive Dai Yun if only he can tell her the truth from now on. When they got home, Dai Yun showed the diary to Jessie and demanded answer to his question. He asked her for the last time if she loves him but Jessie couldn’t give him an answer. Dai Yun took that as a "no" and said there’s no point in continuing their loveless marriage and stormed out. Jessie looked stunned but accepted his decision.

Yee Jai, Sasa, and See Lung bumped into Michelle who was Ken’s ex-girlfriend at the hospital. She came to visit him. Outside the hospital, Michelle’s dog got hit by a car and died. Michelle took it really hard and starting crying. Yee Jai asked her why she is so upset and Michelle explained that the dog was hers and Ken’s. Ken really loves this dog and he would be devastated by his death. That was when Yee Jai remembered the servant at Yung’s house saying Ken really love the family dog. He figured that the shooter at the fair couldn’t have been Ken because he would never kill a dog.

Back at the station, Yee Jai updated Dai Yun and the team what he found and they concluded that Mr. Ding must have been the shooter and the kidnapper. He later kidnapped Ken and framed him as the kidnapper. They went to Mr. Ding’s house for some answers.

At the house, Mr. Ding realized he was trapped so he spilled the whole story…

The Dings lived happily for several years, but things got worst and worst finacially for them. Their laundry business was losing money due to new competition and Mr. Ding was desperate to save his business. He approached Mr. Yung and asked to borrow some money to help get his business back on track but Mr. Yung refused. Mrs. Ding also asked Mrs. Yung for money but she also refused. Mr. Ding got really angry at the Yungs for not helping them after what they had done to his family but Mr. Yung still wouldn’t help him, not even for the sake of his daughter. Ken overheard their conversation and hated his father for his affairs and how he wouldn’t help the Dings. Ken went to Mr. Ding’s house and volunteered to help in any way.

In order to get the money that he needs to save his business, Mr. Ding came up with a plan. He found out that Yung Ka Lay and his daughter belonged in the same girl’s scout class and they had become friends. Mr. Ding told his daughter that day that they were going to play a game with Yung Ka Lay. When the teacher calls out Yung Ka Lay’s name, Ding Siu Yuen would pretend that was her and Mr. Ding would be waiting outside to meet her. He gave her a box of tea to give to Yung Ka Lay to drink as a gift. After drinking the tea, Yung Ka Lay became sick and went to see the nurse. Then Mr. Ding called and asked to take Ding Siu Yuen home using Yung Ka Lay’s name. When Ding Siu Yuen came out, she saw her father and rushed to the car.

The day of the fair, Mr. Ding told his daughter what to say and he stayed hidden and fired two shots. Ken was willing to go along with the plan to cheat his father out of $800 million so he make the ransom calls. But when Mr. Ding wanted him to pose for the picture and write a letter as the kidnapper, Ken started to have second doubts about the whole thing and was planning to back out of the plan. Mr. Ding threatned him and said he would kill Ding Siu Yuen if he doesn’t do as he says. In order to protect his half sister, he did as he was told. Ken now became Mr. Ding’s captive. Mr. Ding went to show Mr. Yung the letter knowing he would recognized his son’s handwriting and would pay the ransom money because he wouldn’t want the world to know about his son’s involvement with the kidnapping. After receiving the money from Mr. Yung, Mr. Ding went to the bathroom and hid the money in his closet. When he suspected the police were on to him, he decided to kill Ken and his daughter so there won’t be any witnesses. He made the apartment explode but unfortunately, they didn’t die. By this time, Mr. Ding was holding Yee Jai as a hostage and Chim Sir shot Mr. Ding before he could say whatever he was about to say. Mr. Ding died from the gunshot wound. (Case No. 8 Solved)

Jessie and Young Tung was shopping at the mall and Jesse got pushed down an escalator. She was rushed to the hospital. They tried calling Dai Yun but he turned his pager off and didn’t get the message until later. By the time he arrived, the doctor had finished examining Jessie and told Dai Yun that the baby couldn’t be saved. When Jessie woke up, she looked sad about losing the baby but then she seemed happy to see Dai Yun. Dai Yun walked in very seriously and said that God probably meant for them to not have a baby since they were no longer together. He also said that he knew he can never force Jessie to love him and he was willing to let her move on with her life. After hearing what Dai Yun had to say, Jessie knew that this time, it was really over. They both looked really depressed but accepted the fact that their marriage was over.

Episode 28-31

Dai Yun moved into Yee Jai’s house and started the divorce procedures. Jessie decided to return to Canada with her sister to visit her mother.

Young Tung bumped into her distant cousin (played by Chin Ka Lok) at Aunt Deborah’s restaurant. He invited her and her friends to visit his island and see Young Tung’s grandfather who is very ill. Young Tung accepted.

Sasa and her co-worker were brought to their company’s headquarters for questionings regarding a failed security system where a ruby ring went missing. The company belongs to See Lung’s real dad, Fong Soon Yip. Fong Soon Yip blames the co-worker for the thief and fired her.

See Lung went to Fong Soon Yip to tell him that he’s her real father. She showed him the bullet and necklace her mother left her but Fong Soon Yip doesn’t believe her and thinks that they were stolen. See Lung told him that it doesn’t matter if he believes her or not, she just wanted to let him know because it was her mother’s dying wish for him to know. She has done her duty and if he doesn’t want to see her again, then that’s fine. See Lung then went to visit her mother’s grave and started crying. Yee Jai saw her and asked her what’s wrong. See Lung finally told him the truth about her father and her meeting with him.

Aunt Deborah brought some medicine called Tin Yu Shui that was suppose to cure all and make you look years younger. After drinking it for a couple of weeks, she had to go to the hospital because it was making her sick. Bak Lang went to the company and complaint but the company refused to take responsibility for their clients getting sick.

