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Justice Pao was once the hottest topic in town. The current version, made by TVB in 1995, contains 16 legendary cases. The ending of each case is always incredible, with a difficult decision awaiting Pao to make. How can he give a fair verdict to uphold righteousness? Though set in the Sung Dynasty, issues like justice and human nature explored in this drama are still relevant to modern times.


First Broadcast

TVB - 1995


  • Chinese: 包é?’天 I
  • Cantonese: Bao Ching Tien
  • English: Justice Pao I




Theme Songs


Ancient Detective Investigation

Summary of Justice Pao I and Justice Pao II

This series is based on a judge named Justice Pao, set in the Sung Dynasty. In 1995 TVB produced the first series which was 40 episodes long, divided into 8 different cases. Each case uncovers the situation which led up to the crime, how the evidence was collected, the law with which Justice Pao used to rule over the case and the sentenced handed out to those found guilty. The first series was a full TVB production. Justice Pao II which began production in 1995 was joint project with Taiwan. Therefore Justice Pao II consists of TVB and Taiwan actors. The second series was also 40 episodes long and divided into eight new cases.

The cast for this series is various, and changes with each story, with the main cast remaining the same throughout. Ti Lung gets the role as Justice Pao. Liu Kai Chi gets the role as Kung Sin Chuk. Wong Yat Wah gets the role as Jin Chiu, the detective. In Justice Pao, actors such as Ada Choi, Jacky Liu, Maggie Siu, Sunny Chan, Iwanbeo Leung, Patrick Tam, Esther Kwan, Fiona Leung, Savio Tsang, Mimi Kung, Leung Ka Yan, Christine Ng, and Cheung Kwok Keung make an appearance.

In Justice Pao II the actors who make an appearance include, Jojo Cho, May Kwong, Vivian Leung, Wan Yeung Ming, Michelle Mei Suet, Irene Wan, Angie Cheung, Lai Yiu Cheung, Rain Lau, Carol Yeung, Gary Chan, Leo Koo, and Chin Siu Ho. Actors such as Patrick Tam and Cheung Kwok Keung share the special distinction of appearing in both Justice Pao and Justice Pao II.

Pao Kung (Justice Pao), existed during the Northern Sung dynasty (960-1127 AD). Unlike previous dynasties the Northern Sung dynasty did not possess great military strength and were under constant attack from many barbaric tribes. The barbaric attacks are often a result of an alliance between the tribe, and warlords who serve the Sung dynasty who had ambitions of becoming Emperor themselves. Justice Pao was born around 999AD, and was given the name Pao Ching. Literally the name "Ching", means righteousness. However as time passed Justice Pao's was given the honorable title of "Kung", through his deeds to protect the poor and innocent. According to some scholars Justice Pao was actually born into a scholar family. His farther was a minor official. At 29 years of age Justice Pao passed the examinations and was appointed to become a Magistrate. He declined to look after his aging parents and live a simple life. Thus Justice Pao never really cared about the fame and fortune which came from taking up the position of Magistrate. This probably explains why Justice Pao held the distinct reputation as being a judge that was never corrupted and greedy. After the death of both his parents and through the constant persuasion from the elders in his village, Justice Pao, decided to take up the position as Magistrate at the age of 40.


  • Case 1

Magistrate Lau Chun, and his regiment where attack and killed by masked water pirates led by Wan Kong Lo. The water pirates then dressed up as Magistrate Lau Chun and his regiment. They where waiting for the arrival of Justice Pao who was passing by. Wan Kong Lo, wanted to set a trap to kill Justice Pao to get revenge for his brother, Yeung Chi Gow who died at Justice Pao's hands five years ago. Justice Pao and company were passing through, Tai Wu, when they came across the carnage caused by the pirates. Justice Pao decided to go into Wu Chow, to investigate.

Wu Chow was the homeland of Kung Sin Chuk. His homecoming brings back the sad memories of his wife's suicide after being raped, and the lost of his daughter. In the evening Justice Pao was under an attack from the masked water pirates. Jin Chiu had fallen into their trap and chased after Wan Kong Lo's daughter, Yin Ying, leaving Justice Pao unguarded. Jin Chiu managed to obtain the possession of a bracelet from the hands of the masked female. Realizing that he had fallen into a trap Jin Chiu rushed back to protect Justice Pao. Wan Kong Lo was unable to kill Justice Pao because the house was protected by mystic. Jin Chiu arrived back in time and inflicted Wan Kong Lo with a flesh wound to the hand. Jin Chiu then presented Justice Pao the bracelet he took from the masked female. Kung Sin Chuk recognized the bracelet, it was the same one his wife had. However he had given it to his daughter, Sin Siu Ngar, after the death of his wife. He was now sure that his daughter was still alive.

Jin Chiu later discovered something strange about the local regiment. The clothes they are wearing are all torn. When Cheung Long and Jiu Fu returned with past cases, Justice Pao suspected that Wan Kong Lo was Yeung Chi Gow's brother, Yeung Ji Long. Yeung Chi Gow was a hero who killed 18 corrupted Government Officials, but committed suicide after killing an innocent child. He then requested Justice Pao to remove his head with his sword. Wong Chiu and Mar Hon discovered from local fisherman that Wan Kong Lo was disguised himself as Magistrate Lau Chun. Justice Pao then invited Magistrate over for tea. On one had they could work out the misunderstanding and secondly to uncover his true identity.

After tea Jin Chiu prevented Magistrate Lau Chun from leaving on the grounds that he was Wan Kong Lo. In order to find out Magistrate Lau's true identity Jin Chiu wanted to see whether Magistrate Lau had a flesh wound on his hand. Yin Ying, came to the rescue and re-injured Magistrate Lau Chun's hands. Kung Sin Chuk watched the masked female inside a secret room. Surprisingly the masked female managed to find a way into the room. At once Kung Sin Chuk realized that the masked female was his own daughter and taught her a way to escape. Kong Sin Chuk then told the masked female that he was her farther, and requested that she removed her face masked so he could see. Yin Ying refused to believe Kung Sin Chuk, and thought it was nonsense. Kung Sin Chuk handed the bracelet to the masked female, who rode off into the night. Kung Sin Chuk, was then captured by Wan Kong Lo. Kung Sin Chuk got really drunk and asked Wan Kong Lo to hand his daughter back.

Later Wan Kong Lo gave up his revenge on Justice Pao, after realizing he had made a mistake. By this time Yin Ying had found out that Kung Sin Chuk was infact her real farther. Wan Kong Lo, then asked Yin Ying to poison Justice Pao so they could escape. Not wanting to loose his foster daughter, Wan Kong Lo, asked Kung Sin Chuk, to choose between the life of Justice Pao or his daughter. Faced with a tough decision, Kung Sin Chuk, decided that saving the life of Justice Pao was more important. Wan Kong Lo handed the cure over to him and headed off with Yin Ying. Jin Chiu had followed them and captured Wan Kong Lo. Yin Ying then risked her life and saved Wan Kong Lo, but was captured by Jin Chiu. Kung Sin Chuk, was suffering at the sight of having her daughter’s head cut off by Justice Pao. As a farther, Kung Sin Chuk decided to save his daughter. In the process two innocent lives are lost.

Kung Sin Chuk, was then placed on arrest by Justice Pao. Yin Ying went back to find Wan Kong Lo, but he had committed suicide to protect the souls of the 118 innocent lives he has taken by killing the regiment. On the day of that Kung Sin Chuk was to be executed, Yin Ying returned. Kung Sin Chuk was then free of his charge. Upon discovering that Yin Ying was Kung Sin Chuk's daughter, Sin Siu Ngar, Justice Pao offered to make a request to the King to delay the execution so that they can spend more time together. Yin Ying refused and committed suicide and died in Kung Sin Chuk's arms.

Sadden by the death of his daughter Kung Sin Chuk wanted to be executed for his involvement in the death of two innocent people. Justice Pao was placed under a very difficult position. But he decided to grant Kung Sin Chuk, his wish. On the day of his execution, and thunderstorm developed, which prevented Kung Sin Chuk from taking his own life. This was a sign from the heavens. Jin Chiu then arrived with the King's orders demanding that Kung Sin Chuk must live and continue to serve Justice Pao in a quest to find justice. Kung Sin Chuk then felt at peace, having regained his purpose. He smiled as he looked up at the sky and thank the heavens.

  • Case 2

A drunk walks the street at midnight as the night watchman walks past. A kung fu expert, Jiu Fei, flies along the rooftops. He gazes at a house. Inside doctor Sit Sun Yee and his wife are getting ready to sleep. Jiu Fei flies into the room and captures doctor Sit Sun Yee in a flash and makes an escape through the roof tops. The drunk spots a man flying above in the sky carrying a bag and thinks he has lost his mind. In the morning a big general, Hap Jong Ming, returns home to see his family. He passes by Sit Sun Yee's house and spots Justice Pao's men guarding outside. Hap Jong Ming decides to see Justice Pao, who is his good friend. After discovering that Sit Sun Yee has been captured, Hap Jong Ming, requested that Justice Pao investigate further, because Sit Sun Yee, had once saved his life.

Meanwhile Sit Sun Yee is taken to a house situated at the top of a mountain. Jiu Fei then request Sit Sun Yee to save his wife, Fan Mun, after releasing him. Sit Sun Yee refused at first but decided to help cure Fan Mun, upon seeing that she is a kind hearted person. After many days of attempting to heal Fan Mun without success, Sit Sun Yee suggested one final idea that could cure Fan Mun. He instructed Jiu Fei that Hap Jong Ming has in his possession, Chin Tin Ku Pang, which can cure all poisons. Jiu Fei then set out to steal it from the Hap family.

At a prostitute parlor, Hap Hau Yee, Hap Jong Ming's son started a fight and badly injured another customer over a prostitute. Jin Chiu discovered it whilst at Sit Sun Yee's place. In the morning Justice Pao visited Hap Jong Ming's house to inform him of his son's bad ways and instructed Hap Jong Ming to teach his son before he does more wrong. Hap Jong Ming took up Justice Pao's advice and attempted to punish his son, but servants, wife and mother all begged him to stop. Hap Hau Yee had been spoilt since childhood so refuse to change his ways. Later both Justice Pao and Hap Jong Ming were summoned to see the King because the Queen was ill. Hap Jong Ming suggested to help cure the Queen, with his Chin Tin Ku Pang.

Hap Hau Yee had given the Chin Tin Ku Ping to a merchant many months ago to pay off his $2, 000, 000 debt that he owed. He then replaced it with a fake one. That evening he discovered that his farther wanted to use it to cure the Queen. Hap Hau Yee's wife attempted to tell Hap Jong Ming that the Chin Tin Ku Pang had already gone missing. In order to hide the truth Hap Hau Yee strangled his own wife to death. That same night Jiu Fei arrived to steal the Chin Tin Ku Pang. He used acid to cut an entrance from the rooftop. Once inside he evaded all of the traps and stole the Chin Tin Ku Pang, and flew over the rooftop. He was spotted by a guard and returned to push his pressure point before leaving. At the same time Hap Hau Yee had dragged his wife's body into the rose garden.

Justice Pao and Jin Chiu arrived in the morning to investigate. Jin Chiu uncovered the method used to steal the Chin Ting Ku Pang, and realized that his sworn brother, Jiu Fei, must have done it. Hap Hau Yee then attempted to put the blame for the death of his wife on Jiu Fei. Jin Chiu was too clever though and realized that his friend has not killed an innocent person before and besides the guard was left alive. Jin Chiu then made a request to Hap Jong Ming to investigate the body of Hap Hau Yee's wife. Hap Hau Yee's wife's eyes were still wide open when they went to see it. Hap Hau Yee tried to close her eyes but they remained open. Justice Pao then made a promise uncover the truth of her death and then close her eyes. Jin Chiu then uncovered that the wife died because she had been strangled, by someone who doesn't know kung fu. At that point Hap Jong Ming knew that his son might have done it.

