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Particular regarding the great things about the original Xbox system was that is it permitted users to add music from their own collection. This music could next be heard during game play. Adding music to the Xbox is a very simple process.

Difficulty: Simple


1 Press the eject button on your Xbox. If you possess any game or other disc from your Xbox, remove it plus location a music CD into the system. Once again press the eject button to get into the CD to the Xbox.

2 Once the CD plenty, it will most very likely start performing any random song from the CD. Press the “B” button on your controller to leave this screen. This will receive you to the “Audio CD” screen.

3 Scroll down until the option “Copy” yous highlighted. After that press “Any.” This will receive you to the screen for this specific CD.

6 Pick out any destination to these songs. If you've never ripped music onto your Xbox previous to, or you simply wish to make any new folder, select “New Soundtrack.” Subsequently name that is soundtrack whatever you desire. You can also add these tracks to a earlier made soundtrack. The melody you chosen will then begin to copy to your Xbox.

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