After hearing that Aunt Deborah was in the hospital, Tien Gor brought her chicken jook from this old restaurant where he used to take her to eat after their dates. They reminisce about old times and it’s clear that they both still have feelings for each other. Tien Gor promised Aunt Deborah to bring her homemade jook tomorrow morning. Aunt Deborah said she would wait for him. They both seemed really happy. The next day, Tien Gor was almost done with the jook when his brother stopped by and ruined the whole pot so he had to start cooking some more. Aunt Deborah paged him to let him know that she’s being released today but Tien Gor never returned her call. Since Tien Gor was so late, Aunt Deborah gave up waiting for him and left with Chim Sir. Back at the house, Chim Sir proposed to Aunt Deborah. She stalled for more time and wanted to wait for Tien Gor’s phone call but he never call and after a while, she gave up on him once again and accepted Chim Sir’s proposal.

Young Tung, Dai Yun, See Lung, and Yee Jai prepared for the trip to visit Young Tung’s family. At the last minute, Sasa called and said she couldn’t get away and that she would just meet up with them the next day. See Lung seemed happy that Sasa couldn’t meet them until the next day. Ka Lok met them at the pier to take them back to the house. Young Tung asked him if her grandpa was still behind the selling of Tin Yu Shui and Ka Lok told her that it’s her cousin and her husband that is behind it. Young Tung then explained that her grandpa was the one who started the whole Tin Yu Shui thing but she didn’t know if he was the one that was selling it so she didn’t say anything. Also, before she left the island, she had some arguments with her grandpa because she doesn’t believe in his stuff and his beliefs.

As they were walking away from the pier, a crazy man came out of nowhere and shouted at Young Tung saying why are they here on this island. They should leave right away because everyone on the island is gonna die. It turns out that the crazy was Young Tung’s old classmate and she wondered why became crazy.

Later that night, everyone was sitting around drinking some coffee and talking. After a few minutes, Yee Jai grabbed his stomach and said it hurts. He then passed out from the pain. Since there was a storm outside, there would be no boats leaving the island and Yee Jai needed a doctor to find out what’s wrong. The Ka Lok remembered that there’s a doctor staying on the island at the moment and went to go get him. After checking Yee Jai out, the doctor concluded that Yee Jai had food poisoning and what Yee Jai needs the most is rest. He agreed to spend the night in case Yee Jai needed a doctor. During the night, See Lung stayed up with him and talked to him. Towards morning, she finally confessed her feelings for him. She told him that she doesn’t want him to be her brother. She wants him to be something more. What See Lung doesn’t realized was that Yee Jai had already woken up and was listening to everything she says as See Lung continues to tell him how she was glad Sasa couldn’t be here so now she has a chance to hold his hand and take care of him. Yee Jai was shocked to find out that See Lung has feelings for him but he pretended he had just woken up and didn’t hear anything.

Just then, a loud female scream was heard and everyone rushed to find out what happened. The screaming belonged to Young Tung’s cousin and she was found dead with her head inside a fishing tank. Everyone was shocked and Dai Yun and Yee Jai quickly asked where everyone was when they heard the scream. The most likely suspect was the husband. When everyone was downstairs, Young Tung remembered that the crazy man had said that someone would die by water. Dai Yun, the doctor, and Ka Lok went out to look for the crazy man to find some answers. They found him in front of a statue/monument and was claiming that the next one would die by fire. Dai Yun started to question the crazy man but his apoplexy kicked in and caused the crazy man to lose consciousness. They took him back to his shack and the doctor checked him out. The doctor decided to stay with the crazy man for the rest of the night and stand guard while Dai Yun and Ka Lok went back to the house to make nothing else happens.

Back at the house, Dai Yun advised everyone to spend the rest of the night in the living room so everyone can keep an eye on each other. A few hours later, everyone wanted to go back to their room and Dai Yun couldn’t convince them to stay put. Yee Jai called Sasa and told her not to come to the island because there is a murderer on the loose. When Yee Jai saw how happy See Lung was to hear that Sasa wasn’t coming, Yee Jai decided to pulled her aside and let her know that he heard what she said earlier. He told her that they couldn’t be anything more. See Lung was mortified that Yee Jai heard everything and begged him to forget what she said. Their relationship became very awkward.

The next day, Young Tung’s younger cousin was found dead at the family’s statue. She was burnt to death. The servant who was supposed to stay with her was missing. The crazy man appeared and said the next one would die by earth. Dai Yun and Yee Jai became even more perplexed by his predictions.

When they returned to the house, Dai Yun and Yee Jai began questioning everyone. The doctor claimed that he stayed with the crazy man all night so it couldn’t have been him. The husband of Young Tung’s older cousin demand to leave the island for fear of his life. Dai Yun didn’t have any excuse to make him still so the husband left and headed for Kowloon by boat. The main suspect is now the servant who was the last person to be with the younger cousin. Dai Yun, Yee Jai and See Lung went to question the main housekeeper because she has been with the family for years to find out more about the maidservant. It appears that the maidservant was abandon by her father when she was only a little girl and Young Tung’s grandpa took her in.

The storm has lessen and cops from a neighboring island could come and take the bodies away.

Yee Jai, See Lung, Ka Lok, and the doctor went out to look for the maidservant. Meanwhile, back at the house, the crazy man grabbed Young Tung from behind and told her that he wanted to speak to her about something important. Young Tung got scared and shouted for help. When the crazy man saw Dai Yun, he got frighten and ran away. Dai Yun told Young Tung that he needed to go back to Kowloon to get some answers. He left Yee Jai in charge and left the island. When he arrived at Kowloon, he called up his team and had them check on the maidservant’s background and to tail the husband to see if he is up to anything.