In the evening he discovers that his son did infact strangle his wife in an attempt to cover the fact that he had already given the real Chin Tin Ku Pang over to a merchant. He made a move to kill his own son, but decided against it after pleas from the servants and his own wife. Hap Jong Ming was then persuaded by his right hand man, Wu Kong, to cover up the truth and put all of the blame on Jiu Fei. Hap Jong Ming could not believe that a few days ago Justice Pao, put his job and life on the line to clear his name, after the King discovered that the Chin Tin Ku Pang had gone missing, and now he has to hide the truth from Justice Pao.

Meanwhile Kung Sin Chuk, and Justice Pao uncovered that top detective, Jiu Fei and thief Fan Mun went missing at the same time. From the letter that Sit Sun Yee sent back to his wife after being captured, Kung Sin Chuk, was able to discover the mountain Jiu Fei was hiding in. Jin Chiu was then sent to capture Jiu Fei by Justice Pao. The Chin Tin Ku Pang that Jiu Fei had stolen could not heal Fan Mun and she became more sick. Jiu Fei and Fan Mun then sat out side to discuss how they met.

Fan Mun had just stolen a Jade pot, when Jiu Fei arrived to attempt to capture her. Fan Mun then tricked Jiu Fei into putting his sword away. Jiu Fei was put at a further disadvantage when Fan Mun threw the Jade pot at him, which he caught to prevent it from smashing. With one hand Jiu Fei was still able to block Fan Mun's attempts to take his life. Unable to defeat Jiu Fei, Fan Mun, faked committing suicide. Jiu Fei fell for it and rushed to help aid Fan Mun. At once Fan Mun threw a pin at Jiu Fei, who was then injured. She snatched the Jade pot from Jiu Fei's grasp and escaped.

Fan Mun was having a bath by the river the next day when Jiu Fei caught up. Fan Mun tricked Jiu Fei into turning away while she dressed. She then made an attempt to escape, but Jiu Fei grabbed a rock at threw it at her legs. The rock struck Fan Mun off balance and she feel down the waterfall. Jiu Fei arrived just in time to save her life. At that point they realized they loved each other. Fan Mun promised to follow Jiu Fei back to the law court, after biting his hand. She did so to make Jiu Fei remember her forever. Along the way, Fan Mun's foster farther had set traps to save her. Jiu Fei suffered a heavy injury during the battle, but was saved by Fan Mun.

After that they married and set out to kill all of the bad mountain robbers. One time Fan Mun was surrounded by many of the mountain robbers. Jiu Fei arrived to lend assistance and managed defeated all of them. One mountain robber then threw a poison dart at Jiu Fei who had turned his back on him. Fan Mun saw the dart and blocked it with her body, to save Jiu Fei. Ever since then she has been sick and Jiu Fei had captured the doctors to try to cure her. Jiu Fei then thought of someone who may be able to cure her. Jiu Fei went to find him the next day. He ran into Jin Chiu along the way. Jiu Fei requested Jin Chiu to step aside, but he refused. They fight and both men display exceptional sword fighting skills and speed. Jiu Fei kicked some dust a Jin Chiu and managed to escape with his superior speed. He ventures past an old house and hears the cry of help. Jiu Fei rushes into the house to prevent a mother from being rapped.

By this time Jin Chiu had caught up, and was sure that Hap Hau Yee's wife was not killed by Jiu Fei. Still Jiu Fei refused to go to see Justice Pao, with Jin Chiu. Once again the two battle. This time Jin Chiu was ready for Jiu Fei's attempted escape, and flung a rope at Jin Fei's legs. Jiu Fei was dragged back inside the house as the two continued to fight. Suddenly a masked, Wu Kong, enters from the roof to take Jiu Fei's life. Jin Chiu managed to block the masked man's attempt and captured Jiu Fei. Hap Jong Ming requested to overhear the trail of Jiu Fei with Justice Pao. Jiu Fei was accused of capturing 8 doctors including Sit Sun Yee, stealing the Chin Tin Ku Pang and killing Hap Hau Yee's wife. Of all the accusations Jiu Fei admitted to only the first and second. Jiu Fei then revealed to Justice Pao that the Chin Tin Ku Pang was fake and requested the assistance of Kung Sin Chuk to prove his case, by identifying what he had stolen.

Upon hearing this, Hap Jong Ming, sent Wu Kong to take the life of Jiu Fei once more. Jiu Fei managed to escape and push the pressure points of four policeman, who were then killed by Wu Kong. After escaping Jiu Fei returned and captured Kung Sin Chuk. Jiu Fei was then framed for the death of the four policeman. Jin Chiu uncovered the truth though because, the policeman where killed by sword and when Jiu Fei escaped he had no weapon. Having failed, Wu Kong was then sent to find and kill Kung Sin Chuk. Meanwhile Kung Sin Chuk uncovered that the Chin Tin Ku Pang was indeed fake. He also revealed that Fan Mun only had 8-9 days left to live. Upon hearing this Jiu Fei allowed all the doctors that he captured to return to their families. Sit Sun Yee elected to stay behind to help cure Fan Mun.

Kung Sin Chuk allowed Jiu Fei to stay by Fan Mun's side for 8-9 days and journeyed back with the fake Chin tin Ku Pang to show Justice Pao. Along the way he met Wu Kong, and jumped over the edge of the mountain. The next day Jin Chiu returned to capture Jiu Fei. They battle once again. This time they fight down the waterfall, and into the river. Jin Chiu managed to inflict Jiu Fei with a flesh wound. Fan Mun came in to prevent the fight. Jin Chiu then realized that Jiu Fei had disappeared for a number of years because he was married to Fan Mun. Jin Chiu then decided to give his sworn brother 8 days, before taking him back to see Justice Pao. The two friends decide to catch up on old times in the evening. Fan Mun put sleeping pills into their drinks and left to see Justice Pao, to clear Jiu Fei's name.

At an old mill Fan Mun, witnessed a masked Wu Kong, kill the merchant to take back possession of the Chin Tin Ku Pang. The masked man attempted to kill Fan Mun but she was saved by both Jiu Fei and Jin Chiu. Fan Mun escaped through the back and arrived to be questioned by Justice Pao. Hap Jong Ming put the deaths of the merchant on Jiu Fei and Fan Mun. Justice Pao then begins to suspect Hap Jong Ming. Jiu Fei arrived to be questioned also, and both were locked up for further questioning. Justice Pao then got unbiased views from Cheung Lo and Wong Chiu, who agreed with Jin Chiu that Jiu Fei and Fan Mun was telling the truth. Jin Chiu later located Kung Sin Chuk who was seriously injured from his fall.

Jin Chiu then approached the Hap family to capture Wu Kong, who refused to follow them to see Justice Pao. Wu Kong then battles with Jin Chiu, who then discovered that he was the masked man who had tried to take Jiu Fei's life. Hap Jong Ming and Wu Kong then agreed to see Justice Pao for questioning. Wu Kong was charged with the attempted murder of Kung Sin Chuk, which he refused to admit to until Kung Sin Chuk arrived. Justice Pao then wanted to take Hap Hau Yee into questioning for his involvement. At this point Wu Kong took all the blame and killed himself in an attempt to prevent the truth from being uncovered.

Hap Jong Ming then took out his anger on Jiu Fei and went to see the King, about taking Jiu Fei in for questioning himself. Justice Pao then put his job and life on the line to uncover the truth. The King then gave Justice Pao three days to uncover the truth. Jin Chiu then released Jiu Fei and persuaded him to think of a way to find the real Chin Ting Ku Pang. Jin Chiu then takes the blame and is temporary locked up. Justice Pao then took his men to take Hap Hau Yee into questioning but he was not there. Jiu Fei had captured Hap Hau Yee and wrote a note to Hap Jong Ming asking him to hand over the real Chin Tin Ku Pang. Hap Jong Ming managed to rescue his son, who had been poisoned by Fan Mun. Hap Jong Ming then used the Chin Tin Ku Pang to cure his son. by doing this he had fallen into Jin Chiu and Jiu Fei's trick. Justice Pao and the King then surrounded them.

Hap Jong Ming then tried to blackmail the King with the Chin Tin Ku Pang. Fan Mun then put her life on the line and battled with Hap Jong Ming and reclaimed the Chin Tin Ku Pang, and presented it to Justice Pao. Hap Jong Ming then committed suicide. Hap Hau Yee was then taken in and charged for the death of his wife. He still refused to change his ways, putting the blame on his farther at first for the death. He then went on to blame his mother for not teaching him properly and requested that Justice Pao kill his mother instead. His mother made a desperate appeal to Justice Pao not kill her son but Justice Pao refused and reminded her the every one has family. Even the dead wife of his son has family. Hap Hau Yee then cursed his mother for being useless. At that point Justice Pao had, had enough and ordered his death.

After recovering from her illness the Queen decided to lend the Chin Tin Ku Pang, to Kung Sin Chuk so he could cure Fan Mun. The death charges facing Jiu Fei and Fan Mun was then dropped by Justice Pao. Firstly Fan Mun faced the death penalty for past crimes of stealing and killing. But she helped to cure the Queen by taking possession of the Chin Tin Ku Pang, and she has also changed her ways. Secondly Jiu Fei faced the death penalty for stealing but, helped in recovering the real Chin Tin Ku Pang. Instead they were sent to Sai Ha to serve out their sentence. Like a good friend Jin Chiu saw them off to Sai Ha.

  • Case 3

There is a parade through the streets to celebrate the return of Yeung Ka Bo who topped the exams and is given the title of "Jong Yin Long", by the King. Amongst the crowd an old mother and her son watches on proudly. Once Yeung Ka Bo steps out of the carriage the old mother is so happy that it brings a tear to her eye. Ah Kip the son of the old woman decides to take her away from the crowd as Yeung Ka Bo enters to see Justice Pao. Today is a proud day for Justice Pao because Yeung Ka Bo is one of his law students. Yeung Ka Bo arrives to request Justice Pao's assistance in investigating the person responsible for the fire that killed his farther 20 years ago. The blame has always been put on, his farther's second wife Do Wai Teng, who has been missing ever since. Upon hearing this Justice Pao orders Jin Chiu and Kung Sin Chuk to investigate the files dealing with that case.

Yeung Ka Bo then makes his journey back home where the King sends his household a message and a sign to hang on their house. The old mother and her son Ah Kip is amongst the crowd still. The old mothers seems so proud of Yeung Ka Bo. The crowd begin to praise Misses Yeung for having such an intelligent on. These words seem to upset the old mother a little as Ah Kip persuades her from leaving the crowd. Jiu Wong Yer also visits Yeung Ka Bo and offers the hand of his daughter, Wah Yuk, to Yeung Ka Bo. They have been lovers since childhood so Yeung Ka Bo is very pleased.

The next day Yeung Ka Bo goes to visit Princess Wah Yuk, his future mistress. She was painting pictures of her To Fai garden when Yeung Ka Bo arrived and showed off his kung fu skills. Yeung Ka Bo returns in the evening to make promises infront of his dad's plark to uncover the truth behind the fire that killed him 20 years ago. His mother, Misses Yeung hears this and looks very nervous upon hearing this. Yeung Ka Bo decides to build a house on top at the same place that his farther use to live before the fire destroyed it. Ah Kip and his mother would become hard laborers to construct the house so they could see him everyday. At the work site the old mother finds an old burnt insignia, and starts to cry. Ah Kip rushes in to comfort her.

Later Yeung Ka Bo arrives with refreshments for the workers. The old mother does not have anything that he brings, so Yeung Ka Bo is curious and follows the old woman. Yeung Ka Bo then realized that she's brought her own cakes to eat. The cakes look very familiar and Yeung Ka Bo requests to try some of the old ladies cakes. He tasted the cakes and told the old lady that he not tasted something like that since 20 years ago. The old lady then offered to those cakes for him everyday. Meanwhile Kung Sin Chuk, brought out the old files and suspects that Do Wai Teng and Siu Kiu are responsible for the fire 20 years ago. However they have been missing since that date. Justice Pao then instructs Jin Chiu to locate these two people if possible.

The old lady spent all night making a variety of cakes for Yeung Ka Bo to eat. In the morning she rushed to work early to give them to Yeung Ka Bo. Ah Kip followed her and realized that she had not slept all night. Along the way they spot Princess Wah Yuk and Yeung Ka Bo together by the mountainside. The old mother stops to ease drop in on the conversation. Wah Yuk hands over a piece of Jade over to Yeung Ka Bo as a pre-marriage gift. Meanwhile Justice Pao visits Misses Yeung to discuss the fire 20 years ago in the hope of getting some clues. The blame is put back on Do Wai Teng, by Misses Yeung.

At work the old mother gives Yeung Ka Bo the cakes that she made for him. At this point Misses Yeung spots her and requests that they meet at an old mill in the evening. Yeung Ka Bo sees them secretly talking and becomes curious. Misses Yeung's brother, Cheng Hong, persuades her to frame Do Wai Teng that evening. When they meet it is revealed that the old mother is Do Wai Teng, Yeung Ka Bo's real mother. It was also revealed that Cheng Hong had been the one who set the fire, which killed their husband. The blame for the fire was then put on Do Wai Teng, so that Misses Wong would inherit all that Mr. Yeung owned. Misses Wong wanted to get rid of Do Wai Teng because her son had died at birth whilst Do Wai Teng gave birth to a healthy son. Mr. Yeung had also grown to love Do Wai Teng more than her. Therefore Misses Yeung claimed Yeung Ka Bo as her son and opened a forum so that everyone in town thought that it was her real son.

It was also revealed how Misses Yeung treated, Yeung Ka Bo, when he was ill. She attempted to drive both Do Wai Teng and Yeung Ka Bo out of the house. Yeung Ka Bo then called Do Wai Teng mother because she treats him the best. Upon hearing this Misses Yeung attempted to kill do Wai Teng. Her brother then set the fire, which killed Mr. Yeung. Siu Kiu, Do Wai Teng's servant uncovered their plans and told Do Wai Teng who managed to escape. Yeung Ka Bo stepped out from behind the statue of Buddha upon hearing this, and called Do Wai Teng mother. At once Misses Yeung and Do Wai Teng clash. Yeung Ka Bo attempted to help his real mother and pushed Misses Yeung away. She lost her balance and hit the statute of Buddha. A sword then fell from the statute, which killed Misses Yeung.

Cheng Hong arrived with some policemen to capture Do Wai Teng. Yeung Ka Bo returns home and attempts to burn his clothes, which have been stained with Misses Yeung's blood. Cheng Hong discovers this and grabs possession of the clothes to blackmail Yeung Ka Bo, from revealing that he started the fire that killed Mr. Yeung, 20 years ago. In return Cheng Hong offered to keep secret Yeung Ka Bo's involvement in his sister's death. In the morning Justice Pao questions both Do Wai Teng and Cheng Hong over the death of Misses Yeung. Justice Pao then realized something was odd as Do Wai Teng admitted to the charge of setting the fire and murder too easily. Also Justice Pao noticed that Do Wai Teng's hands where not stained with blood. Another cause of concern was that Yeung Ka Bo was not present during the trail. Justice Pao then decided to lock up Do Wai Teng for further questioning and went to visit Yeung Ka Bo. Yeung Ka Bo wanted to tell Justice Pao the truth but held back, because he wanted to retain his social standing as he was due to marry the Princess Wah Yuk. Cheng Hong then cut in to prevent Justice Pao from finding out the truth.

Upon hearing that his mother had been captured Ah Kip visits the temple in an attempt to find evidence to clear her name. He manages to find a piece of jade that belonged to Yeung Ka Bo, and was now certain that his mother was innocent. He takes the piece of jade and visits, Do Wai Teng. In order to prevent Yeung Ka Bo, from being captured by Justice Pao, Do Wai Teng, informs Ah Kip to throw away the evidence and to return to the country. She herself would take the blame for killing Misses Yeung. Ah Kip was against the decision but decided to listen to his mother and left. Meanwhile in a meeting, Jin Chiu, establishes that a third person must have been at the mill on the night of the murder. Justice Pao, Kung Sin Chuk, and Jin Chiu all come to the agreement that Do Wai Teng was simply taking the blame for someone else. When Cheung Lo returned to inform Justice Pao that Do Wai Teng was visited by her foster son, Do Yan Kip, he became the suspect. Jin Chiu was ordered to locate Do Yan Kip.

In the morning Lord Jiu, paid Justice Pao a visit in order to speed up the resolution of the case. Yeung Ka Bo realized that he had lost the piece of jade and went to the mill to search for it. He did not find it and thought that Justice Pao must have it and went to visit Justice Pao. Upon visiting Justice Pao, Yeung Ka Bo, was going to tell Justice Pao the truth until Lord Jiu reminded him of the importance of his current social position. In the evening Wong Chiu returns with information that Do Wai Teng is a very kind person, incapable of murdering another human being. Jin Chiu also made some investigations of his own. He too found that Do Wai Teng was seen as a very kind hearted person. He also found a plark with the name of Master Yeung, at Do Wai Teng's house. With this in mind, Justice Pao, certain that Do Wai Teng was not responsible for the murder of Misses Yeung, and for lighting the fire 20 years ago which killed Master Yeung. They now Misses Yeung, who had much to gain. Jin Chiu was then sent to investigate into the background of Do Wai Teng and Misses Yeung. The results of the investigation confirmed Justice Pao's theory. Justice Pao thought it strange that Do Wai Teng treated Yeung Ka Bo much better than his real mother Misses Yeung. Infact it was also odd that Do Wai Teng's baby died the same night that Misses Yeung's baby was born. Jin Chiu was sent to investigate the cause behind this incident.

Jin Chiu went to visit Doctor Tong, who was murdered before his arrival. From his records Jin Chiu discovered that Yeung Ka Bo was infact Do Wai Teng's son, and not Misses Yeung's son. In order to cover the truth Cheung Hong, tells Yeung Ka Bo to track down and kill Do Wai Teng's servant Siu Gin. Justice Pao realized that Siu Gin was going to be the next target and requested that Do Wai Teng reveals her location so that Jin Chiu could save her. Do Yan Kip, had waited for twelve days for Siu Gin to arrive so she could clear his mother's name. Siu Gin found out that Doctor Tong had been murdered. When Ah Kip informed her that Yeung Ka Bo was at the mill, she began to get worried. She told Ah Kip everything about the past between Misses Yeung and Do Wai Teng. Ah Kip then handed Ah Kip the piece of jade and they made a run for it. At once Yeung Ka Bo tracked Ah Kip and Do Wai Teng down. Whilst Ah Kip went to fetch some water, Siu Gin was killed, by Yeung Ka Bo and the piece of jade was lost. Jin Chiu and Cheung Lo then took Do Yan Kip in for questioning. During the questioning Ah Kip accused Yeung Ka Bo of killing Doctor Tong, and Siu Gin to cover his real identity. Justice Pao believed Ah Kip but without evidence it was hard to prove that Yeung Ka Bo was the murderer. Upon this Justice Pao goes to visit Yeung Ka Bo giving one final chance to reveal the truth. Instead Yeung Ka Bo attempts to cover everything up when Justice Pao visited him.

Justice Pao then decided to release Ah Kip in order to cause some confusion and locate the piece of jade, which places Yeung Ka Bo at the murder scene. Lord Jiu visited Justice Pao once more unhappy with the progression of the case. He went to see the king with Justice Pao. The king put his trust on Justice Pao and gave him full jurisdiction over the case. Later Ah Kip arrives back looking for Justice Pao with the piece of jade. Cheung Hong spots Ah Kip and informs Yeung Ka Bo, ordering him to kill Ah Kip. At once Yeung Ka Bo seeks out Ah Kip and attempts to murder him. By doing so he had fallen into Justice Pao's hands. Jin Chiu arrived and battled with Yeung Ka Bo. He removed Yeung Ka Bo's facemask as Justice Pao emerged from behind the bushes with a disappointed look on his face. At once Yeung Ka Bo captured Ah Kip and made a run for it. Ah Kip was released later, and went to inform Do Wai Teng of what had happened. Do Wai Teng became distressed that Yeung Ka Bo had killed two innocent lives.

Yeung Ka Bo was now on the run. Cheung Hong met Yeung Ka Bo at the mill, and attempted to kill him personally. He hired a hitman, Lee Chiu, to pursue Yeung Ka Bo who managed to escape. Jin Chiu then caught Cheung Hong trying to burn Yeung Ka Bo's stained clothes. He also located the lost treasure as well as captured Lee Chiu. In the morning Cheung Hong was taken in for questioning. Justice Pao then freed Do Wai Teng for the charge of murdering Misses Wong and for the accusation of setting the fire 20 years ago. Do Ah Kip was rewarded by Justice Pao who gave him 100 taels for providing assistance to solve the case. Cheung Hong had his head removed for master minding the fire and master minding the murders carried out by Yeung Ka Bo. Lord Jiu was then informed by Justice Pao that Yeung Ka Bo was now wanted for murder. He returned and wanted to capture Yeung Ka Bo who was visiting Wah Yuk for the last time. Wah Juk made a move to commit suicide, which allowed Yeung Ka Bo to escape. He went to hide in the mountains. Do Wai Teng managed to locate Yeung Ka Bo in the mountains. At first Yeung Ka Bo put the blame on his mother Do Wai Teng for all his troubles. After passing out, Yeung Ka Bo realized that he was wrong to blame his mother. Despite being sick, Do Wai Teng, did everything to ensure that Yeung Ka Bo recovered from his injuries.

Having been healed Do Wai Teng located Wah Juk who was living a monastery after refusing to marry someone else. With the help of Do Wai Kip, they planned to escape with Yeung Ka Bo. Having nearly escaped Do Wai Teng becomes sick and passes out. Instead of escaping Yeung Ka Bo turned around to locate a place so that he could cure Do Wai Teng. Upon doing this he showed that he had changed his ways. Despite this when Justice Pao located Yeung Ka Bo was taken away to be punished for his crimes despite the request of Ah Kip and Wah Yuk. In snowed heavily on the day of his execution. Despite being ill, Do Wai Teng arrived to spend some final moments with her son and baked him his favorite cakes. With a flick of his wrist, Justice Pao, threw the wooden execution order on the floor. Wong Chiu then pressed down on the blade and removed Yeung Ka Bo's head. Once the crowd had gone, Ah Kip, Do Wai Teng and Wah Yuk remained behind to cover Yeung Ka Bo's body.

  • Case 4

Dung Tai Si takes his daughter and son in law, Phu Lo Tin, to Shaolin to visit the monks. As Phu Lo Tin enters the temple, a young girl watches and sneaks into the temple. She gets into the kitchen and attempts to poison the tea. Unfortunately the bamboo container was empty. Upon discovering this the girl made an attempt to escape and was successful. Meanwhile a blind boy accidentally drops a bamboo container into the well whilst attempting to capture an insect. Later all the villagers of Sak Ka Chin drink the water in the well and becomes ill. The girl, Yip Siu Ching, arrives back at Sak Ka Chin after her unsuccessful attempt at killing Phu Lo Tin. She finds her brother, sick with the poison. Many days later Justice Pao arrived and took the ill villagers back to heal. Yip Siu Ching elected to travel with Justice Pao to look after her blind brother. Jin Chiu went around the village to investigate the possible cause. Together with Kung Sin Chuk, Jin Chiu, suspected that the well had been poisoned. Jin Chiu then located the bamboo container at the bottom, and took it as evidence.

Doctor Phu Lo Tin was requested to help Justice Pao, find a cure to the poison. Although Phu Lo Tin knew the cause of the poison, he stated that there was no cure for it. He informed Justice Pao that the 29 villagers had only 8 days left to live. The King then seeks the advice of Lord 8, Dung Tai Si, Justice Pao and Phu Lo Tin. At once Dung Tai Si, attempts to create trouble for Justice Pao. The King listens carefully to Dung Tai Si, and Justice Pao is given eight days to solve the case. Dung Tai Si has always hated Justice Pao, and attempted to get him into trouble. Justice Pao promised the King that he would solve the case in 8 days. In order to solve the case Justice Pao knew that he needed to find the motive behind poisoning the well. Suddenly he finds a letter on his desk gives away some clues, which relates to a case 10 years ago. Ten years ago, the best doctor, Yip Chi Chow was beheaded for poisoning Lord Wai. The letter also reveals that Phu Lo Tin was a former student of doctor Yip Chi Chow.