Jessie is back in Hong Kong and bumped into Dai Yun on the streets. Their conversation was very polite and impersonal.

Back at Jessie’s house, Aunt Deborah overheard Chim Sir’s telephone conversation. He was shouting that he doesn’t want to pay them anymore. When Chim Sir saw Aunt Deborah, he yelled at her to get out. The next day at Aunt Deborah’s restaurant, Chim Sir got into a fist fight with Tien Gor’s brother. Aunt Deborah is starting to have doubts about Chim Sir and their impending marriage.

Dai Yun received words that the maidservant’s biological father was really Young Tung’s grandpa. Meanwhile, back on the island, Young Tung’s grandpa changed his will to leave everything to Young Tung. When Ka Lok found out, he started courting Young Tung. Yee Jai and See Lung found the body of the maidservant. She was buried on a hill. The cause of death was by choking with a wire before being stab. Dai Yun came back to the island and discovered that Young Tung’s family motto were consists of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. If anyone from the association disobeyed or did something wrong, they would be punishable by these elements.

Dai Yun and Young Tung went to the village on the island to see if anyone would know who is angry enough with Grandpa to kill his family. People at the village told them that it is possible for almost everyone on this island to have a motive because Young Tung’s grandpa killed a lot of people with his Tin Yu Shui. For example, the doctor’s father died because of it. The doctor was away at school when his father came down with some illness and his mother went to Young Tung’s grandpa for help. He gave her some Tin Yu Shui and told her that if he drinks the potion, he will get better. So the doctor’s mother didn’t brother taking her husband to see a real doctor and instead of getting better, he got worst and later died without any medical attention. The doctor would have a right to blame Young Tung’s grandpa for the death of his father. Dai Yun and Young Tung went to question the doctor and his reply was that the man who told them that story had it all wrong. His father died of a heart attack and his mother of grief. Their deaths had nothing to do with Young Tung’s grandpa.

The crazy man’s body was found at the bottom of the same hill as the maidservant. He was stab in the back. The next day, Young Tung’s grandpa wanted to go up on the hill to perform a cleansing ritual. During the ceremony, he heard a branch snapped and turned around. It was Young Tung with a knife in her hands. She tried to kill him claiming that she hated him for forcing her mother and her off the island but Dai Yun came just in time to stop her and shot her in the back.

It turns out to be a trap. Dai Yun was trying to trap Ka Lok whom they believed was the real killer. Young Tung was really still alive and hiding in an old shack. Dai Yun and the rest of the gang are waiting for the real killer to show himself by making sure Young Tung is really dead by digging up her grave.

Dai Yun and Yee Jai are waiting at the grave to see if Ka Lok will show up. Meanwhile, La Lok is fishing at the pier at the same time. While they were waiting, Dai Yun remembered seeing the doctor with the same handkerchief as the one the younger sister used to own. Dai Yun finally realized that the doctor was the killer and not Ka Lok. They rushed to the shack where Young Tung was hiding out and sure enough, the doctor was trying to kill Young Tung. Luckily, she escaped and the doctor took off to kill the grandpa instead. By the time they found grandpa, it was too late, the doctor had already killed him with a stick through the heart. The doctor then explained to Dai Yun and the gang how and why he planned the killings.

It was because he hated the grandpa for killing his parents. He used the maidservant and the younger sister as accomplices. The doctor asked the maidservant to put some drugs into a cup of coffee so he can arrive at the house without arousing any suspicious. He told the maidservant and the younger sister that he wanted to help them get revenge on the older sister for treating them so horribly by playing a trick on her. So while she was cleaning the fish tank, the maidservant turned on the electricity and shocked her into unconsciousness. When everyone ran to see what happened, they thought she was already dead so the doctor used this opportunity and had the younger sister turned off the lights so he can stab her in the heart with a stick. The doctor then killed the younger sister because she started to suspect him of killing her sister. The doctor made it seem like the crazy guy’s prophecy was turning true by killing them in the same way. The maidservant saw him killing the younger sister so he had to kill her too. Then the crazy guy saw the doctor killing the maidservant so that’s why he came up dead. The doctor said he only wanted to kill grandpa and his family because their potion killed so many innocent people. He never thought he would end up killing so many.

(Case No. 9 Solved)

The lawyers read the will and everything now belongs to Ka Lok because the grandpa thought Young Tung tried to kill him and changed the will. Dai Yun and Yee Jai confronted Ka Lok and said he was an accomplice because he knew who was behind the murders and didn’t do anything to stop it in order to gain the inheritance. Ka Lok didn’t deny it and just said that they didn’t have any proofs.

Young Tung, Dai Yun, Yee Jai and See Lung left the island and headed back to Hong Kong. On the ship, Young Tung asked Dai Yun why everyone close to her ends up betraying her and then dies. Dai Yun told her to be more careful in trusting people in the future so she won’t be hurt. They seem to be getting closer.

Episode 32-37

Sasa came over to Yee Jai’s house and cooked dinner. See Lung felt very awkward and uncomfortable to see Sasa, Yee Jai and Bak Lang so close so she went over to Jessie’s house to talk with her. See Lung wanted to move out but didn’t know where to move. Jessie suggested her place and See Lung agrees.

Dai Yun bumped into Young Tung one day so they ended up having dinner. When Dai Yun walked Young Tung home afterwards, her building had a blackout so Dai Yun decided to stay with her so she wouldn’t be scare. They reminisced about old times and Young Tung confessed that she used to have a crush on Dai Yun when they were going to school. Dai Yun confessed that he was going to call her and asked her out but his mom died and after all the commotion had died down, he lost her number. After hearing that, Young Tung said jokingly that if he didn’t lost her number maybe they’ve ended up married with kids by now. It is apparent that Young Tung has feelings for Dai Yun. The electricity came back on so Dai Yun left.