Justice Pao decided to visit Phu Lo Tin in the morning to ask about the case ten years ago. Phu Lo Tin put the blame on Yip Chi Chow, and stated that he knew nothing about the death of Lord Wai. After Justice Pao had gone, Phu Lo Tin, sent his junior classmate Mar Kwai Cheung, to cover up his trails. Later Jin Chiu was investigating the owner of the bamboo stick when the blind boy recognized that it was his sister's, Yip Siu Ching, by touching it. Justice Pao immediately went to see Yip Siu Ching, who blew her cover by revealing the amount of days the villagers had left to live. In the evening with the help of Kung Sin Chuk, Justice Pao was able to match the drawing on the bamboo stick to the writing on the letter, which contained the poetry. At once they suspected Yip Siu Ching. Jin Chiu was sent to investigate Yip Siu Ching's real identity. Jin Chiu followed Yip Siu Ching to an old medicine hut, which contained a wooden plark with Yip Chi Chow's name written on it. At once Jin Chiu realized that Yip Siu Ching was Yip Chi Chow's daughter Yip So So.

Phu Lo Tin had also found the old medicine hut and he too realized that Yip So So was still alive. He took the bamboo stick and sent Mar Kwai Cheung to kill Yip So So. The masked Mar Kwai Cheung captures the blind boy as hostage. Justice Pao then trades places with the blind boy to allow Mar Kwai Cheung to escape and prevent the boy from being hurt. Jin Chiu arrived back in time to save Justice Pao from Mar Kwai Cheung after a sort battle. Mar Kwai Cheung managed to escape however. Yip So So then revealed her real identity to Justice Pao and explained how the villagers were accidentally poisoned. She also admitted to the fact that she had written the letter. Yip So So then went on to explain the motive behind all the trouble that she had caused. Ten years ago, her farther Yip Chi Chow formulated a mixture called, Hit Chung Heung, which would restore a human being to full health regardless of the illness. The mixture combined two very deadly poisons, one of which was very expensive and hard to obtain. Phu Lo Tin, suggested that they sell the mixture at a fortune. Yip Chi Chow objected to Phu Lo Tin's ideas. Later Yip Chi Chow was invited into the place to heal Lord Wai, a great war general.

During his attempt to heal Lord Wai, Phu Lo Tin, added poison to the medicine which was given to Lord Wai. When Lord Wai died, Yip Chi Chow, was accused of plotting to murder him. Phu Lo Tin framed his master by writing a letter accusing him of collaborating with the Kithan government. Thus Yip Chi Chow was sentence to death and labeled a traitor. Months later Phu Lo Tin, killed his own wife Yip Chun Fai, who stumbled across his evil plans of stealing Yip Chi Chow's formula for creating the mixture of Hit Chung Heung. Before dying Yip Chun Fai, handed the formula over to Yip So So and made her promise to avenge her death and clear her farther's name. Yip So So was forced to take care of her brother when her mother died in a cyclone. Ever since she had been plotting to take revenge on Phu Lo Tin. In order to prove her farther's innocence, she wanted to poison Phu Lo Tin, which would force him into using the Hit Chung Heung mixture to cure himself. Based on Yip So So's personality, Justice Pao believed her story. However without evidence it would be hard to prove that Phu Lo Tin was infact an evil man.

Justice Pao then sent Wong Chiu and Mar Hon to follow Phu Lo Tin around. In order to get Justice Pao off his back Phu Lo Tin decided to sent Mar Kwai Cheung to poison the water to make more people sick. The King then ordered Justice Pao to solve the case quickly. Phu Lo Tin then hid the formula of Hit Chung Heung in a statute to of Buddha which he gave to Lord 8 as a birthday present. Meanwhile Jin Chiu, Wong Chiu, Mar Hon, Cheung Lo and Jiu Fung all spent the day to dig up Yip Chun Fai's body, as evidence against Phu Lo Tin. Under pressure to solve the case quickly Jin Chiu, rushed forward and attempted to dig up Lord Wai's grave without young Lord Wai's permission. Jin Chiu was captured but decided to take all of the punishment himself. Young Lord Wai was furious and requested that Jin Chiu be serverly punished. Justice Pao then reveals to the King that he suspects Doctor Phu Lo Tin as for the crime of killing old Lord Wai 10 years ago. Dung Tai Si and young Lord Wai put in good words for Phu Lo Tin, whilst Lord 8 tried to help Justice Pao. Before taking action the King demanded that Justice Pao show him the evidence which would prove his case.

Mar Kwai Cheung was sent to destroy the evidence and managed to sink the ship carrying Yip Chun Fai's body. When the King received news that the evidence had been destroyed he was not pleased. At the request of Lord Wai, Dung Tai Si and Phu Lo Tin, Jin Chiu was striped of his rank and punished physically for attempting to dig up old Lord Wai's body. In order to solve the case Justice Pao knew that he had to locate the mixture of Hit Chung Heung. Later Yip So So went to find Phu Lo Tin by herself and attempted to poison him once more. She was unsuccessful but was rescued by Jin Chiu who was hit by one of the poison needles meant for Phu Lo Tin. Jin Chiu immediately became ill. Phu Lo Tin took the weapon and went to see the King. In order to solve the case Cheung Lo, Jiu Fu, Wong Chiu, and Mar Hon helped to restore Jin Chiu's inner power so he could attempt to find old Lord Wai's body once more. The four of them became poisoned also. With his inner power restored, Jin Chiu, successfully took old Lord Chun's body back to Kung Sin Chuk who operated on the body. He discovered the poison used to kill old Lord Chun. Young Lord Wai then sent his soldiers and captured Jin Chiu, Kung Sin Chuk, Wong Chiu, Mar Hon, Cheung Lo and Jiu Fu.

The King was not pleased and Justice Pao was summoned to the royal court. Once again Jin Chiu took the full blame. This time they are all throne into the dungeon. Justice Pao then pleaded with the King to give him full jurisdiction over the case. At first the King did not agree until Justice Pao, put his job on the line. The King then granted Justice Pao a further 3 days to solve the case with the help of Lord 8, who offered the King to protect old Lord Wai's body which had been operated on in order to prevent others from tampering with the evidence. In the final moments Justice Pao decided to visit Jin Chiu and Kung Sin Chuk to seek their advice. Justice Pao then suspected that the mixture of Hit Chung Heung was hidden in the statute that was given to Lord 8 by Phu Lo Tin. The others agreed. Justice Pao then went to see Lord 8 who was also visited by Phu Lo Tin. Upon Justice Pao's request Lord 8 split the statute in half, but they did not find the mixture. Phu Lo Tin laughed at Justice Pao and demanded an apology. Justice Pao then realized that the mixture must have been hidden in the base of the statute. Sure enough he found the mixture in the base of the statute after splitting it in half with his sword. Phu Lo Tin was then placed under arrest. In the evening a Mar Kwai Cheung attempted to kill Justice Pao, who was saved by Jin Chiu, who had been set free by Lord 8. Without other evidence, Justice Pao was forced to set Phu Lo Tin free.

With the mixture of Hit Chung Heung, Justice Pao was able to heal the villagers as well as Jin Chiu, Wong Chiu, Mar Hon, Cheung Lo, and Jiu Fu. The mixture was also used to slowly heal the blind boys eyes. In order prove her case Justice Pao needed to locate Yip Chun Fai's body. By some twist of fate, Yip So So managed to locate the body of Yip Chun Fai, which had been lost at sea. Kung Sin Chuk operated on the body and discovered that she had been killed by the same poison, which killed Lord Wai. With this evidence, and the word of Mar Kwai Cheung, Phu Lo Tin had could not talk his way out of trouble. In a last stitched effort Phu Lo Tin stated that Yip So So also deserved to die as much as he did because she caused the death three innocent lives when she poisoned the well. Justice Pao stated that the case between Yip So So and Phu Lo Tin was different. Yip So So immediately drank some poison allowing Justice Pao, to kill Phu Lo Tin immediately. Phu Lo Tin then captured his own pregnant wife and attempted to escape. Jin Chiu saved Dung Tai Si's daughter who was now in labor. Justice Pao then gave the mixture to Yip So So so she could help deliver the baby.

Upon doing this act Yip So So was set free, after she heals those who have become ill through her mistake by Justice Pao. Mar Kwai Cheung was sentenced to 10 years of in the dungeon for taking part in the cover up. Phu Lo Tin was sentenced to death. Despite the pleas of Dung Tai Si, and Yip So So, Phu Lo Tin was beheaded. Before doing so Justice Pao reminded Dung Tai Si that many innocent lives were lost because of Phu Lo Tin. Despite the fact that he saved many lives later did not matter because he did so only for fame and fortune.

  • Case 5

Old general Chai King Mo, teaches his son, Chai So Yip the glory and essence of war. Chai King Mo shows him the pictures of General Kwan explaining his greatness, and attempts to instill these same values in his son. Chai So Yip closes his eyes and imagines that he is in the battlefield facing the same situations that General Kwan would have faced. Suddenly Chai King Mo picks up a spear and demonstrates some fighting stances. A moment later he collapses and realizes that he is now old. Chai So Yip rushes to pick help his farther back on his feet, who is about to celebrate his birthday. Chai So Yip then visits a Taoist school to obtain some medicine for his farther. At the Taoist school, Yuk Jun Ji, a female student is practicing her sword fighting skills. Chai So Yip stands back and watches, admiring Yuk Jun Ji's fighting skills. As she finishes her final moves, Chai So Yip, walks forward and acknowledges Yuk Jun Ji's fighting skills by clapping. Yuk Jun Ji then offered to give her sword to Chai So Yip whom was marveling over its perfection. Chai So Yip declined the offer stating that the sword should stay with someone whom had brilliant sword fighting skills. Upon saying this Chai So Yip leaves as Yuk Jun Ji sighs.

Later during the day Jin Chiu, Cheung Lo and Jiu Fu arrive to send a gift from Justice Pao to old general Chai King Mo, a day before his birthday. Jin Chiu handed over the gift, which was a jade statute of General Kwan. Chai King Mo had hired a group of actors to perform on his birthday but they had not yet arrived. Chai So Yip decided to find out the cause of the problem after acknowledging Jin Chiu. Outside the band of actors had arrived late, but were still missing the leading actor Master Wong. Moments later he arrives but fights with another actor. Chai So Yip steps in to sort out the trouble. As he leaves Master Wong looks at the house and thinks up a devious plan. In the evening Yuk Jun Ji arrives and decides to give Chai So Yip a piece of jade to wish him luck on becoming a general. Chai So Yip thanks Yuk Jun Ji for the gift and heads back to bed. As she was leaving Yuk Jun Ji noticed that Master Wong and Mar Yuk Leung were talking suspiciously in the bush.

The next day Justice Pao arrived to wish his old friend, Chai King Mo, a very happy birthday. Soon Dung Tai Si and his nephew, Wai Gat, also arrive to wish Chai King Mo a happy birthday much to everyone's surprise. At once Dung Tai Si attempts to force Chai King Mo into not letting Chai So Yip compete against his nephew Wai Gat for the position of general. Dung Tai Si made many threats but Chai King Mo handled the situation well. Later Lord 8 would arrive to great Chai King Mo. At once Wai Gat, tries some ass kissing tactics in the hope that Lord 8 would personally pick him for the position of general. Lord 8 was unmoved by Dung Tai Si, and Wai Gat's tactics. At once he announced that Chai So Yip would be his general and help lead his troops in the war. Upon hearing this Dung Tai Si and Wai Gat makes a angry exit. Moments later the play begins. During the play Chai King Mo, receives a letter and has a heart attack and passes out. Justice Pao noticed that the letter had caused Chai King Mo some grief and made moves to pick it up. A servant came by and picked up the letter before Justice Pao could touch it. The next day Master Wong's body was found outside Chai King Mo's house.