The next morning at the restaurant, Young Tung received flowers from a secret admirer. Everyone wanted to know who it could be but Young Tung claimed she didn’t know who sent it but secretly wished it was Dai Yun. Meanwhile, See Lung and her co-worker went shopping for Aunt Deborah and Chim Sir’s wedding present. They noticed a guy following them so they confronted him. It turns out that the guy was a private investigator hired by Mr. Fong. See Lung got really upset and went to Mr. Fong’s office to confront him. They got into an argument and See Lung left the office in anger. Since Sasa got promoted, she was now Mr. Fong’s personal secretary. She saw See Lung really upset and called Yee Jai to check up on her.

Young Tung received another bouquet of flowers. This time there was a note stating that he will show up at the restaurant wearing white the next day. Dai Yun and Yee Jai showed up at the restaurant to have lunch the next day and it just so happened that Dai Yun was wearing white. Young Tung was so happy that it was really Dai Yun that sent the flowers. She went up to him and thanked him for the flowers. Dai Yun said he had no idea what she’s talking about. Just then, Tien Gor’s brother walked in carrying flowers and wearing a white shirt. Everyone was shocked that the secret admirer was him. Dai Yun claimed to be Young Tung’s boyfriend to get him to lose interest in Young Tung. Tien Gor’s brother didn’t believe them so he followed them on a date. At the end of the date, Young Tung hinted to Dai Yun that could they have a real date next time and Dai Yun said yes. They agreed to go out on Saturday.

A body was found at the ocean. It belonged to a woman named Lam Siu Mai. She had a gold heart shape necklace clenched in her hand when she was found. The night she was found missing, she was suppose to meet with Mr. Fong’s new wife. See Lung and Yee Jai went to question Mr. Fong and his wife on their wedding day. Mr. Fong was very rude to See Lung and she got upset at how her father was treating her. Mrs. Fong’s statement was that she was suppose to meet with Lam Siu Mai but Siu Mai called her and had to cancel. So she ended up spending the night with Mr. Fong. Yee Jai took See Lung to eat seafood to cheer her up.

Lam Siu Mai’s autopsy report declared that she was killed with a blow to her head and then thrown into the ocean.

Mr. Fong called See Lung and asked her meet him at a café. He told her that he finally believed her and her story. She really is his daughter but See Lung can’t forgive him for his past behavior and ran away. Mr. Fong followed her to try to get her to accept him. But two men with black ski masks got out of a car and held Mr. Fong at knifepoint. See Lung tried to rescue him but was knocked unconscious. It turned out that See Lung and Mr. Fong were kidnap by Tien Gor’s brother and his friend. They wanted $300 million dollars. The friend wanted to rape See Lung but Mr. Fong told him that she was his daughter and he’ll pay more if he doesn’t rape her. The friend agreed.

Yee Jai found out that See Lung was kidnapped along with Mr. Fong. He became very upset and worries for her safety. Sasa threw away his empty shampoo bottle and Yee Jai yelled at her for throwing away his things. Sasa found out that the shampoo was brought by See Lung for Yee Jai.

Yee Jai remembered something See Lung told him awhile back that she regrets not being able to eat a certain desert again at a certain location. During the ransom phone call, she had said the same thing. Thus, Yee Jai was tipped off as to the location of where See Lung and Mr. Fong was held. Meanwhile, See Lung managed to escape from the room and luckily the house was empty so she was able to call the police. Dai Yun and Yee Jai found them and Yee Jai was very happy to see See Lung unhurt. Unfortunately, both See Lung and Mr. Fong had no idea who the kidnappers were and so they remain uncaptured.

Tien Gor suspected he has stomach cancer when he was coughing up blood and his stomach kept hurting him. Aunt Deborah was with Tien Go when he become sick and saw him cough up blood. She took him to see a doctor and stayed to take care of him. Chim Sir got mad at Aunt Deborah for missing their date.

Jessie’s magazine received a letter saying that Mr. Fong did some horrible things to become rich and Jessie was assigned to interview him to try to found out Mr. Fong’s past. At Mr. Fong’s office, he refused to answer Jessie’s questions and kicked her out. Jessie walked back to her car and drove away. But someone had cut her brake fluid line so she couldn’t brake and caused her to crash. Dai Yun and Yee Jai questioned her to see whom she had angered lately. Jessie told them about Mr. Fong.

Upon hearing about Jessie’s accident and her suspicion that Mr. Fong had something to do with it, See Lung went to confront her dad at his house. But Mr. Fong had a sore throat and couldn’t really talk. Mrs. Fong decided to take him to the doctor so See Lung decided to wait until her dad got back to question him. There was also a party that night at the house so many people were walking around preparing. See Lung was on the balcony getting some fresh air when she saw her dad and Mrs. Fong come back from the doctor. She went to see him but Mrs. Fong told her he needed rest for the party so she asked See Lung to try to talk to him later. See Lung agreed and stayed for the party.

After all the guests had arrived, Mrs. Fong and See Lung went to get Mr. Fong and have him go down to meet the guests. When they reached his room, they discovered that it was locked from the inside so they had to break in. But the room was empty with no signs of forced entry. Mr. Fong simply disappeared. The police was called but they couldn’t find any evident and no witnesses. Jessie brought up a point saying it was strange how Mr. Fong’s friend was found missing years ago with no trace of evidence or witnesses also.

The next day, Dai Yun’s department received a phone call saying a man claimed he saw the missing Mr. Fong that morning. Dai Yun and his team went to talk to him. The old man told them that he was with his grandson on the beach when he looked up and saw Mr. Fong walking up some steps. The man took them to the steps and found out that the steps led to a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff, Mr. Fong’s scarf and cane was found.