Days later the King summoned Justice Pao, and Lord 8 to the palace. Dung Tai Si complained that it was unfair that Lord 8 selected Chai So Yip for the position of General instead of his nephew Wai Gat. Dung Tai Si suggested that the position should be selected on the basis of who won a number of contests. The King agreed and decided to judge the contest after Dung Tai Si refused to have Justice Pao judge it. The King also ordered Justice Pao to investigate the illness of Chai King Mo and the related death of Master Wong. Jin Chiu and the others were sent to investigate the mysterious death of Master Wong. Jin Chiu investigated the house of the actor who had fought with Master Wong days earlier. Jin Chiu returned with few clues, but Justice Pao suspected that the letter had been sent to blackmail, Chai King Mo. Next Justice Pao investigated the acting school of Master Wong. There he realized an old actor's trick of creating facemasks. Justice Pao then obtain an order to open the coffin of Master Wong. Jin Chiu removed the facemask and discovered that the body belonged to the actor that Master Wong, fought days earlier. Master Wong now became a suspect to the blackmail letter.

When Master Wong discovers that Justice Pao has uncovered his plan, he became frighten. But he was still determined to get his money. He had arranged to meet with Chai King Mo's wife to collect the money the next day. However with Jin Chiu and the others on a stake out mission, the money could not be exchanged from Chai King Mo's wife to Master Wong. Upset that he did not receive the money Master Wong wanted to reveal the secret to Dung Tai Si in exchange for some money. Meanwhile Chai So Yip and Wai Gat were competing against each other in a number of tests to determine who would be named as general to lead the troops against forces from Sai Ha. Chai So Yip and Wai Gat were both as accurate with the arrow. Chai So Yip defeated Wai Gat in a battle with spears. Finally Chai So Yip was better than Wai Gat on the subject of war tactics. The King, Lord 8 and Justice Pao were all impressed with Chai So Yip's abilities. He would be named as the general the following days. Dung Tai Si returned home a disappointed man along with Wai Gat until, Master Wong informed them of a dark secret that Chai So Yip was not Chai King Mo's son. In light of this new information, Dung Tai Si, approached Chai King Mo attempting to blackmail him into forcing Chai So Yip to concede the position to Wai Gat. Dung Tai Si then gave Chai King Mo three days to think it over.

Chai King Mo then revealed the truth to Chai So Yip. Twenty Six years ago, the Chai family had a baby who did shortly after birth. Mar Yuk Leung who was with the family had twins. In a kind gesture Mar Yuk Leung decided to let the Chai family raise the eldest twin as their own son. Mar Yuk Leung then married Master Yung. Chai So Yip did not take it too well, because it meant that he would loose his opportunity at fame and fortune. The next day Chai So Yip went to locate Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung, and spent time with them. Chai So Yip saw his brother Yung Yee, who was mentally disabled and burnt from a fire twenty years ago. Finally Chai So Yip decided that he must kill his own parents in order to prevent others from finding out the truth about his own identity. At first Chai So Yip wanted to push Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung down the mountain. He was unable to go through with it however and ended up saving their lives. Yuk Jun Ji knew that Chai So Yip wanted to kill his own parents but did not know why. Even then Yuk Jun Ji loved Chai So Yip too much to expose him. Instead she helped him keep things a secret. Upon arriving home, Chai So Yip overheard Dung Tai Si making another threat to Chai King Mo. In the evening Chai So Yip pondered over the correct action to take. He wanted to help the Chai family and himself. Finally he decided on hiding the truth, which meant he had to kill Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung.

Chai So Yip went and killed Master Yung and then Mar Yuk Leung, who managed to remove his face mask. She was shocked that her own son wanted to kill her. Chai So Yip revealed that he had no other choice. Before dying Mar Yuk Leung revealed that Master Wong was Chai So Yip's real farther. This did not concern Chai So Yip at first because he thought Master Wong was dead. He then proceeded to kill his own brother Yung Yee but Yuk Jun Ji arrived to prevent him from doing so. She asked Chai So Yip to spare his own brother who was mentally disabled. Chai So Yip agreed and he went home to inform Chai King Mo of what he had done. Chai King Mo felt sadden that Chai So Yip had too kill his own parents, but at the same time thanked him for helping the Chai family keep their face.

When Dung Tai Si discovered that Master Yung, and Mar Yuk Leung had been killed, he wanted to kill Master Wong and his partner, Lee Sau Gin, to protect himself against Justice Pao. Master Wong then revealed that he was actually Chai So Yip's real farther. Dung Tai Si allowed Master Wong to leave but wanted him to write a letter explaining everything as evidence. Master Wong suspected that he would be murdered upon completing the letter. Therefore he agreed to write the letter on the condition that Dung Tai Si release his partner Lee Sau Gin. Dung Tai Si agreed. When Justice Pao discovered that Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung was dead, he suspected foul play by the Chai family. Jiu Chiu uncovered the method in which Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung was killed. He was certain that it was done by someone with top kung fu. He also pieced some facts together, like Master Wong is found staying at Dung Tai Si's place, and Dung Tai Si is seen regularly visiting Chai King Mo. Justice Pao put one and one together and attempted to set a trap which would have all guilty parties caught red handed. He visited Chai King Mo and informed him that Master Wong was still alive, living at Dung Tai Si's house.

Justice Pao then wanted take a look around the house of the Chai family, and asked Yuk Jun Ji to show him around. Justice Pao was hopping to obtain clues from her, but Yuk Jun Ji did not reveal anything. She did however make a serious mistake. She suspected that Justice Pao was investigating Chai So Yip for the murder of Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung, and defended Chai So Yip when being questioned. Justice Pao was surprised by her actions, but now suspected Chai So Yip. Jin Chiu then visited Chai So Yip informing him that Master Wong was still alive and was seen with Dung Tai Si. Jin Chiu was trying to bait Chai So Yip into action and then catch him red handed. Yuk Jun Ji, listened to the conversation and knew that it was a trick. Yuk Jun Ji loved Chai So Yip so deeply that she went to kill Master Wong by herself. Master Wong was heavily guarded by four men with top kung fu. Despite this Yuk Jun Ji was able to kill Master Wong. Yuk Jun Ji returned with the good news for Chai So Yip, presented him with her sword and wished Chai So Yip good luck in the war before leaving. Now that Master Wong was dead, Wai Gat, attempted to kill Lee Sau Gin who jumped over the edge of a cliff. Dung Tai Si thought that he had gotten rid of all evidence that would incriminate him and worked on his next plan of exposing Chai King Mo.

Later Chai So Yip, and Lord 8 led the Sung army off to war against forces from Sai Ha. Yuk Jun Ji returned to the monastery with her master who was bitterly disappointed by her actions. Justice Pao then received a mystery letter, which revealed that Chai So Yip was not Chai King Mo's son, and the reasons behind the murder. He was then summoned to see the King because Dung Tai Si also received the same letter. Now that the King had read the letter he informed Justice Pao to investigate whether it was true. Justice Pao visited Chai King Mo with the letter, but he denied everything but was acting suspiciously by pretending to be ill. Kung Sin Chuk and Jin Chiu investigated an old house which once belonged to Master Wong and Mar Yuk Leung. An old servant then informed them of some past events, which took place. She told them about a fire, which occurred 20 years ago, which burnt Yung Yee's face and made him mentally disabled. Jin Chiu and Kung Sin Chuk were surprised to discover that servant referred to Yung Yee as Master Yung's second child. They thought that the Yung family had only one child. The servant cleared this misunderstanding by informing them that Mar Yuk Leung had slept with Master Wong and had twins. It now appeared certain that what was said in the letter was correct. Kung Sin Chuk and Jin Chiu then visited Yung Yee, and took him back to see Justice Pao.

Kung Sin Chuk then made too drawings. One on Chai So Yip and the other on Yung Yee. It was apparent that they look very similar, and Kung Sin Chuk suspected that they were indeed brothers. Later Chai King Mo hears news that Chai So Yip has led his army and defeated forces from Sai Ha and was due to return. One the same day he received news that Justice Pao had located Yung Yee. Chai King Mo then became worried and knew that Justice Pao was close to finding the truth. He then decided to protect Chai So Yip, and went to see the King. He took the blame for killing Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung. He also told the King that Chai So Yip was the child that he had with Mar Yuk Leung. The King was concerned with this information and summoned Justice Pao to see him. The King ordered Justice Pao to investigate whether the claims made by Chai King Mo was true. The King also informed Justice Pao that Dung Tai Si would help him in the investigation. After questioning Chai King Mo, Justice Pao knew that he was lying. When Yung Yee regained his memory and found a book with a list of names, and birthrates at the old Yung family house all was clear. Mar Yuk Leung had a pair of twins, and one of them was Chai So Yip. Justice Pao had evidence to suggest that Chai King Mo was not responsible for the murder of Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung.

Later Chai So Yip returned from war as a hero. The King presented him with a gold spear for his efforts in the war. Upon returning home Chai So Yip was faced with the fearless seven. Justice Pao announced that he was under arrest for the murder of Master Yung and Mar Yuk Leung. Chai So Yip could not believe his luck and agreed to go in for questioning. Outside the court room, Yuk Jun Ji arrived and rescued Chai So Yip. Yuk Jun Ji wanted Chai So Yip to run away and live a normal life with her. Chai So Yip refused because he did not want to live such a life and at the same time did not want Chai King Mo to suffer for his actions. In the evening Yuk Jun Ji revealed her true feelings for Chai So Yip by leaving the Taoist school. Chai So Yip revealed that he had always loved Yuk Jun Ji and the spent the night at the old temple. In the morning they attempted to run away but Jin Chiu found them. He requested that Chai So Yip return immediately to see Justice Pao. At once Yuk Jun Ji charged and fought with Jin Chiu. During the fight Chai So Yip stopped them and agreed to return to see Justice Pao. He admitted to killing his own parents, but told Justice Pao that he was forced to take such actions to protect the Chai family from being blackmailed by Dung Tai Si.

Justice Pao knew that Chai So Yip was a good person and went to see the King to have mercy on him. Lord 8 agreed and wanted to King to spare Chai So Yip as well. But Dung Tai Si informed the King that he must punish Chai So Yip according to the traditional laws laid down by the King's ancestors. The King agreed with Dung Tai Si, but also sided with Justice Pao by letting the Chai family off the hook without punishment. Justice Pao was forced to carry out the King's orders the next day and punish Chai So Yip. During the final questioning session, Yuk Jun Ji, arrived to see Chai So Yip. She had taken some poison. She told Chai So Yip that she loved him and died. Chai So Yip became outraged and committed suicide. Dung Tai Si watched and laughed, because he thought that he could not be incriminated for trying to blackmail the Chai family. After Chai So Yip and Yuk Jan Ji's deaths Justice Pao became depressed. He knew that Dung Tai Si was behind all of the trouble that occurred with the Chai family but had no proof.

By some stroke of luck, Jin Chiu, returned with Lee Sau Gin. Jin Chiu immediately took Lee Sau Gin to see the King along with Justice Pao. There they exposed Wai Gat and Dung Tai Si's attempt to blackmail the Chai family. Dung Tai Si claimed his innocence because there was no evidence to incriminate him. Justice Pao then requested the King to follow them to Dung Tai Si's house. At the house Lee Sau Gin was able to reveal a face mask of Master Wong which was behind a shelf. This was proof that Master Wong and Lee Sau Gin was kept at Dung Tai Si's house. At once the King became outraged, and informed Justice Pao that he had full jurisdiction over the matter. Dung Tai Si begged for mercy but the King refused. Wai Gat was then sent to serve time in jail. Dung Tai Si was to suffer thirty blows to the body before being released.