Dai Yun and his team went to the Fong residence and broke the news to them. Mrs. Fong claimed it was probably a suicide because Mr. Fong still had some unresolved issues regarding his missing friend. They questioned all the family members and they all said that Mr. Fong began having nightmare after his interview with Jessie. The son-in-law hinted that maybe the story of the missing friend was true and that Mr. Fong was racked with guilt for killing his friend.

Jessie had another assignment. This time, she is to interview a homeless man living under a bridge who loves to quote life’s sayings. When Jessie went to talk to him, he saw a bloody rock and got really scared. He claimed that the rock is a ruby and that it would destroy him. Jessie had taped the interview and so she went home and listened to the tape. See Lung walked by and hear the homeless man singing a song she had heard before when she was younger. See Lung took Dai Yun and Yee Jai to see the homeless man to question him about his past. Yee Jai took a beer bottle back to the station for fingerprints. The homeless man was really Lok Kok Gay, Mr. Fong’s missing friend. Dai Yun, Yee Jai and See Lung went to confront him.

Lok Kok Gay retold the story of how he and Mr. Fong met. When they were both fighting in the Vietnam War, they found a dying American soldier with a bag full of rubies. Lok Kok Gay took the rubies but was haunted by the American soldier every night in his dreams so he gave the rubies to Mr. Fong instead. Mr. Fong sold the rubies for cash and invested in some business and became rich. Mr. Fong wanted to give some of the money he earned to Lok Kok Gay, Lok Kok Gay was already starting to go crazy because he felt extremely guilty and would see the American soldier day and night. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and left his family. He was wandering near the cliff that day and accidentally fell off when he tried to get away from his hallucination.

Dai Yun’s department decided that it’s not a suicide and are now looking for suspects.

Tien Gor and Aunt Deborah went to get the doctor’s report. Luckily it wasn’t cancer but it did require surgery. Tien Gor asked Aunt Deborah to be with him instead of marrying Chim Sir. Aunt Deborah agrees. Aunt Deborah went home to tell Chim Sir. Chim Sir acted very calm about losing Aunt Deborah to Tien Gor but when Aunt Deborah left, he was pissed off.

See Lung figured out how her dad was able to get out of the house. That night of his disappearance, a crate with a porcelain figure was being transported to a charity house. She told Dai Yun and Yee Jai about it and said what if the crate wasn’t used to transport an object but a person. Dai Yun, Yee Jai and See Lung immediately went to the charity house and opened the crate, but it was a porcelain figure inside the crate and not Mr. Fong. All three were very disappointed that their hunch was wrong. Dai Yun suggested they question the company in charge of moving the crate. The driver that was in charge of the truck that contained the crate couldn’t give them any important information and the three detectives was once again disappointed. On the way out, some of the workers were moving some crates when one of them dropped one accidentally and Mr. Fong felled out.

Now that they found the body, Dai Yun’s team is trying to find out who had shipped the crate containing Mr. Fong. The address from the shipping company was a fake and with no new leads, the team was at a dead end. Tien Gor, back from sick leave, suspects Mrs. Fong because she is the only person who knows so much about clay. Apparently, Mr. Fong’s body was covered with clay so there would be no smell of decay. The team received the autopsy report regarding Mr. Fong and it states that he was choked to death by a wire. They are now trying to decide whether Mr. Fong was killed inside the house or after he was moved.

After hearing so much about her dad’s death, See Lung broke down in tears and Yee Jai went to confront her. See Lung commented how she has no one left that cares about her and that she feels so alone because all her loved ones are gone. Yee Jai was about to tell her that he cares about her when his pager went off and had to leave.

That night, Bak Lang dragged See Lung to dinner and it just so happen that Sasa and her grandmother was there too. Bak Lang kept hinting throughout dinner that a marriage should take place between Sasa and Yee Jai which made See Lung really uncomfortable. Yee Jai felt trapped between the two women. Later that night, he went over to Dai Yun to talk. He told Dai Yun that he is very confuse and now realized that he has more than just brotherly feelings for See Lung. Dai Yun advise him to choose one soon. Yee Jai said he knows that but he doesn’t want to hurt either one.

Chim Sir took out his frustration towards Tien Gor at work. He blames Tien Gor for protecting his brother and hiding his whereabouts a secret. Tien Gor reassures his boss that he will bring his brother in for questioning as soon as he finds him. Later that night, Tien Gor went to find his brother’s girlfriend and was seen by one of Aunt Deborah’s employees who thought Tien Gor was cheating on Aunt Deborah with a hooker. Tien Gor found his brother inside a massage parlor and confronted him about his crimes. The brother confessed to the kidnapping and ransom of See Lung and Mr. Fong, but he said he did it under duress. He needed the money because no one would hire him for a job. Tien Gor said he will try to plead for his behalf with the judge but he still has to go back to the station with Tien Gor. Tien Gor was knocked unconscious by his brother on the way to the police station. His brother had escaped and back at the station, Tien Gor was accused by Chim Sir for intentionally letting his brother escape. Meanwhile, Aunt Deborah’s employee told her that he saw Tien Gor with a hooker, which made Aunt Deborah really mad.