  • Case 6

Excellency Chow arrives at a prostitute parlor with a group of friends. Shortly after his arrival Excellency Chow is take to see the most beautiful and expensive girl at the parlor, Mong Ying. As Excellency enters the room, it is drugged from the outside. Soon Mong Ying turns around so that Excellency Chow could see her face. At once Excellency chow becomes frighten because he thinks he has seen a ghost. Mong Ying resembles the girl whom he took part in raping and killing seven years ago. Suddenly Mong Ying begins strangling Excellency Chow to avenge the death of her sister Hor Yin Yee. Once Excellency realized that Mong Ying was not a ghost he regains his wits and begins strangling her. As the two struggle a third person enters the room and breaks Excellency chow's neck and hangs him from the roof and leaves. Soon Kung Sin Chuk arrives to look over the crime scene to locate evidence. Cheung Lo and Jiu Fu question the patrons outside. Jin Chiu questions the lady of the parlor about the personality of Mong Ying and her past. After questioning the lady of the parlor Jin Chiu proceeds to question Mong Ying.

Upon his arrival Jin Chiu is stunned. Mong Ying resembles the woman that he once loved and promised to marry. At once Jin Chiu becomes over excited and grabs Mong Ying by the hand and calls her Hor Yin Yee. Mong Ying pushes Jin Chiu's hands away and states that she does not know him. Jin Chiu thought for a moment and thought Mong Ying was Hor Yin Yee's younger sister, Hor Pin Pin. But still Mong Ying insisted that she did not know Jin Chiu. Finally he gave up and took Mong Ying back for Justice Pao to question. After questioning Mong Ying, Justice Pao, suspected that Mong Ying had something to do with Excellency Chow's death despite not having the strength to break Excellency Chow's neck. Infact Justice Pao thought that she had an acomplist. Jin Chiu thought that Mong Ying was innocent. The following day Justice Pao saw Jin Chiu looking at the To flowers in the garden. Justice Pao approached Jin Chiu to see what was troubling his detective. Jin Chiu explained to Justice Pao about an event, which occurred before he became Justice Pao's detective.

Eight years ago he was wounded in a battle against his enemies. From the snow and the cold a young girl, called Hor Yin Yee saved his life. Hor Yin Yee took care of Jin Chiu until he recovered from his injuries. After recovering Jin Chiu remained with the Hor family and spent most days playing with Hor Yin Yee and her sister Hor Pin Pin. Later Jin Chiu decided to leave to take up an official position from the King. Before leaving Jin Chiu handed Hor Yin Yee his mother's perfume box and promised to return within a year when the To flowers blossom, to marry her. With this promise Jin Chiu left and took up his official post. However time went by so quickly and he was so busy that he was unable to return to Hor Yin Yee's side as promised. By the time Jin Chiu had returned to where Hor Yin Yee had lived they had disappeared and he has not heard from them ever since. Jin Chiu then informed Justice Pao that he was certain that Mong Ying was Hor Pin Pin. Now Justice Pao understood why Jin Chiu had helped Mong Ying during the questioning. Justice Pao then ordered Jin Chiu to investigate friends of Excellency Chow to see whether he could find any clues and then to investigate the real identity of Mong Ying.

Meanwhile Mong Ying located a Chi Lo Yer a friend who had followed her and became worker at the prostitute parlor. Mong Ying discovered that it was Chi Lo Yer who saved her and killed Excellency Chow. At once Mong Ying got angry because she did not want anyone to help her in avenging her sister's death. Mong Ying then reflects over the past. Eight years ago her farther passed away and her sister Hor Yin Yee waited in the To flower garden for Jin Chiu's return. Jin Chiu did not show up and Hor Yin Yee became worried. Thinking that Jin Chiu might have been wounded or injured, Hor Yin Yee and Hor Pin Pin left their home to search for him. One night they run into, Excellency Chow, Do Ji On and Tin Sai Cheung. The three men decided to rape Hor Yin Yee, and Do Ji On strangled Hor Yin Yee to death with a cloth and hung her from a tree. Ever since that night Hor Pin Pin had been waiting to avenge her sister's death, and thus decided to work at the prostitute parlor as Mong Ying. After speaking with many people who knew about Mong Ying's past, Jin Chiu, put two and two together. In the evening he located Mong Ying by the river and approached her. Mong Ying was pushing paper boats lighted up by candles along the river to pay respects to her sister. When Jin Chiu arrived her realized that he had guessed correctly, Mong Ying was Hor Pin Pin.

Jin Chiu became sadden when he saw Hor Yin Yee's name written on a wooden plark. He could not guess that Hor Yin Yee's birth date would also be the same as the day she died. Jin Chiu then knelt down to touch the name plark and started to cry. Jin Chiu then asked Hor Pin Pin the cause of Hor Yin Yee's death. Hor Pin Pin became upset and blamed Jin Chiu for her sister's death. Hor Pin Pin informed Jin Chiu that her sister died when they went looking for him. Upon hearing this Jin Chiu became even more saddened. Hor Pin Pin could no longer stand being around Jin Chiu any longer and decided to take the name plark and left. Jin Chiu then returned to the court room and started to drink. Justice Pao approached Jin Chiu and attempted to comfort him but Jin Chiu was still saddened. Finally Jin Chiu decided that he should take good care of Hor Pin Pin, because he felt responsible for Hor Yin Yee's death. Jin Chiu took out some money and bought the company of Hor Pin Pin so she would not have to see any customers. Jin Chiu save her nearly everyday sending gifts and playing chess. But Hor Pin Pin still had not forgiven Jin Chiu.

Meanwhile Tin Sai Cheung tried to blackmail, Do Ji On whom was now in charge of the Royal Secret Service. Do Ji On refused to be blackmailed by Tin Sai Cheung and advised him to leave immediately. Outside Chi Lo Yer attempted to kill Tin Sai Cheung to help Hor Yin Yee avenge her sister's death but he did not succeed. Tin Sai Cheung managed to escape. When Hor Pin Pin found out what Chi Lo Yer had done she had an argument with him. Jin Chiu save this argument and suspected that it was Chi Lo Yer who murdered Excellency Chow. Jin Chiu then sent Kung Sin Chuk to investigate the real identity of Chi Lo Yer. One time when Jin Chiu visited Hor Pin Pin, she asked him how to bring a criminal to justice. Jin Chiu told her that in order to bring anyone to justice, there must be evidence to prove that a crime was committed. Hor Pin Pin knew that no evidence existed to prove that Tin Sai Cheung and Do Ji On killed her sister so she was certain that the only way to bring justice to them was to act by herself. She left the prostitute parlor and dressed up as a boy to take up work at Do Ji On's hotel. Meanwhile Do Ji On had sent his spies to locate Hor Pin Pin.

With Hor Pin Pin gone, Jin Chiu went to locate more information about her past and ended up finding Hor Yin Yee's body. After speaking with the locals he found out the real cause of Hor Yin Yee's death which made Jin Chiu more saddened. From the skeleton Jin Chiu recovered the perfume box that he had given to Hor Yin Yee. He then vowed to bring justice to those responsible for the rape and murder of Hor Yin Yee. From the locals Jin Chiu also discovered that Chi Lo Yer was an obsessed lover of Hor Pin Pin and had followed her. With this information, Justice Pao suspected that Hor Pin Pin and Chi Lo Yer collaborated to kill Excellency Chow to avenge Hor Yin Yee's death. Meanwhile Tin Sai Cheung arrived back to blackmail, Do Ji On whom promised to give him money so he would disappear. They arranged to meet at Do Ji On's hotel. But Do Ji On had planned to kill him at the hotel. Hor Pin Pin also discovered that Tin Sai Cheung was going to stay at the hotel so she too planned to kill him. However Chi Lo Yer followed Tin Sai Cheung on the way to the hotel, and made him nervous. Tin Sai Ching sent his friend to meet up with Do Ji On instead to shake off Chi Lo Yer who was eventually captured by body guards at a gambling parlor.

That evening a masked Do Ji On murdered Tin Sai Cheung's friend thinking that it was Tin Sai Cheung. Do Ji On then hung the body from the roof using a piece of cloth to imitate the murder of Excellency Chow to push the blame onto Hor Pin Pin and Chi Lo Yer. Tin Sai Cheung witnesses the murder from outside the room and was nearly stabbed in the dark by Hor Pin Pin, but he managed to escape. Having failed in her attempt to kill Tin Sai Cheung, Hor Pin Pin decided to disappear as well. When Do Ji On found out that Tin Sai Cheung and Hor Pin Pin was still at large he sent his spies to investigate their location. When Justice Pao is informed of the attempted murder of Tin Sai Chueng he realized that Tin Sai Cheung must have been the second person involved in Hor Yin Yee's death. Justice Pao also suspected that Do Ji On was the third person behind the murder after an initial discussion. But Justice Pao knew that it was only his guess at the moment. Justice Pao then ordered Jin Chiu to locate Hor Pin Pin and Chi Lo Yer so he could find the truth. Jin Chiu managed to capture Chi Lo Yer and who was then questioned by Justice Pao. Chi Lo Yer admitted to the murder of both Excellency Chow and Tin Sai Cheung's friend but Justice Pao did not believe him. Jin Chiu was then sent to locate Hor Pin Pin once more.

When Jin Chiu did locate Hor Pin Pin he became drugged and poisoned. Hor Pin Pin refused to listen to Jin Chiu or allow him to help. She then ventured out to kill Do Ji on herself at a celebration. She failed, and Do Ji On followed her back to the old house and attempted to murder her. Jin Chiu bursts out from the old house to battle with Do Ji On and saved Hor Pin Pin's life. By doing so the poison went into Jin Chiu's system and he became injured. Luckily Cheng Lo and Jiu Fu arrived to take Jin Chiu back to Justice Pao and Kung Sin Chuk healed him. Chi Lo Yer and Hor Pin Pin were then questioned together. They informed Justice Pao that Excellency Chow, Tin Sai Cheung and Do Ji On were responsible for the rape and murder of Hor Yin Yee. But when Justice Pao asked them who was responsible for the deaths of Excellency Chow and Tin Sai Cheung's friend, they both admitted the full blame and informed Justice Pao that is was not the fault of the other person. Justice Pao wanted a clear answer in order to find the truth, but suddenly Chi Lo Yer grabbed Kung Sin Chuk and escaped with Hor Pin Pin. Jin Chiu was then called from his sick bed once more to locate Hor Pin Pin and Chi Lo Yer. Justice then sent Wong Chiu and Ma Hon to stake out Do Ji On.

Jin Chiu caught up with Chi Lo Yer and Hor Pin Pin but allowed them to leave. Later Justice Pao was informed that Do Ji On had not returned to his house for days and that spies were located walking around his house. Justice Pao suspected that Do Ji on had sent the spies out to locate Hor Pin Pin and Chi Lo Yer. Once more Jin Chiu was required to search for the pair. Meanwhile Do Ji On had captured Tin Sai Cheung, Chi Lo Yer and Hor Pin Pin. He took them to the same place and planned to kill them all to destroy the evidence. Do Ji On made the mistake of attempting to rape Hor Pin Pin which outraged Chi Lo Yer who broke free to wrestle with him. Chi Lo Yer was killed during the struggle, but Jin Chiu arrived and saved Hor Pin Pin and Tin Sai Cheung. When Justice Pao questioned them over the murder of Hor Yin Yee, Tin Sai Cheung admitted that he took part in the rape but it was Do Ji On would killed her. Tin Sai Cheung and Hor Pin Pin informed Justice Pao that Do Ji On was responsible for Chi Lo Yer's death. Justice Pao then ordered Cheung Lo and Jiu Fu to bring Do Ji On into questioning. Do Ji On pushed Justice Pao's theory aside and blamed someone else and walked out of the court room. As Do Ji On was leaving Justice Pao told him to stop and informed Do Ji On that he had never failed to solve a case before. But Do Ji On was still cocky and arrogantly strode away.

With no evidence available Jin Chiu decided to take Hor Pin Pin and Tin Sai Cheung to re-act out the murder at the crime scene. Jin Chiu visited the old house where the Hor family lived and was saddened. There Hor Pin Pin could see that Jin Chiu had always loved Hor Yin Yee even to this day. Finally she forgives Jin Chiu for not showing up as promised eight years ago. In the re-actment, Tin Sai Cheung remembered that Do Ji On suffered a burn from the perfume box, Hor Yin Yee was carrying and suffered a scar. Now Jin Chiu had hardcore evidence. But Do Ji On had anticipated this move and scratched the scar so that the swan pattern had disappeared. Lord 8 then visited Justice Pao to inform him that the Queen and Princess sided with Do Ji On. Lord 8 then went along with Justice Pao's plans to expose Do Ji On. Lord 8 invited Do Ji On and Justice Pao over for dinner to make peace. Whilst he was gone, Cheung Lo arrived with a body which resembled that of Do Ji On, but the face had been scratched beyond recognition. The body did however have a scar with a swan pattern on it. From this Do Ji On's wife identified the body as Do Ji On. Justice Pao then walked in with Do Ji On and now there was hardcore evidence.

After obtaining the Queen and King's full support to investigate the activity of the Secret Service Justice Pao discovered that Do Ji On had made another careless mistake. A subordinate witness Do Ji On kill Chi Lo Yer which backed up Tin Sai Cheung and Hor Pin Pin's words. Tin Sai Cheung was then sentenced to ten years in prison. Hor Pin Pin was set free because she did not kill anyone. Chi Lo Yer was already dead so Justice Pao let him rest in peace. Do Ji On was beheaded for murdering Hor Yin Yee, Chi Lo Yer and Tin Sai Cheung's friend. After the avenging her sister's death Hor Pin Pin went back to live at her old house. Jin Chiu made sure that she was going to be alright before leaving to return to his duties with Justice Pao.

  • Case 7

A band of robbers gather and celebrate at a prostitute parlor. Jin Chiu runs along the rooftop and stakes out the group of robbers. Jin Chiu spots that the leader, Chin Ba Tin, is amongst them and reports back to Justice Pao. Justice Pao hands over the authority of capturing the band of robbers over to Chief Inspector, Do Wai Kin, who was acting under the King's orders to capture Chin Ba Tin. Jin Chiu and Do Wai Kin return to the parlor and plan to ambush the group. Suddenly Chin Ba Tin leaves the parlor to chase after a beautiful girl, whom he spotted on the river. The girl was dressed in white and went to the monastery to pray for her husband and unborn child's well being. Chin Ba Tin followed her and found out that the girl was called, Bak Siu Si. Chin Ba Tin then tricked her into following him. Jin Chiu spotted Chin Ba Tin leaving and went to inform Do Wai Tin, and requested him to hold off the attack on the robbers until Chin Ba Tin returned. Do Wai Kin brushed aside Jin Chiu's advice stating that he had full authority over the matter and launched the attack against the band of robbers. Jin Chiu decided to pursue Chin Ba Tin instead, and followed him to the monastery. Jin Chiu arrived in time to save Bak Siu Si from being raped by Chin Ba Tin. But Chin Ba Tin managed to escape through the crowd as Jin Chiu was kept preoccupied with saving the lives of innocent people.

Meanwhile Do Wai Kin killed all of the robbers and caused the deaths of many innocent lives in the process. Jin Chiu was unhappy with Do Wai Kin's ways when he reported back to Justice Pao, but there was little he could do. Justice Pao was most disappointed at having allowed Chin Ba Tin to escape. Justice Pao knew that their failure to capture Chin Ba Tin would lead to more innocent lives being lost. Jin Chiu was then ordered to find the location of either Bak Siu Si or Chin Ba Tin. Justice Pao, and Kung Sin Chuk figured that Chin Ba Tin might go after Bak Siu Si once more. They were correct as Chin Ba Tin also sent his men to locate Bak Siu Si. A year passed by and Jin Chiu could not locate any leads. Meanwhile Bak Siu Si's baby had been born and her husband Lau Kwok Dong invited Do Wai Kin's farther to bless his son. A party was thrown at Lau Kwok Dong's house. Chin Ba Tin had finally located Bak Siu Si and attacked Lau Kwok Dong's house. It was set alight and many lives were lost that evening. Bak Siu Si and Lau Kwok Dong managed to escape after several close calls. As they ran, Lau Kwok Dong spotted Do Wai kin's farther lying by the mountainside already dead. Lau Kwok Dong approached Do Wai Kin's farther and stole the jewelry from his body. In the process of stealing a jade thumb ring, Lau Kwok Dong slipped and fell. Bak Siu Si placed her baby on the ground and went to help her husband, but she did not have the strength to hold on. All three of them fell over the mountainside, but Bak Siu Si managed to land of a small tree, which kept her from falling to the bottom of the mountain.

When she recovered she climbed to the top of the mountain but her son had gone missing. She thought her husband must have saved the baby and returned to the burnt house and waited for news. Meanwhile the baby had been saved by Chin Ba Tin who wanted to use him to force Bak Siu Si to sleep with him. Chin Ba Tin also came across evidence that Do Wai Kin' was collaborating with the Liao Dynasty. But he did not care and threw the evidence away. When Justice Pao received news that Chin Ba Tin had raided at town once more he felt partly responsible, for allowing Chin Ba Tin to escape a year ago. Jin Chiu located Bak Siu Si and took her back to Justice Pao so she could reunite with her husband. When Lau Kwok Dong found out that their child had gone missing he pushed the blame on Bak Siu Si, despite being responsible himself. When Do Wai Kin found out that his farther had been murdered, he planned to use Bak Siu Si as bait to ambush Chin Ba Tin. Justice Pao refused to go along with Do Wai Kin's idea. Lau Kwok Dong agreed to go along with the idea after Do Wai kin promised him a large fortune to him in return for his collaboration. Do Wai Kin set a trap, but Chin Ba Tin was too clever to fall for it. Instead Chin Ba Tin used the opportunity to contact Bak Siu Si, and let her know that her baby was in his hands. Chin Ba Tin would then invade Do Wai Kin's camp. Jin Chiu was clever and realized that Chin Ba Tin was had gotten into the camp and followed him.

Chin Ba Tin used the baby to force Bak Siu Si to follow him, but Jin Chiu arrived to provide assistance. But with Bak Siu Si's baby in Chin Ba Tin's hands Jin Chiu was forced to comply with his request and backed off. Do Wai Kin would not be forced to back off however. He was prepared to kill Chin Ba Tin to avenge the death of his farther regardless. Do Wai Kin's men then surrounded Chin Ba Tin, Jin Chiu and Bak Siu Si, with arrows. Do Wai Tin ordered them to fire, forcing Jin Chiu into action. Jin Chiu blocked all of the arrows preventing them from killing Chin Ba Tin and injuring the innocent people. Chin Ba Tin took the opportunity to escape, as Jin Chiu was forced to restrain Do Wai Kin. At the temple built to pay respects to General Kwan, Chin Ba Tin, rapped Bak Siu Si infront of her baby. This cruel act made the statute of General Kwan shed tears. The following day Chin Ba Tin agreed to send the baby over to Justice Pao, when Bak Siu Si promised to remain by his side. Bak Siu Si used this opportunity to send a message to Justice Pao informing them of her location. At once Jin Chiu took his men to General Kwan's temple to capture Chin Ba Tin. During the battle Bak Siu Si escaped. Chin Ba Tin suffered a heavy injury and was knocked over the edge of the mountain.

Do Wai Kin sent his men to find the body the following day. Jin Chiu and Justice Pao also searched for the body. Chin Ba Tin saved by a young girl, called Ling Long who lived alone with her blind grand farther. Chin Ba Tin loss his memory upon recovering his consciousness. His personality had totally changed because of his loss of memory. One day a mountain robber captured Ling Long. Chin Ba Tin saved her and was then informed that his name was Chin Ba Tin. Later Chin Ba Tin found out that he was a mountain robber and heartless killer. With this information he decided to go into a state of self-denial believing that he was Ah San which was the name given to him by Ling Long. Later Ling Long took Chin Ba Tin into town to find a doctor to heal Chin Ba Tin’s injuries. Whilst she was gone Do Wai Kin killed her grand farther who refuse to tell him where Chin Ba Tin was. Justice Pao would soon locate Chin Ba Tin and took him for questioning. Whilst being questioned, Chin Ba Tin refused to admit to his past crimes because he clearly did not remember who he was. Justice Pao had 14 witnesses who stated that the man kneeling infront of him was indeed Chin Ba Tin. Justice Pao was astonished and did not want to kill an innocent person so decided to lock Chin Ba Tin for further questioning.

Jin Chiu then advised Justice Pao that he noticed Chin Ba Tin's personality had totally changed since the last battle. Kung Sin Chuk also sided with Jin Chiu but wanted Justice Pao to go ahead with the execution. Jin Chiu felt unease at executing Chin Ba Tin, so Justice Pao decided not to go ahead until they could prove that the man they had captured was indeed Chin Ba Tin. When Do Wai Kin find out that Justice Pao did not execute Chin Ba Tin he obtains the King's consent and captures Chin Ba Tin himself. Jin Chiu did not like Do Wai Kin's personality since the first encounter and suspected that Do Wai Kin had other motives for his actions besides avenging his farther's murder. After obtaining Justice Pao's consent Jin Chiu went and saved Chin Ba Tin from Do Wai Kin's clutches. But as they were riding back to Justice Pao's courtroom, Jin Chiu was ambushed. During the battle Chin Ba Tin was knocked over the edge of the mountain. Upon returning Jin Chiu suspected that Do Wai Kin had something against Justice Pao. In the meantime Justice Pao discovered that Bak Siu Si was sold to prostitution by Lau Kwok Dong. This angered Justice Pao who ordered Jin Chiu to close down the prostitute parlor after they refused to release Bak Siu Si. The prostitute parlor belonged to arch nemesis Dung Tai Si who became outraged when Jin Chiu closed down his parlor.

Dung Tai Si then collaborated with Do Wai Kin to eliminate Justice Pao, who was summoned to see the King for an explanation. The King allowed Justice Pao some time to recapture Chin Ba Tin and solve the case after Justice Pao put his job and life on the line. Meanwhile Do Wai Kin had captured, Bak Siu Si and her baby along with Ling Long to force Chin Ba Tin to show himself. He set a trap with explosives hoping to kill Chin Ba Tin so the King would be forced to execute Justice Pao. Chin Ba Tin and Jin Chiu arrived to save them but the explosives went off. The baby perished and Bak Siu Si and Ling Long are presume dead. After the explosion Chin Ba Tin regained his memory and grieved for Bak Siu Si and her baby's death. Chin Ba Tin also remembered about the letter of evidence which expose Do Wai Kin as a traitor. Chin Ba Tin then vowed to avenge the child's death by brining Do Wai Kin to justice. When Justice Pao was informed of the treachery by Chin Ba Tin he understood why Do Wai Kin wanted him to be executed. Justice Pao then ordered Jin Chiu to take Chin Ba Tin along to find the letter of evidence. When they did locate the evidence, Do Wai Kin arrived and kicked Chin Ba Tin over the edge of the mountain. Do Wai Kin laughed having thought that Chin Ba Tin had perished. But Chin Ba Tin was saved by Bak Siu Si and Lau Kwok Dong. When Bak Siu Si discovered that Chin Ba Tin had changed his ways she decided to save him.

Lau Kwok Dong was captured by Do Wai Kin whilst looking for help. Chin Ba Tin then handed the letter of evidence to Bak Siu Si to hand over to Justice Pao and went to rescue Lau Kwok Dong. Upon arrival Chin Ba Tin fell into Do Wai Kin's trap and was captured. Do Wai Kin then wanted to kill Chin Ba Tin, but he was saved by Jin Chiu who arrived with Cheung Lo, Jiu Foo, Wong Chiu and Ma Hon. With the letter of evidence in hand Jin Chiu captured Do Wai Kin and took him back to questioning. That evening a Tai Kam, released Do Wai Kin, who captured Justice Pao. Bak Siu Si saw the incident and attempted to contact help, but was poisoned by Do Wai Kin. As Justice Pao was being taken away, Bak Siu Si sacrificed her life and informed Chin Ba Tin of Justice Pao's capture. Bak Siu Si then felt the full effects of the poison and died shortly after. Chin Ba Tin rushed to rescue Justice Pao. At once Do Wai Kin and Chin Ba Tin battle fiercely. They battled long and hard to a draw until, Chin Ba Tin was stabbed in the chest. Chin Ba Tin bounced backwards and managed to kill Do Wai Kin with the blade, which stuck out from his back. The following day Justice Pao arrived to inform the King of Do Wai Kin's treachery. At once the King got angry at Dung Tai Si who sided with Do Wai Kin during the investigation. After receiving an apology from the King, Justice Pao made a request to the King to have Chin Ba Tin remembered as a hero rather than villain. The King agreed and passed the matter over to Justice Pao to deal with.