Two of Dai Yun’s team members found a girl fighting in the street with another guy. They overheard the name Lam Siu Mai was mentioned during the fight so they brought both of them back to the station. The girl explains how Lam Siu Mai and Mrs. Fong were lovers after Lam Siu Mai was dumped by her boyfriend. The gold heart shaped necklace was given to Mrs. Fong by Lam Siu Mai. The police now suspect Mrs. Fong has something to do with Lam Siu Mai’s murder. Before they could do further investigating, they received a phone call saying that Mrs. Fong has committed suicide. Mr. Fong’s personal assistant was looking for Mrs. Fong because she was supposed to help the family pick out a burial plot for Mr. Fong but she never showed up. So the assistant went to Mrs. Fong’s warehouse to look for her. The door was locked so she went to get the security guard to open it for her. When they finally got the door opened, they found Mrs. Fong’s body hanging from the ceiling.

When Dai Yun suspected Mrs. Fong of the murder of Lam Siu Mai, he had the Fong’s family yacht examined. The report came back and they found traces of Lam Siu Mai and Mrs. Fong’s DNA on the yacht. The team theorized that since Mr. Fong covered up for Mrs. Fong and he knew that she was gay that he either had to blackmail Mrs. Fong into marrying him or that she was so thankful for his help, she agreed to marry him. Meanwhile, See Lung figured out what happened that night. She told Dai Yun and Yee Jai that someone must have pretended to be Mr. Fong after the doctor’s appointment and came back to the house. He hid in the bookcase when they were in the library looking for Mr. Fong and then escape the room when everyone left to call the police. He then changed and pretended he was with the guests and left the house with them. That same person was probably the one on the cliff making sure someone would see him and the police would think it was a suicide. They now have to figure out who was it that pretended to be Mr. Fong that night.

Yee Jai and Bak Lang went to shopping so Yee Jai can buy Sasa something to cheer her up. They were looking at bracelets when the saleslady said a particular bracelet could change someone’s luck. Bak Lang thought he brought for Sasa, but he gave the same bracelet to See Lung instead hoping it’ll bring her some good luck. Unfortunately, Sasa saw See Lung wearing the same bracelet. She also remembered that Bak Lang had mentioned that Yee Jai really liked the shampoo See Lung brought for him and won’t change brands. Sasa began to suspect that something’s up with Yee Jai and See Lung. So she called See Lung and asked for a talk.

At the restaurant, Sasa asked See Lung if the bracelet was given to her by Yee Jai but See Lung covered and said that Yee Jai gave her the bracelet as a gift to his god-sister. She told Sasa that Bak Lang has agreed to have her and Yee Jai as god-children so her and Yee Jai would become god-brothers and sisters. Sasa still didn’t look too convinced so See Lung went one step further and said it’ll be official when they hold a banquet and announce it. Sasa had no choice but to believe her after that. See Lung went home and asked Bak Lang for her permission. Bak Lang was happy to have them as god-children. When Yee Jai found out, he was upset and went to ask See Lung why did she come up with this idea. See Lung replied that it’s easier this way and he wouldn’t have to decide. The night of the banquet, Yee Jai just kept drinking and See Lung seemed unhappy. No one noticed anything wrong except for Dai Yun and Sasa.

Dai Yun figured out how the killer escaped from Mrs. Fong’s warehouse. He believed that Erica, the personal assistance was an accomplice. The team also found out that Erica and Mrs. Fong were lovers. Erica was the one who pretended to be Mr. Fong and helped Mrs. Fong kill her husband. Luckily for Erica, she had an alibi for the day Mr. Fong was murdered so the team couldn’t arrest her.

Jessie bumped into Dai Yun and Young Tung on a date. Later that night, she told Aunt Deborah that she is still in love with Dai Yun and doesn’t like him going out with Young Tung. Aunt Deborah told her she should’ve thought about this before she drove him away. Now it’s too late. Aunt Deborah saw how sad Jessie was and went over to Bak Lang’s. The two got together to try to get Jessie and Dai Yun back together. Meanwhile, on Dai Yun and Young Tung’s date, Young Tung wanted to kiss Dai Yun but he pulled away at the last second and Young Tung was disappointed.

The police are now trying to figure out who else would have a motive to kill Mr. Fong. They decided that Lok Kok Gay’s son might want revenge because of what Mr. Fong did to his father. They went to question Lok Kok Gay’s wife but she claimed that her son died when he was 5. But Sasa’s grandmother knows her and thought that the son was going to school in England. Later that day, Mrs. Gay went to find Erica and stabbed her. She claimed that Erica helped her kill Mr. and Mrs. Fong because she wanted revenge for what they did to her family. Mrs. Gay’s story was not believable so upon further investigation, Dai Yun’s team found out that Mrs. Gay’s son was really Mr. Fong’s son-in-law and that Erica was his mistress. Erica is afraid that he wants to kill her now to keep silent. Dai Yun assigned Yee Jai and See Lung to protect Erica while she’s in the hospital.

Sasa was at the hospital visiting her grandmother when she bumped into See Lung who was buying a drink from the vending machine. Sasa seemed surprise to see her there but See Lung explained that she was assigned to work with Yee Jai to protect a witness. Just then, Mrs. Gay’s son walked by in a doctor’s coat and held Sasa hostage. See Lung immediately notified Yee Jai and the rest of the team while trying to calm everyone. Mrs. Gay’s son got even more angry when he heard that See Lung was calling for back up so he grabbed her too and handcuffed her and Sasa together.

Yee Jai and the rest of the team arrived. Yee Jai asked him to let them go but Mrs. Gay’s son said not unless Yee Jai let him see Erica first. Otherwise, who does Yee Jai want to see die first? Yee Jai promised him that if he release Sasa, then he would take him to see Erica. Mrs. Gay’s son released Sasa but kept See Lung hostage. After seeing that Erica was okay, Mrs. Gay’s son lost his anger and let See Lung go. Yee Jai and the team immediately arrested him.