  • Case 8

Old lady Yi kneels in prayer position in front of a sign hanging above the arch on the town's entrance. The elders prepare to hand down sentence on Ji Wai Leung, the wife of Yi Fung Sum who is accused of adultery. Amongst the group is Yi Fung Sum, who appears to be distressed at having his wife face punishment. When the time arrives, Yi Fung Sum, stood by unwilling to help his wife who was sentenced to be nailed to a board and sent to drift out to the sea. The maid of Ji Wai Leung testified that Ji Wai Leung committed adultery three times with Yi Fung Sum's younger brother, Yi Hon Sang. With this testimony, Ji Wai Leung is nailed to the board and carried towards the sea. A helpless Yi Hon Sang, hides in the background unwilling to help as well. The elders the floated Ji Wai Leung onto the water and sent her drifting away, before leaving. After the crowd is gone, Yi Fung Sum falls to his knees and grieves for his wife before leaving. Yi Hon Sang stayed and ran towards the sea in an attempt to rescue Ji Wai Leung. Suddenly Jin Chiu arrives and jumps on the board to investigate the matter. Jin Chiu looks at the sign on Ji Wai Leung's neck and realized she was being punished for adultery. Despite this Jin Chiu saved Ji Wai Leung and removed the pins from her hands and legs.

At once Yi Hong Sang arrives to comfort Ji Wai Leung, and Jin Chiu takes them both back to Justice Pao for questioning. Jin Chiu was disgusted at the inhuman method used to deal with Ji Wai Leung and sought Justice Pao and Kung Sin Chuk's advice. Justice Pao agreed with Jin Chiu, and stated that the King's established law should be used to govern all matters of crime across the land. Justice Pao was disappointed that the locals acted on their own and punish Ji Wai Leung in such cruel ways. Kung Sin Chuk then informed Justice Pao of three possible scenario’s that would lead Ji Wai Leung into being punished for adultery. Justice Pao also agreed with Kung Sin Chuk that the case might not be as clear as if first seems and vowed to help Ji Wai Leung to obtain justice. Justice Pao visited Ji Wai Leung and discovered that she indeed was a kind person. Justice Pao then questioned Yi Hon Sang who informed Justice Pao that the offence occurred because he had been force to sleep with Ji Wai Leung, to have a new born child. Old lady Yi had wanted to have a heir to receive the King's congratulations but Yi Fung Sum was impotent. Justice Pao, Jin Chiu and Kung Sin Chuk were stunned by this allegation.

At once Justice Pao sent Jin Chiu to summon Yi Fung Sum to the courtroom for questioning. Whilst at the house of Yi, Jin Chiu, noticed that the old lady Yi harbored a distinct hatred for Ji Wai Leung and was being difficult about letting Yi Fung Sum return to the court room with him. When Yi Fung Sum arrived and was questioned, he revealed the past events and admitted that he was impotent. Justice Pao was informed that old lady Yi blamed, Ji Wai Leung, Yi Fung sum's wife, for not giving birth to a heir and wanted him to marry a second wife. But Yi Fung Sum did not want to marry a second wife. In order to kill two birds with one stone, Yi Fung Sum, attempted to convince his younger brother Yi Hon Sang to sleep with his with so that she would give birth to a child. This way old lady Yi would be happy once more with Ji Wai Leung and secondly it meant that he did not need to marry another wife. Yi Hong Sang refused at first, but slowly started to fall in love with Ji Wai Leung after finding out that she was still a virgin. Soon old lady Yi got frustrated and started making plans for Yi Fung Sum to marry a mistress. Yi Fung Sum oppose the decision and promised old lady Yi that his wife would give birth to a child within 6 months. Old lady Yi backed off upon this promise. Yi Fung Sum then informed Ji Wai Leung of his indecent idea. Ji Wai Leung was shocked that her husband even made the suggestion of having her sleep with another man and ran away. Yi Fung Sum chased after her and she forgave him for suggesting the idea.

However the following evening, Yi Fung Sum, informed his brother Yi Hon Sang, that his wife had accepted the indecent proposal. Yi Fung Sum convinced Yi Hon Sang to go into his wife's bedroom and sleep with her. Ji Wai Leung was asleep at the time, but when she found that Yi Hon Sang was on the bed she slapped him and attempted to commit suicide. Yi Fung Sum rushed in and talked her out of taking her own life, because he still loved her. Later it was getting close to old lady Yi's 60th birthday, but she did not want to celebrate because she still had no grand children. Old lady Yi started to dislike Ji Wai Leung even more. With time running out, Yi Fung Sum, drugged his wife and informed Yi Hon Sang to sleep with her whilst she was asleep. Yi Hon Sang returned to Ji Wai Leung's bedroom and slept with her. When Ji Wai Leung found out what had happened she attempted to commit suicide once more but Yi Fung Sum talked her out of it. Yi Fung Sum then made a promise to look after Ji Wai Leung since that day. As Yi Fung Sum finished telling his side of the story, Justice Pao was stunned. Before Justice Pao could continue with the questioning, Jin Chiu arrived to inform Justice Pao that old lady Yi had arrived with two of the elders to see him. Justice Pao left the courtroom to see them. Old lady Yi was extremely upset with Justice Pao and attempted to threaten him with her connections in the Royal Court. Justice Pao was not phased and informed her that he would uncover the truth.

Old lady Yi then made a request to see her sons in prison. Justice Pao allowed her to visit them. After speaking with her two sons, old lady Yi told them to lie to Justice Pao to buy her some time so she could obtain the help of relatives who hold high positions in the royal court. Upon returning to the courtroom to be questioned by Justice Pao, Ji Wai Leung continued on with the story. After sleeping with Yi Hon Sang, she wanted to commit suicide by her husband Yi Fung Sum begged her not to. She then forgave her husband on the condition that she would not have to repeat the act ever again. However after that event, Yi Hon Sang had become obsessed with Ji Wai Leung and constantly stalked her. When Justice Pao asked Yi Hon Sang whether the allegations were true he denied everything and said that Ji Wai Leung was lying. Justice Pao suspected that Yi Hon Sang was lying and purposely delaying the case. Justice Pao's suspicions were soon proved correct when Jin Chiu returned to inform Justice Pao that old lady Yi had arrived with two relatives who were high government officials. Justice Pao ended the questioning session for the day and went to see them. Once again old lady Yi threaten Justice Pao, but he was unphased. Justice Pao then explained the logic behind his purpose of pursuing the case of Ji Wai Leung further with the two government officials. They listen to Justice Pao's logic and decided not to interfere with the case much to old lady Yi's disgust. Having failed, old lady Yi visited her sons once more and told them to keep delaying the case from being solved until their uncle returned.

The following day, Ji Wai Leung, continued to on with the story. One night she receive a visit from a servant, Mu Heung, who gave her some soup to drink. She drank it and became dizzy. Yi Hon Sang then arrived and took advantage of the situation to rape her. As he left the room, the servant Mu Heung returned and noticed Yi Hon Sang walking out of Ji Wai Leung's room half dressed. Justice Pao became disturbed upon hearing of the rape, and asked Yi Hon Sang whether it was true. Yi Hon Sang lied once more and said he did not commit such and act. In order to prove that Ji Wai Leung was telling the truth Justice Pao sent Jin Chiu to take the servant, Mu Heung in for questioning. Old lady Yi did not allow Mu Heung, to leave for questioning until Jin Chiu threatened to use physical force. Before allowing Mu Heung to leave, old lady Yi instructed her to come up with a lie. Kung Sin Chuk had anticipated this move and prepared a plan to get Mu Heung to tell the truth. Upon arriving Mu Heung was informed that she would have her head removed instantly. Fearing for her life, Mu Heung told the truth and informed Justice Pao that it was Yi Hon Sang who instructed her to take the soup to Ji Wai Leung and not old lady Yi. Mu Heung also informed Justice Pao that she did not know the soup had been drugged and did witness Yi Hon Sang raping Ji Wai Leung with her own eyes. Mu Heung also informed Justice Pao that she had informed old lady Yi about the rape. Instead of punishing Yi Hon Sang, old lady Yi decided to conceal the truth and later accused Ji Wai Leung of adultery. Initially old lady Yi was happy at having a grand child until people started to remark at how the child look liked Yi Hon Sang instead of Yi Fung Sum. This led to Ji Wai Leung being nailed to the board.

Justice Pao slammed his fist on the table upon hearing the truth. He then summoned Yi Hon Sang, Yi Fung Sum and Ji Wai Leung back into the courtroom for questioning. With Mu Heung's testimony, Yi Hon Sang, admitted the truth about raping Ji Wai Leung. Yi Hon Sang then informed Justice Pao that he was summoned to see his mother who had found out the truth. Old lady Yi then laid down the foundations, which led to Ji Wai Leung being accused of adultery despite knowing the entire truth about Yi Fung Sum's impotency. Now with full evidence Justice Pao could hand down his sentence, but Jin Chiu advised Justice Pao that old lady Yi should also be convicted for her involvement in concealing the truth. Kung Sin Chuk and Justice Pao both agreed. Surprisingly old lady Yi returned old general Yi, to talk with Justice Pao. Once again Justice Pao revealed the logic behind pursuing the case and general Yi backed off. Old lady Yi was then arrested on the spot by Wong Chiu and Mar Hon. When being questioned old lady Yi protested long and hard refusing to admit to any wrong doing. Justice Pao then retraced over the facts of the case with evidence. Before he could continue, he was summoned to see the King to explain his actions. General Yi had visited the King painting one side of the case, and Justice Pao arrived to explain the other side of the case. The King was impressed with Justice Pao's explanation and handed full authority over to Justice Pao.

The following day Justice Pao was ready to hand down his sentence but old lady Yi still stood in protest. She did not understand why she was judge to have committed a crime and why Ji Wai Leung was free of committing adultery. Justice Pao then laid out the following logic. Since marrying into the Yi family Ji Wai Leung was been a good wife, who kept Yi Fung Sum's impotency a secret and took the blame for not being able to bear children. Ji Wai Leung never got upset or complained about old lady Yi to her husband despite being treated badly. Ji Wai Leung was prepared to commit suicide to protect the Yi family name after being forced to sleep with Yi Hon Sang. Finally even though she slept with Yi Hon Sang, it was against her will as she was drugged at the time. As for old lady Yi, she attempted to cover the truth and protect Yi Hon Sang despite knowing the truth. Also old lady Yi would stand by and let an innocent person die.

Old lady Yi continued to protest however despite hearing Justice Pao's logic. Therefore Justice Pao ordered Cheung Lo and Jiu Foo to beat old lady Yi 30 times. Upon hearing this Ji Wai Leung jumped out of her wheel chair and protected old lady Yi with her own body. Ji Wai Leung then begged Justice Pao to have mercy. Finally old lady Yi was overcome by the kindness shown to her by Ji Wai Leung and finally admitted that she had been wrong. Justice Pao then informed old lady Yi that as long as she knew that she committed a crime she was allowed to be set free upon some light punishment. Yi Fung Sum was sentenced to healing people for free should they not have the money to pay for medicine. Yi Hon Sang was going to be beheaded but he too admitted guilt and was sentenced a series of heavy beatings and spend time in prison. However Justice Pao would allow Yi Hon Sang probation should be change his ways. Finally Ji Wai Leung was free of the charge of adultery and free to do as she pleased.

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