Back at the station, he recounted how and why he did what he did. He wanted to kill Mr. Fong because he believed that Mr. Fong killed his father. After his father died, his mother couldn’t afford to raise him so she gave him up for adoption. While he was in England for school, he met Mr. Fong’s daughter and started to plot his revenge. He married her to get close to Mr. Fong. After becoming Mr. Fong’s son-in-law, he met Erica who was Mr. Fong’s personal assistant. They fell in love and he told Erica all about his past. He told her about his plans and she agreed to help him. They suspected that Mrs. Fong wasn’t as happy as she appeared to be marrying Mr. Fong so Erica became Mrs. Fong’s lover to earned Mrs. Fong’s trust and secrets.

Erica found out that Mrs. Fong killed Lam Siu Mai in a fit of anger when Siu Mai decided to break up with Mrs. Fong. Mr. Fong accidentally witnessed the murder and blackmailed Mrs. Fong to marry him. Erica talked Mrs. Fong into killing Mr. Fong and then the son-in-law and Erica killed Mrs. Fong so they can be together. His mom stabbed Erica to protect him. (Case No. 10 Solved)

After the case was solved, See Lung decided to go away for awhile. She doesn’t want to come between Yee Jai and Sasa so she lied and said she’s taking an overdue vacation because she’s tired. Yee Jai looked like he didn’t believe her but he had no choice. He still hadn’t come to a decision so he didn’t beg her to stay like she wanted him to. Meanwhile, Dai Yun saw Jessie and Poon Sir together and got jealous. He decided to break up with Young Tung because he still loves Jessie and doesn’t want to lead her on. He called her and asked her to meet him at the pier. On the way to meet Dai Yun, Young Tung almost ran over Tien Gor’s brother with her car. She couldn’t get her car to start again so she flagged down a passing car. It turned out to be Chim Sir. Chim Sir gave Young Tung a ride. Inside the car, Chim Sir accidentally dropped a ruby and Young Tung picked it up and gave it back to him. He told Young Tung that he meant to give it to Aunt Deborah as a wedding present but since the wedding was cancel, he hadn’t had a chance to return it. Young Tung was sympathetic for his lost. When she got to the pier, Young Tung apologized to Dai Yun for being late and explained what happened. After hearing her explanation, Dai Yun broke the bad news to her. Young Tung was upset and sad but accept the reason why Dai Yun broke up with her. She told him that they’ll always be friends and wished him and Jessie the best.

Later on that day, Young Tung couldn’t be found so Dai Yun and Yee Jai went to her house to look for her. They broke into her apartment and found Young Tung dead on the living room floor.

Episode 38-40

After the autopsy report was conducted, the cause of death was poison. Dai Yun blames himself. He thinks that Young Tung committed suicide by drinking poison. Yee Jai and See Lung went to break the news to Aunt Deborah and Jessie. Aunt Deborah asked them why Young Tung would commit suicide and Yee Jai told her that Dai Yun broke up with her a few hours before because he still loves Jessie. Upon further investigation, the police found that the poison was in some wine and that this particular poison takes about 5 to 6 hours to be effective so Young Tung had already drunk the wine before meeting Dai Yun at the pier. Suicide is therefore ruled out because she has no reason to die. This case just became a homicide. They pinpoint her drinking the wine was around 2 to 3pm.

At the restaurant, there was a phone call for Young Tung from a travel agency saying that her plane ticket is ready to be pick up. At the same time, Dai Yun also received a package from Young Tung. Inside the package were mementos of the things she shared with Dai Yun and a letter written right before she died. The letter states that she doesn’t blame him. She thanked him for being so truthful with her and that she will move on with her life by seeing the world.

On the day of Tien Gor and Aunt Deborah’s wedding, Tien Gor was running late so Aunt Deborah told Jessie to go to his house and rush him. When Jessie got there, she saw Tien Gor getting in a taxi so Jessie just followed the taxi back to Aunt Deborah’s house. Along the way, Tien Gor saw a woman he recognized and he ordered the taxi to follow her. Jessie was puzzled because Tien Gor was going the wrong way but kept following his taxi to find out where he’s going. Tien Gor finally got out of the taxi in a small rural village. Jessie got out of her car to follow him. When she looked inside the building, she saw someone who looked like Dai Yun but the man’s back was facing her so she couldn’t be sure. The man moved away and Jessie saw Tien Gor’s body lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. She was shocked and thought that Dai Yun killed Tien Gor. While she was backing away, she tripped and was knocked unconscious. By the time she regain consciousness, Dai Yun was there with the villagers reporting the crime to the police. The girl that Tien Gor was following was also found dead nearby.

Aunt Deborah and the rest of the gang rushed to the hospital to see Tien Gor. At the hospital, Chim Sir asked Dai Yun what he was doing there with Tien Gor. Dai Yun told him that he got a lead from the girl’s brother telling him that she was hiding there so he went to seek her out hoping she could lead him to Tien Gor’s brother. (They’re still trying to find him for the kidnapping case) Jessie is still unsure whether she should believe Dai Yun or not. Chim Sir found out that Jessie was there also and he took her statement. Jessie claimed that she didn’t see anything.

Jessie went to Poon Sir so he can hypnotize her hoping that would make her remember what happened that day in the village. Jessie was shocked to remember seeing the profile of Dai Yun. Aunt Deborah suspected Jessie not telling the whole truth regarding that day so she forced Jessie to spill it. Jessie admitted to Aunt Deborah that she saw Dai Yun standing over Tien Gor’s body that day and suspected he was the one who shot Tien Gor. After hearing Jessie’s story, Aunt Deborah became very angry and went to the station to accuse Dai Yun of trying to murder Tien Gor. Chim Sir and his supervisor were there and heard everything. Chim Sir and the supervisor took Dai Yun into a room for questioning. Dai Yun just became a suspect. They brought Jessie in for her statements again and that only hurt Dai Yun’s case even more. During the questioning, Chim Sir’s supervisor accidentally drank the coffee that was meant for Dai Yun. He started foaming at the mouth and soon died from poisoning. Chim Sir accused Dai Yun of killing the supervisor. Dai Yun faced with no choice, rushed out the room and took Jessie hostage. Chim Sir started to shoot at both of them to prevent Dai Yun from escaping but luckily, he missed and Dai Yun got away.

Dai Yun went into hiding at Yee Jai and See Lung’s village and paged Yee Jai to meet him using See Lung’s name. Yee Jai was at Jessie’s house when his pager went off and accidentally read the page out loud. Chim Sir got suspicious wondering why See Lung would page Yee Jai when she’s supposed to be on vacation. Yee Jai quickly realized that it was probably Dai Yun who paged so he covered and said that there was something wrong with See Lung’s passport so she couldn’t leave the country as she planned. She was still in Hong Kong waiting for it to be fixed. Right when Yee Jai was about to leave, Sasa showed up and asked him where he was going. Chim Sir told her that he was meeting See Lung. Sasa became curious and asked why would she do that when she’s supposed to be out of the country. She thinks that the two of them are secretly meeting behind her back. After hearing Sasa questions the page, Chim Sir changed his mind and wanted Yee Jai to call See Lung back to made sure it was really her that paged. Seeing no way out of calling without arousing even more suspicion, he called See Lung’s house at the village. Luckily, See Lung answered and a relieved Yee Jai had her talk to Chim Sir on the phone to prove that he wasn’t lying. Sasa insisted on accompanying Yee Jai to meet See Lung.

At See Lung’s house, Sasa was shocked to see Dai Yun there as well. Yee Jai asked See Lung why she was there when she was supposed to be on vacation. See Lung lied and said the same lie that Yee Jai gave Chim Sir. Something wrong with her passport so she couldn’t leave the country so she just decided to stay here and rest. Dai Yun said he was lucky to find See Lung here to help him hide out. The four then went over the case and concluded that Chim Sir is the most likely suspect. Chim Sir was the one who poisoned the coffee hoping that Dai Yun would die so he couldn’t accuse him of murder. Dai Yun explained that he saw the back of a man running away from the murder scene that day at the village when he found the girl’s body and suspected it was Chim Sir. Dai Yun also remembered Young Tung mentioning that she saw Chim Sir the day she died and that she picked up a ruby which Chim Sir had dropped. When See Lung heard about the ruby, she told them that Chim Sir must be the one behind the kidnapping too because she remembered that the kidnappers stole the ruby from her father when they were held hostage.

With these new information, Yee Jai went back to the bar where Young Tung was seen the day she died. He questioned all the employees and asked if they’ve seen Chim Sir. One of the employees had taken pictures because it was someone’s birthday that day and Yee Jai asked to see the pictures. Yee Jai found a picture showing that Chim Sir was really there that day. Yee Jai went to ask the waitress who waited on Chim Sir’s table that day and she said that Chim Sir dropped an ashtray and she bent down to pick it up for him. On her other hand, she was carrying a drink for Young Tung. Yee Jai thinks that must have been when Chim Sir put in the poison because the waitress was bent down and wasn’t looking.

Yee Jai rushed back to the village to tell Dai Yun what he found. Yee Jai suggested they go to their ex-head, Madam for help. Dai Yun agrees. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Aunt Deborah called Jessie to come help her watch Tien Gor. She has a stomachache and needs to go to the bathroom but she’s scare to leave Tien Gor alone because the killer might come back to finish the job. Jessie told her she would be right there. Aunt Deborah couldn’t hold it anymore so she left to use the bathroom. Not long after she left, the guard who was guarding Tien Gor’s room received a page so he went outside to use the phone. After seeing the guard leave, Chim Sir appeared in Tien Gor’s room but there was still a nurse so he knocked her unconscious. He was about to kill Tien Gor when Aunt Deborah came back just in time and stopped him. She asked him why does he want to kill Tien Gor and Chim Sir broke down and said he had no choice. He began telling her how and why he changed…

It turns out that he commissioned Tien Gor’s brother and his friend to kill the man who killed his daughter. He couldn’t let the man get away with murdering his daughter so if the court wasn’t gonna punished him, then he will. After that, they kept blackmailing him for money so he had to kill them and everyone who found out. Just then, Jessie arrived and Chim Sir panicked and grabbed Jessie as a hostage. Madam, Yee Jai, and Dai Yun also arrived on the scene. Chim Sir locked himself and Jessie in a room and demand Madam to order him a get-away-car. Yee Jai and Madam tried to reason with Chim Sir while Dai Yun found a way inside the room. When Dai Yun was inside the room, Jessie told him that she loves him and that they would always be husband and wife. Jessie then pushed Chim Sir away so Dai Yun can shoot him. Unfortunately, Chim Sir’s bullet gazed her head and put her in a coma. At the station, Chim Sir confessed to everything. (Case No. 11 Solved)

Yee Jai and Sasa plan to marry under the pressure of Bak Lang and Sasa’s grandma. At Tien Gor’s and Aunt Deborah’s wedding, See Lung caught the bouquet but was unhappy. See Lung decided to leave for real this time because she can’t stay and witness Yee Jai and Sasa’s wedding. At the airport, Yee Jai finally made a decision and begged See Lung to stay. He confessed his love for her and said he couldn’t live without her. Sasa overheard and said that’s what she suspected all long and wished them both happiness.

At the hospital, Jessie wakes up and asked Dai Yun who he was. Dai Yun was shocked and said not again! But Jessie was just playing and told Dai Yun that she remembers everything. The two smile at each other and hugged.

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